It’s Oftentimes Hard To Make A Living In The Philippines

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  1. Brian I love Tanduay. How much? My asawa calls me a ——DRUNG—CARD LOL Not the cheap Tanduay 65 with the yellow label, the good one, Tanduay Black, in the box.A few sips of San Miguel Pilsener then a hefty shot of Tanduay, or more often than not forget the San Miguel and just drop the bottle of Tanduay. Wouldn’t say no to a peso back for every bottle I have downed over the years !

  2. Gosh thereโ€™s a lot of emperador there Bri.. Iโ€™m not getting involved In a drinking spree or argument at night there. They know how to put it down crikey

  3. Tough way to make a peso. Labels are hard to get off. Here,they use a caustic soda solution and machines of course.I’d bet money the women doing the cleaning are the lowest paid of the supply chain.

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