It’s Not What You Leave Behind, It’s the memories. RIP Kevin

This video is in remembrance of a good man and friend to us and many others Kevin Burt. Life is unpredictable so be happy and only worry about the things that really matter. Hope you enjoy it Kevin! See you again. Peace.
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  1. Even thought we never met, but his characters showed the positive attitude of his….RIP, Kevin. May God/Buddha bless your soul…

  2. Never seen any of Kevin’s videos, but from just watching this short video from you Chuck, shows me Kevin was a great guy.. I’m sure he’ll be greatly missed by many.

  3. RIP Kev I was at that hideaway meet night at 5:23 was a very good night as I got to meet Kev for the 3rd time and a few other interesting people.

  4. That was a really lovely send off Chuck! I never seen you and him together in videos before, so it was nice to see! Kev always seemed to enjoy life and always have a smile on his face! It makes you wonder, what life is all about! We just got to enjoy it while we can! Best wishes!! πŸ™πŸ»

  5. i havent known Kevin . Please dont blame me, english is not my native language. But Chuck, youre wrong. MAybe youre bad in personally saying goodbye. But I think this is a great farewell video and.. so this is your way to do it . Hope, when this overall situation is over we will meet someday in wonderful Thailand πŸ™‚

  6. Chuck 😊 thanks πŸ™πŸΎ for the cheerful memories of a real good guy, I met him for the first time 2 years ago wonderful human being. I followed his channel from the beginning.

  7. Like yourself Kev was part of my Sunday evenings entertainment. For the last few years anyway. Both you and Kev, along with a few others brought so much enjoyment to so many. Especially people like myself who, although married to a Thai lady, did not get to visit Thailand as often as we would have liked. So a big thanks to Kev. RIP.
    And to you chuck and Paige… Keep on doing what you do. Bollocks to the trolls. Kop khun na khrap.

  8. A wonderful tribute. I never saw his VLOG, but watching your video, Chuck, I wished I had followed him. Seems like a guy who was full of energy and humor. Sorry for your loss.

  9. Because I cannot get to thiland I let all u bloggers bring it to me you all have become my internet ferinds Kev died on my 60th birthday I Wes looking forward to having a 🍺 with him It will in the oversize now he has left earths paradise to live in heaven s paradise when it’s our time we will be looking up his blog to see the best place to go rip kev a feigned I never met

  10. It’s a shame that you were struck down so suddenly by cancer, we are all learning how disease can strike at the moment with the pandemic.May Kev rest in peace, his vlogs brought happiness to myself and many included.

  11. Kev was a funny lad, he fell out with me because I gave him a name and address on one of his live blogs , I was only asking if he knew my a old friend of mine that I used to mate with 30 years ago in Pattaya.
    I also advised him to come back to England for his cancer treatment, but he didnt listen, he preferred to listen the his informed bar fly medical experts mates
    If he had listed to me who knows where he might be now, theres one thing he wouldnt have been ripped of by the Thai hospitals and the Thai doctors RIP Kev

    1. I’m not a doctor but in the UK it’s normally surgery first then Chemo and Radiotherapy (from my ex’s experience). I was surprised at what Kev went through. He was a great guy and sorely missed for his charming style and wit.

  12. Yes Kev RIP m8 we met a few years ago in the Hide away bar, we had a few beers and a great night, sad you have passed but im sure you are around Kev gnight m8.

  13. I had seen only a few videos of Kev, but i was dewn to him and the way he presneted things. The last vidoe of gom I saw was about him giving an update on his fight. It shocked me today to see that Kev passed away. I thank you for your humble tribute to him. God bless, happy easter.

  14. Very sad to hear about Kevin. Really sickening that some YouTube channels along with their followers harassed him and urged others to do the same non stop and more so after he learned he had cancer. There seems no limits to these sadists that get off harming others. I can not help but wonder if this same group of sickos has taken advantage of a very bad situation with the virus to harm others like Kev.

  15. Thanks Chuck. Definitely notime2bsad. never got to meet Kevin, but his videos always shown a happy guy, always happy to help others and never a dull moment around him. I’m sure he’ll be dearly missed. I know I missed out on meeting a cool guy. My condolences.

  16. You are right tomorrow’s unpredictable, you shared a great moment in time with Kev, life is all about the moments we have with people. All the best

  17. Chuck,
    Such a fitting memory of Kev In Thailand. Glad to know that you, Paige and he were friends. Kev’s passing is a sad loss to the world.

  18. Never easy to let a friend go. And so young! Life deals us unfair hands. But it looks like Kev was very happy. And after all is said and done, I want to check out while I still know what happiness is. RIP Kev….

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