It’s A New Day Living In Thailand. notime2bsad ธาตุพนม

30 min video!!!
Vlog#816 Today we get good news about our quarantine restrictions and figure out how to have good days at home. Life living in Thailand
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  1. Chuck. You need to ignore the bad comments,this seems to really be affecting you mate.block them and concentrate on the 99% of your good subscriber’s.

    1. @ivor nappinion Failsworth. Collyhurst. City Centre. Chorlton Cum Hardy via Wythenshawe and New Moston. Mancs Love Prog Rock & Prog Life. X All others are Charlatans.

    2. @notime2bsad Getting cabin fever Chuck!. A lot worse where I’m at, and I’ll get through it. You sure as hell can. Relax, couple more days, screw the trolls. Always 10% dicks out there.Always have been, always well be. Fuck em and ignore them. 90% love your channel including me. Time to chill and have a Leo.

    3. First I will point out I do mostly not let anyone bother me. Me talking about them is My relief, maybe not to others. Second imagine at your work, You get 100 satisfied customers and you get 10 that are absolute dicks, and a few others that are just simple minded.. Is your performance always going to be the same when there are dicks at your job. Sometime they cause you to be a little irritated. If you can shrug it off and go on the next day happy, than you are the better man. I am still making videos because I enjoy it. It isn’t even my job. Third, I will ask you. If your job you worked at cost you money to go to everyday and the dicks effected you, would you still show up?

  2. Me & my wife love you guys! Hard to see how anyone could be negative about your awesome videos! We really appreciate all your hard work, Thanks heaps….

  3. I will always stand up for myself and the people I care about and love. Just like you! However I learned to ask myself do I have any control over this. If no then I will deal with the situation when it arrives at my door. I at least see it coming and can have choices about what I will do. Often we over think situations or worry worry worry. I think Chucks Indian name would be “Chucky White Feet” Screw political correctness!

    1. @notime2bsad Great! Friends helping friends! I think a lot of homes have never been this clean and organized. I have been at it too. Washing Curtains, emptying drawers, cleaning under the fridge. We are getting in touch with our female side. ” oh did I say that out loud” 5555555

  4. Hi Chuck during this lockdown period remember to look after your weight with a good cook mother in law and a sweet wife to feed you oh my goodness do care for that. I wish you and Paige and everyone in the family stays safe and good health cheerio

  5. Chuck and Paige,I’ve just subscribed to your channel after watching many of your very entertaining videos.I am an English man who lives in Liverpool,England and I was lucky enough to marry a beautiful Thai woman called Wan who has lived here for 13 years and we have a lovely son aged 10 and we brought her daughter over when she was 8 and she will be going to university when this cursed virus is over.We re-turn quite often to Thailand and stay not far from Nakhon Phantom .please keep up the great job your doing love the humour and the positivity looking forward to future posts.Tom.

  6. Keep your eye on the prize. Your mission is to supply entertainment in your content. I know it is difficult to ignore the assholes but by giving them time you are degrading your mission. Maybe you can find a book that deals with criticism when in the public eye. My late small business man father responded to the jerks with this. “If you don’t like my apples, don’t shake my tree”

  7. Love your daily ramble!
    I do miss Thailand even though it’s only a month since I left.
    Normally at this time we,re planning our next trip ,this time who knows.
    Best wishes
    Alan and Gillian

  8. For us you couldn’t make the video’s long enough. They realy brighten up our day. So these negative comments just did cost us 30 minutes of solide fun. If anything we need more Chuck and Page. Some acidity also is important to balance the flavors in the dish. So annoy, bewilder, exite and romance us. Hope it doesn’t sound to gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. -Seinfelt-). Keep them coming man much appreciated. Well wishes from Hoogezand the Netherlands.

  9. Hi chuck ive met people who have lived in Asia for quite a while and the one thing they can’t do is eat noodle soup for breakfast but I love it I like crispy pork very nice. Well we are all in the same boat at the moment I think we all have good days and bad days, but I think if you have more good than bad you’ve cracked it. Take it easy and stay safe

  10. I to had my life plan out retirement at 40 had my funds in order until the stock market crash had to keep working again had all the funds ready to do it again them came the housing and stocks took a hit again that one was costing. I am now retired have all my funds to go and the virus came this time prepare myself and don’t care it’s over for me not the age I wanted but still happy not to be working .l don’t listen to other people l make decisions base on now continue your dream don’t let foolishness get in your head .

  11. Does the motor parts shop do well enough to support the family? I’ve not seen any customers dropping in (not that you’d show that). None of my business I know just interested to know how the working situation is in Thailand compared to elsewhere. Thanks

  12. I have a question for Chuck and the rest of people that are writing comments here.
    Is it possible (anymore) to leave a non offensive non biased and moderate comment here that not complies at 100% with the Chuck view of the world (positive) but reflects the other side of the coin too….?!?
    Continues deletiing and blocking comments that are non offensive just because the other side of the coin-opinion is different…..isn’t going to help with anything at all.
    Cleansing the comments and keeping in, the surface only what you want maybe can boost your notime2besad view of life but it is not real.
    I can understand you need to block bad mouth and offensive comments and even the most of the neggetivity of sad people.
    It is up to you.
    But deleting and blocking 100% of the comments that have a different opinion or even want to express their frustration that in…. 1 day to the next they lost their job their income or their business because of what is happening in the world…..and what will happen to the worlds economy and unemployment skyrocketing.
    OK……you can block now this comment too because other peoples problems and opinions can be deleted from your notime2besad reality show.

    1. @notime2bsad So…if someone have a different view of the situation or even disagrees and have a different opinion with you he is disrespecting you…. immediately.

      “You don’t agree with me you are a negative person …. go somewhere else create your negative channel…. Good luck… Big boy….”

      Really…. This is the reaction to my message …. Ok…

      Thank you very much but I didn’t and I won’t insult you.

      Of course you downplayed the coronovirus pandemic…..same thousands of tourists did and already are strantted in Thailand.
      The same time you where heading to Koh Chang…. And the world was in fire… hundreds of other people where evacuating the island back to home….look the video where you were arriving with the ship to Koh Chang and hundreds of cars was going away,they knew something different than you did?!?

      And when you realized that you are going to probably locked down away from your province you started driving from 6 in the morning with an obvious stressed face during the hall video. I can continue with the self carantine (should be away from inlaw) exc….

      Everybody can make a mistake or a bad judgment obviously, maybe you still think you didn’t. Are you?!

      Maybe you don’t tolerate mistakes too.So you probably still think you didn’t.

      The thing is that….are you… OK to listen to criticism that is not offensive or you will just shut down me again?!?

      Ok I get it….it is a YouTube channel that express a lifestyle a view in a life choice and people commit to it.
      But is this a channel for happiness and smiles that talking about Thailand living life of an expat or not?!
      Isn’t this a channel that encourages people to retire in Thailand or not!?
      You are (by doing it) promoting Thailand retirement with this channel and everybody likes it to watch your channel.
      With this power you have now you also have and the responsibility that comes with it.
      Your view of the Thailand through your eyes is very luring and amazing, is it acurrate?!
      Is it a free hussle country, nobody struggles there, are you accurate in describing many people’s future retirement new country?!?

      Nothing seems to worry you…. or you deliberity choose to leave out and ignore the notime2bsad…. banned from you topics.
      Is it a “YouTube channel” prospective or is it…You.
      If it is your personal choice your view your mentality to ignore basic problems that can happen to many people (maybe you don’t have them or don’t care about them) or even mistakes wrongdoing downplaying and leaving in your to good to be true reality OK…. Upto you.

      If it is your personal choice to block everyone and everything that makes you realize that you are not perfect and you make mistakes too, I have nothing else to say.

      Enjoy your fun club groopies and continue with your 99,9% positive comments that you personally created through deleting anybody else…..
      Keeping and micromanage the comment situation to be fake….. Isn’t going to feel more real to you.

      I would like to keep this conversation open and even debate with you in personal communication if you think that comments are not the place to do…..because I don’t want to take advantage anymore my anonymous status that I have for obvious reasons.

    2. @Farang Forevet I think if you want to voice your opinion you should start your own channel and see how many people agree with your perspective. You are correct this is a vlog of living a positive life and looking at things from a different point of view, if one is not happy figure a way to move forward. If ones only goal is to share there negativity of all things based on there experiences and to be fact, than no one here has time for that, because not all outcomes are the same. Hence the name notime2bsad. Create a channel and voice your opinion. I only show Thailand through my perspective of life. good luck. As you are insulting or as you say criticizing me on “downplaying the corona virus” The way I handle a crisis is not through fear and panic. You don’t respect my position…..Create your own channel big guy and see how many people actually think like you. nonsense.

    3. @notime2bsad  @notime2bsad  OK…..fair enough…it is a YouTube channel and not a forum.
      I agree with that. You are 100% on the spot about that.
      This is my 3rd avatar account I created so far the last 2 you blocked already…..soooo
      Let’s see what happens with this one.
      I use Avatar so I don’t get attacked from the fun club of yours…..nothing to do with you personally.
      I enjoy watching your videos and sometimes I feel connected with your approach of life and positive power.
      Life is not all smiles and laughter and all this situation that now is happening… is a big example of that.
      It is not a matter of inconvenience…. it is a big frustration and a clearly dead end for thousands of people.
      I have many things to share or things to ask you without being offensive or wanting to attack you but you seem to have zero tolerance to criticism and other peoples frustration to problems that are pilling up in their lifestyle in Thailand even before this situation occurs.
      You seem to be focusing in positive spirit and happiness and it is a good thing for you……but as soon as someone else is mentioning any of their problems outside your circle of happiness you get annoyed and you downplay their views critisize them as haters and negative in essence people.
      Same you downplayed and still do downplay coronovirus pandemic storm that will… and have… destroy thousands of people especially in their ability to provide food to the table of their family.
      If you allow me I can ask some questions maybe you can ignore them and not answer them or they can be answered by you or even think about them on your own time.

    4. I feel the same way about the future economy. So you probably don’t watch my videos much to know my position to say I would disagree and block you. Just share your thoughts and opinions but be respectful to others if you disagree, with respect to others beliefs. Your assumption is incorrect about me blocking anyone who just disagrees with me. But up to you if that’s what makes ya feel good. Just for reference this is a vlog about my life in Thailand, it’s not a forum. If the notime2bsad channel is not what you like than there are other options..

  13. I guess everybody is doing the same ; cleaning house, organize wardrobe, doing the garden, gym at home, calling friends…, it’s now good weather here in NL/Belgium…we can stay outside in quarantine! Anyway stay strong and positive….for all for you in the World 😉

  14. not much to do hey, relaxed, take advantage of it, that can also do you good Chuck.haha free corn in your plants, that couldn’t be better. haha ​​wax on the floors, hopefully you don’t slide out on your floor .. in Thailand it is still good ,, but here in belgium now every 8 minutes a person dies from the virus of that dirty italy 1000 a day, spain 800 a day, and in da US it will be even worse than in Europe..I think a lot about my family in the US drinks until you see your family or friends getting infected, one after the other.this is sad..thx Pookie ant twin 🙏 … takos look nice .. haha, you learn to eat the old thai takos, cool .. i think your house has never been so clean ..nice cakes to, delicious i think. it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me. (Damn,damn today 403 people di in small Belgium)

  15. Thanks chuck and paige, please keep the videos coming as we are stuck at home, i spend most of the time in buriram but is impossible for me to go there now. I wish so much that i was in your position now but never mind. Things WILL get better and i hope we will get to meet each other and have a couple of Leo’s. Best wishes to all your family and friends and especially the mafias. Stay safe and keep the cooking videos coming. Best wishes for your and all. David x

  16. Hey Chuck, things are improving locally were I live. 🙏 I’m a Nurse working in an isolation unit and the curve is definitely flattening slowly🤞

  17. Chuck what happen, you turn up and the ladies scram? Anyway, you can’t change everyone, many people including me watch your vlogs since we cannot retire right now and live in a country that we want to. I enjoy your vlogs and trust me there are times when it is the only positivity out there. This morning, a senior doctor at UCL said “Yes there are people dying and it is very sad. However the media is focused on the gloom, what about the positive things like people getting better and all these people risking their lives to help Negative Gloomberries who are miserable!”. Remember focus on the positive so you attract more positive into your life. If you are negative then well the positive people will ignore you and you will not be any happier.

  18. It’s ok Chuck sometimes you just feel the need to enlighten idiots with a response, it won’t do any good cuz they will still be idiots when your done! Lol hahaha hope all is well my friend!

  19. These videos are best to teach people about what to do during lock down situations at homes. I also learned that besides being son in law of house, you are also official tasters of the house (or nosy). Hahaha.

  20. Just ignor them Chuck I have had letter telling me I cannot go out for 12 weeks cos if I get it I will become very seriously ill I’m just trying to stay positive any way take care u an ur family

  21. Chuck, may you please tell us where
    your forefathers came from origionally ? Good luck and good health to you all from boaring Germany

  22. Does your father in law have his own special place he goes to in the house , a bit like a man cave or work shop area he likes to retire too and feel comfortable , get away from every body else and the hustle and bustle .
    I distinctly get that impression .

  23. Life’s to short for ballshit an old guy once said to me ( WE ARE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME NOT A LONG TIME)
    Life’s to short
    Thanks for the videos chuck they are keeping me Entertained while I’m in lock down 👍👍👍👍

  24. With Mafia cooking, it’s like having your own private restaurant. I wish I could eat spicy, hot food….. Too late for me now…I’m too old to change. Even the fresh salsa I love (mango/peach) has to be mild. Don’t know if your government will lengthen your home stay beyond the 14 days. They lengthend ours to the end of April and will probably add another month to that. Good luck with the health check.

  25. Hi Chuck I am a fairly new subscriber. I also have a Thai wife but we live in the UK. We were in Thailand in March so had many of the same experiances you have had. Loving you video look forward to more.

  26. Corona cases are still low here , soon we will be back to our normal live .. regards from a German who stays in Ko Chang before and now lives in Buriram provence

  27. What can I say.The losers standing small.that ‘s way they posted weak comments.Well done wishes to You,Paige and mafia.

  28. Chuck,thanks for cheering I really like your content.
    But I get the feeling that the trolls are getting to you more then before.
    I hope that’s not the case and that you’re continue making your thing.
    You and Page are awesome.
    Lots of love from Sweden

  29. Did you have to put your soup in the microwave our is it warm enough ?? i always find it funny that you eat your soup with more chilli,than Pooky 55 i wish i could eat spicy like you.
    Haha the old woman did say shack waaw, 😂😂😂😂😂😂 did i hear that right ??
    The dish that your mom in law did cook looks very yummy,but i would need rice with that,but thats me 55
    Those electic guys have a awesome bamboo ladder,isan style i guess 55
    Anyway another great video 👍🏻thx for sharing

  30. Nice video, but I think Paige gets over things quicker than you do! 555. Good luck with your early parole, hope you, Paige, the family and all your loved ones are doing well. I am looking forward to the world returning to normal so that we can all get back to our lives.

  31. Thanks for the comfort, awful when alone here in my flat in UK, but awesome when I watch you and Paige smiling and taking in you’re stride each day as life happens in these hard times. Take care stay healthy. Lol 🙏😊👍

  32. We will all get through this some of us will and we must pray for the people that don’t. Here in the United States there still not getting it. They just going around like nothing’s going on touching each other feeling each other breathing on each other.

  33. Hi! Chuck looking good how quarantine stock in the cleaning buy some time I guess you know Thailand Rob I read the comments and watch Rob vlog is sad kev Thailand past away yesterday april 7 2020 he been surely miss I just let you know scope stay safe take care

  34. Hey Chuck , yeah this mess does suck but your videos help me kinda of get away from all this mess over here ! I don’t comment much , actually this is my first . But please keep what you’re doing ! You and your family please stay safe my brother !

  35. Chuck stop talking about the haters. The fact that you use your video time to talk about them, is giving them satisfaction! Dont even mention the bullshit!


  36. I think that one positive thing which lock-down has helped me appreciate is how hard it would be for me to suffer imprisonment. Eating compensates for the lack of energetic pursuits and I wonder if improving the quantity of food in prisons is unkind for those prisoners who find static exercise boring. I was watching a biography of Peter Sellers and was struck by the fact that he was considered fat by his contemporaries in the RAF during the war.

  37. Question: Does your mother in law ever get up tight that you clean so much? I also live at the in-laws in Buriram, not full time however, as I still work internationally. But I do clean, sweep, spider webs only occassionally. Just wondering if she gets offended at all, like she is feeling like she doesn’t clean enough?

  38. So Chuck, you should make a second channel called “No Time to be Sad, baby!”. It should be edited so that all these man babies who are doing pretty good for themselves and have time to wine about your channel, won’t have to complain anymore.
    Min 10:15 If these sensitive viewers can’t handle free speech and reality, then they need to get their caboose on over to another channel!

  39. I just wanted to say thank you for the real down to earth videos. Because of you I am seriously giving a visit there a real thought after the lockdown is over. Again thanks for keeping it real.

  40. Thank you chap for entertaining us with your Vlogs. I love Paige too. It’s all about teamwork and you really do work well in the kitchen. Your meals are delicious. Maybe you should bring out a cookery book. Stay positive both , no time to be sad remember lol. Xxx


  41. Hey Chuck. Always great to catch your videos. Yeah, hard to believe people get negative on your channel. You are consistently a positive, good hearted guy.
    Man, I envy you being there with your wife and family. As you may remember I was supposed to fly there a week ago and start my new life with my wife and family down the road from That Phanom, until the ban two weeks before my flight. I have my 90 day Non “O” visa in my passport and money for the bank (for the marriage extension). All set. I think it could be a year before foreigners can enter Thailand and I can join my wife. Really rough.
    In Pennsylvania it has not been possible to buy spirits for weeks now. Only wine or beer. State Liquor are stores closed and their web site not working.
    It’s always nice to see your (video) reports, being in the area where my love ones are. Thanks for your reply to my email and invitation to stop by. Take care. Stay safe.

  42. Watching the guys working on the lines reminds me of when we had someone come to service our air conditioner, which was leaking. I knew that it was a clogged condensation drain, but, it was worth it to pay someone a couple of bucks to clear it. When he went to service it, he climbed up on an aluminum ladder and was poking a screwdriver around in the 220 energized unit while water was dripping on to his bare feet as he stood on the aluminum ladder. i had to leave the room for fear of what I had the potential to possibly witness.

  43. Just found your channel, enjoying it. Been checking out options on retirement, was thinking S Korea where I served when I was in the Army, but too damn cold in the winters for me. Planning on making a trip once all the covid 19 madness is in the rear view

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