It’s A Motorcycle World

Motorcycles in the Philippines are the main form of transportation here in the Philippines. It is also the most affordable way to travel. Motorcycles are everywhere and seem to have their own set of road rules and they definitely rule the road here. When driving in Cebu City motorcycles will often come down a crowded street and move over onto the oncoming lane, forcing you over, they expect you to get out of their way every time.  I sometimes will be driving down a road and have motorcycles passing me on both sides at the same time, they often are only inches away from contact with our car.  Once I was in a right turn lane and moving into the turn, actually half way into it when motorcycles started coming into the same turn. I often don’t see them as they are in my blind spot, but Marianne always warns me of their approach.  They don’t care about drivers and will pull right out in front of you sometimes without even looking and I have had some give me a dirty look if you get a little too close to them. At a stop light they will zig zag through traffic and end up bunched up at the front of the lane ready to get ahead of all the cars. If you are stopped behind another car, expect to see motorcycles squeezing in between you and the other car on their way to the front of the line. Even if there are only a couple of feet on your right side they will move past you dodging your right mirror. I am used to all of this by now and even ride my own motorcycle as they do. If you can’t beat them then join them I always say.  Now I have had 3 motorcycles since 2004 when I first arrived here two Honda Wave 100s and one Kawasaki 175cc. I am looking into buying anything above 500cc, possibly a 750 would be nice. Below you will find a few Photos of large 4 cylinder motorcycles like I would love to own. And under them are some examples of the motorcycles in traffic.  And one video of a I think 650cc in Manila traffic. The word for this post is “caution” you need to stay alert at all times and keep your eyes open, always have someone with you who can look around like my wife does she alerts me to dangers all the time.

If you want to purchase your own motorcycle here mostly what you will find in the dealers here are motorcycles with engins displacement of 100cc to 150cc. To get a larger engine displacement bike like the ones pictured above, you need to have them special ordered from the dealer.




You don’t see many big bikes like this here.

Now for some traffic photos with motorcycles.


Taken from a taxi in Cebu City: Notice the guy is on the wrong side of the road and driving between traffic.


Here you see a motorcyclist inbetween the lanes and on the oncoming lane.


More motorcycles in traffic, Cebu City, oncoming lane in-between cars.


Motorcycles making a right turn as traffic also turns right.


Wrong side of the road riding again.

This video shows the traffic from a motorcycles viewpoint.

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