It’s time to call out China’s BS!

China has a lot to answer for…

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    1. @DorianLS Berkeley college students anti Vietnam war demonstration America is worse than China . Google if you are blind and want to use tianaman square is a example of propaganda for America.

    2. This guy is really dumb the only reason why China is polluting the environment is because China is manufacturing and making the most of the things that we are using. Not only China is polluting The environment countries like America and countries that have the most cities I also polluting the environment. Pls think carefully pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. serpentza
      WHO, like most of the UN are infiltrated and funded by Pro-China UN Autocrats, so you’re absolutely right to call China out ! Winnie the Flu has a lot to answer for ? Especially how he mishandled the Wuhan Flu as it started out and how it first started to spread out from CHINA !

    4. Do you donate money from your youtube videos to improve things in china you think that are bad to help improve them i dont think so.
      you made $3724 from this one video

  1. China can build a hospital in 10 days but cannot sort out their wet markets! The world is completely f..ked due to COVID-19 and China hasn’t once apologized for this monumental f..kup. People are dying, economies sinking, people losing their jobs, all because the Chinese want to eat exotic animals ( or maybe they have to due to a lack of local produce?). I don’t blame the Chinese people but I do blame their government for allowing this to happen. This is now the true cost of cheap consumer goods from China. Doesn’t seem so cheap now does it? Sort your shit out China!

  2. Countries that has the most cities,cars, factories are Causing ton of pollution to the environment not just China. The only reason why China is causing the most pollution is because they are manufacturing making most of the stuff that we are using you need Factories for that and factories are one of the biggest Reason why the environment is polluted. There’s no one to blame if you think a about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have been to China many times over the last 20 years. This video shows the truth in such a complete and thorough way. A informed consumer is a powerful force. We should all do our part.

  4. Humans are the number one reason that is causing pollution for the environment not just China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about Apple is paying China to manufacture their product and causing pollution environment And no one is say anything about Apple.

  5. I am from Taiwan. In Taiwan, we know that the most important tactic on fighting against the Wuhan Virus is “Not trusting the Chinese government”. This is learned from years of experience of being bullied by those crooks.

  6. But if America didn’t have so much manufacturing done in China, would this still happen? What if the pollution is due to American involvement and the polluting methods are the only way they can keep up with America’s demand? Maybe they wouldn’t feel the need to do these things if America didn’t give them need to.

  7. There is a lot of luxurious clothing companies in Europe and North America are using Animal skins for shoes,watches bags,coats,jackets,hats.

    1. Is not in demand, those companies make them either for the elites in the west or their biggest customer which is outside the west.

      Yes the western world have problems, no one says they don’t but China is biggest contributor to most of the problem.

  8. Sadly, many chinese citizens think if they have money, they live the same as the western world. These people either have never visited Europe, or are in denial.
    You can prosper without messing up your environment, and you’d think developing countries like China would have learned from the mistakes that the western world did in the past. Everyone messes up, but to do it while knowing your doing it, it’s such a piece of s**t thing to do.
    I can’t respect China until their citizens get their shit together and realize what’s important besides money. Time to get a backbone, or you’ll never be taken serious on a global level.

  9. Do the majority of the Chinese citizens suffer from a sort of “Middle Kingdom Syndrome” that actually spurs them into supporting their government and maybe even quietly wishing making the whole world China?

  10. I have nothing but absolute pure unadulterated utter contempt for China. The most evil and corrupt nation the World has had to endure! I hope the coronavirus is the trigger to end Communism in China and to the few remaining countries where Communism is in power.

  11. Lets be honest. Us westerners are partially at fault. We shipped all our manufacturing jobs over there probably because of lax regulations and lower pay for employees. We enabled them. This has been going on a long fucking time. I remember asking my mom why my shoes were made in China circa 1987.

  12. China devour the world. Anything that can gain profit they will do it regardless of right or wrong. You won’t believe how many Chinese try to sell me mask in these days

  13. Whew dude. Your getting kicked out of China really rocked your boat. I felt a little bit the same way after leaving Saudi Arabia after 3 years of contracting there, but maybe I wasn’t nearly so bitter.

  14. Good job, the only problem is the video is way too short. Each topic of harm could use an entire video dedicated to that form of harm. For example there are documentaries that spend an entire hour on the harm that the Chinese are doing to fisheries all over the world.

  15. Doing $3 worth of dammaged to make $1 to undermine the competition from charging $2 to compete. The CCP business model.
    The true price has yet to be paid.

  16. I’m not impressed with China’s growth and success. The world knows now how stupid they were to prostitute themselves and give china all their jobs… China has polluted the Earth they have 900 of the most polluted lakes in the world they grew without regulation which is why so many things that come from there are toxic and badd for the environment. Even the Amazon business owners who have made millions selling plastic throwaway wares, worthless copies also China has proven themselves to be corrupt thieves stealing patents. Their government lies to its citizens and to the world about everything. I have no respect for their government. Most of their people are innocent victimes…. I could go on for another hour but I have better things to do with my time..

  17. is it possible that a civil war is going to break out in China after this pandemic, and if so would you do a video on it? I’ve been wondering if this is possible for the past few years.

  18. So what can we do? The reason activist focus on the west is because China and American capitalist benefit from the same global corporate system. They can influence the west but they can’t change Chinese society.

  19. Hi, Serpentza, I’m a Chinese living in Australia. I have watched some of your videos when I was living in SZ about 4 years ago. I can’t agree more with what you said in this video. Unfortunately, the whole world is paying a big price now for giving CCP the free pass in the past decades. Glad to hear voice like yours to speak up the truth about communist China. Keep up the good work! awesome!!!

  20. Is there a way to look up other causes of death during Chinas peak outbreak, like % of respiratory failure. being people who died at home and not diagnosed as ccp virus. Died of other causes? Wondering if this would give a better number compared to before the outbreak

  21. It’s time to call our you’re BS! I used to believe you’re videos 100% now During this pandemic I have learned to take what you say with a grain of salt. You always call out China for there wrong doings our short comings however you are a foreigner from Africa and now live in America? And also lived in China for sometime every single country is not perfect and I admit even my country America is not perfect. Even during this pandemic our medical staff did not have the proper equipment as you are so harsh on China for not having enough supplies for the staff but aren’t at all even acknowledging that the whole world had a big issue with having PPE equipment. I feel your remarks on China are not at all true and have gone in to the realm as conspiracy and slanderous and just like most news reporting you are reporting your findings and shifting the narrative that China is so evil and wrong ? Is you’re country Africa god sent? How about America is good ol merica god sent? If you don’t like it do something about it and go get policy’s and bills and laws changed to help the world go become a politician.

  22. Per capita the Chinese people don’t pollute as much as Americans! There is just more of them, you should take that into consideration!

  23. Excellent video. I challenge Greta Thunberg and AOC to go to China and confront them about “global warming”. China’s government is arrogant and it’s time to stop their BS.

  24. Love your videos, dude… Just think it’s funny that you have a video like this; then the following week, there’s one entitled “Why is the CCP messing with me?” or “I wonder why the Chinese seem upset with Forgeiners?” Well… Hmm….

  25. Let’s not forget the US is also a huge polluter, we drive around in our huge SUVs, consuming resources like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone’s pissed at China because of the coronavirus. Communism is garbage, all totalitarian regimes are. I hope the CCP dissolves itself but in reality I don’t think much will change. I do hope manufacturers will diversify their factories to other countries. I am no economist but can we have a task-force look into this ASAP?

  26. I agree with you the transgressions that China made. But what about the same done by other superpowers. US is trying to bring China down and you are knowingly or unknowingly supporting US. Petro dollar is the biggest scam in the human history so as 9/11. And all the antagonistic conquest they made to shut people questioning their activities. Religion, gender issues, human rights are all just an eyewash to scam people. They have hands behinds all the major wars in the human history so to carry out their arms business.
    How do you justify the killing of Saddam Hossain just because he didn’t agree to use petro dollar. Stop being biased.

  27. How can you blame china for everything? I mean china is only employing technologies pioneered by the west. I mean power plants are not invented by china. Survival of the fittest, these endangered animals can’t work with humanity. Pigs, cows, sheeps, etc. are not going extinct and neither are the cockroach rats pests that can live with us. But like I said survival of the fittest doesn’t mean that those at the top of the food chain like lions tigers wolves etc. are going to survive as well. Part of the situation is we have replaced tigers, lions, bears, at the top of the food chain. Another reason why china shouldn’t be elected democratic because then china would be at odds with the west. Democratically elected hitler caused wars and a french led by napleon trying to copy britain led to wars in europe while stalin and russia coexisted with europe. Also you blame ccp for the problems? If you were in the same situation as the ccp you wouldn’t do a better job. Everyone said the coronovirus is easy to manage and yet once it spread to the rest of the world, the rest of the world didn’t do a better job. When in rome do what the romans do right?

  28. China and Scientology has one thing in common: ignore the criticism and derail real reforms while falsely proclaiming the virtues of their beliefs


  30. Believe in yin yang … country jus losing the balance …nature jus react for what they did the past 70years to this beautiful land and people .. is time to end

  31. The western world is exactly like China, a clean and sophisticated facade with all kinds of shit hidden from view, you just have to get off the middle class locations to find horrific things happening right there in the West; Secondly. the exporting of the very worst of western destruction and greed to the rest of the world: wars, propping up ruthless dictators, sponsoring rebellions, forced sterilisations of children and young women, immorality, invasion of privacy, CIA, MI5, bio weapons, GMOs is a lot that the West has to answer for! But it is so easy for a white dude to do as many before him have done: moan about and expose how savages live in their own countries like they are the plague of the earth. Yes, some Chinese people do terrible things, some don’t, the Chinese government is what it is. But is the US Gov any better? Is the EU any better? I find the obsessive exposés on non western cultures by western people living within these ‘backward’ cultures pretty disturbing and totally unfair.

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We need you to do more videos like this. Speaking truth! China is the most evil country in the world. It’s everyone’s enemy.

  33. “Why isn’t anyone calling out China on these environmental crimes?”
    The short answer is Trump. No one better exemplifies the pillage & rape mentality more so than Trump.

  34. How can we help these people when they’re too scared to step out of line? Obviously, I’m hoping, everyone can agree that aggression is certainly not the way forward and I’m definitely not advocating that.

  35. Okay, that song at 9:26 I’ve heard before.

    I heard it on a terrible game called Hong Kong 97, and was reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd.

  36. I sincerely hope you have all your videos saved on a separate drive somewhere or on BitChute or another video streaming channel. This is too good. I actually fear for your safety.

  37. As a Chinese, I have to say all the issues you mentioned are clearly known by most adults in China, We disagree with our government in many cases, but those issues were existing in any industrial country. China is so big and there are too many failed cases showed in Chinese history to not centralized when it starts developing. I don’t think it is wise to compare China with those developed countries, because China is not ready to be open enough, but it can be seen in following decades. By the way, eight years is not enough to real understand a country which has over 5000 years history, there are too many lessons we learned !

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