It Is What It Is, Nothing Last For Ever.

Vlog#554 What Can We do to come to Thailand? Why haven’t we been traveling inside Thailand?
There will always be changes in every country, it is what it is, and they will always change as we go…
We are leaving That Phanom…
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  1. Good morning, speaking of insurance, my trip plan has 4,500,000 Thai bht, $150,000.00
    Do you think that’s enough for my November trip.
    You just answered my question

  2. That looked like a tasty meal. I actually enjoy larb tup (liver) with ground beef. And the chinese sausage is good too (eaten in moderation).

  3. Hey I’m not worried about getting covid-19 insurance but if the Thai government insists on getting some sort of medical paper stating that I don’t have covid before leaving Canada that’s going to be impossible to get

  4. I think the US needs to have them roll down steel shutters to prevent the looters from breaking windows and robbing the stores. Safe travels. Cheers

  5. no qr code reader, and this is a new to me phone I got in January, but I always cheap out & get nearly free to free phone when I need 1. but I really had hoped it had that so i could scan stuff in stores, and was disappointed, maybe my next one. but you said people can sign in on paper?
    no thanks for Liver either, lol.

    eventually I do want to visit for vacation, I love everything I see. but will be better financially next year. paying off vehicles & home this year.

  6. Stop and smell the flowers…………….for me right now, all the lilac bushes are blooming especially the really fragrant white ones. Cheers

  7. Dracula πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ,used to live in Transilvania:)),Romania πŸ™‚ I am from there ,but I live in Canada should visit the Castle of Dracula πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ,in Transilvania ,Romania will like the region ! Best Regards !

  8. You don’t need to open line, just open your camera (most phones have a quick shortcut, mine I have set to a two quick pushes of the power button to open the camera ) and point out at the QRCode, which pops up a url link. Tap the link and it opens up the same check in page.)

    Quick and easy.

    Push-push … Point … Tap url … Tap Green square … Done.

  9. Thank you for your videos,
    Can you make video about what Thai people like about the foriegner and what they disdlike about foriegners which they consider it annoying,offensive or too much, which is normal in a Western country but should be avoided in Thailand, thanks.

  10. Thanks for the information about insurance. Instead of a long winded question I will do some research on the embassy site. Appreciate the updates πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  11. Just explore villages off the main roads in places like Udon. Try to have lunch in a village maybe even find a homestay or a private deal to sleep at someone’s house.

  12. Fish head soupπŸ˜‹, when I get a chance to go back to Thailand I’ll jump through whatever hoops necessary, I don’t know if I’ve had larb moo with liver I know I had it with kidneys, enough nam pla prik and lime it’s all delicious. Looking forward to the trip to Udon that villa looks interesting. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family πŸ™πŸΌ
    Cheers 🍻

  13. Opening up has become quit exciting around BKK and Bang Saen with the beach opening. I could not drive to our beach house due to traffic on Wed. Crowds seem to forget all about Covid and precautions and are enjoying the open air.

  14. See you Guys tomorrow, Maybe we have a Lunch in Nong a Khai or Udonthani Great information on the Health insurance I’m with Pacific Cross, great video Bud 🍺🍺🍺

  15. You are 100% right Chuck, you can travel but without tourists and customers, many business are staying shut. Here in jomtien lots of old established business electing to stay shut waiting for tourists.

  16. Gree-tings from the left coast Oak-land of the curfewed…Thailand weather today but California weather this evening..sun’s still up but in 20 minutes you can have the whole thing..happy trails to you..πŸ™πŸ» thx for vids πŸ™πŸ»

  17. As always very appreciative of the information regarding travel,also future insurance regarding covid, thank you and wish everyone a great time ,ps stay safe everyone πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡·

  18. People 2 days ago the German government announced that covid-19 is one big hoax, that’s why now they are distracting us with the riots. Because the world knows about their lie. Please look it up yourself

  19. Geez, people should just realize anything that comes out of the Thai government should just wait 30 minutes to see what has changed. Best policy is to check before you leave, then at the airport, then while in flight, then when you get there. Guaranteed the latest edict or regulation will have been updated at least twice. Then when you get to Immigration they’ll tell you something completely different. I love it. Reminds me of the military.

  20. Back on 27 May an old mate needed to renew his 1 year retirement visa, in Bangkok. Long story short immigration did NOT ask about any insurance. They did insist on B800000 in the bank, and letter from bank showing in addition deposits of B 65000 going back 6 months. Bottom line is different immigration offices and officers sometimes ask for different requirements.

  21. Hi Chuck and Paige, just wanted to thank you for adding the amount you pay onto the video, its great to know what you are paying in the nomination of Thailand, good looking out !

  22. I am glad you told me about Garlic Salt. That is all I use. I will buy you the big size from Costco and mail it to you when I get to Thailand in July. The Facebook page of the Thai government says retirement, spousal and other visa’s can come in July. No tourists. All subject to Change

  23. Could you tell us were you get your health insurance in Thailand please….Ok Thank you for your input about the health insurance, and cost. Your right about them not thinks it threw… mite, and could scare a lot of people away!!! My home is in cold Canada12 degree today… waiting to get back to my real home, wife and kids and all the great foods…. l really miss Thailand and the people.

  24. Hi Chuck, I bet you’re excited about going away now and planning trips. The insurance stuff was interesting to know as well and it seems not as bad as people make out it is. I also is interested in looking at purchasing a tuk tuk off your father in law for my partners market stall. Thanks for the video, you always give ideas.

  25. Hi Chuck and Paige πŸ™‚ You should download from Google Play, an app called “Thaichana” by Krungthai Bank Plc. It is goverment app for checking in and out of places during this time. It is more convenient than using your LINE app’s qr reader.

    Using Thaichana app, you can scan the QR code and checking-in in one tap and done. When you leave the place, no need to scan again. You can open the app later and check out whenever you want.

  26. Chuck, good video. Great information. I have O/A approved insurance and the annual premium is $1,000. I believe I am older than you. My current insurance has Covid 19 coverage. But I believe what country you are from will dictate the entry requirements. Like you I am American and I see the USA rather low on the entry ladder? I am planning on not being able to re-enter when I leave later this year.

  27. I only found that video on the tock tock factory you did only a few months ago it was interesting that style is not what they are using in Bangkok entering from the middle not the back of the bike tock tock

  28. Soot Yort, lierally ‘the top of the summit/peak’, is an expression one uses when they want to relay they are impressed by something said or done, similar to ‘excellent’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘awesome’ ‘fantastic’ ‘amazing’ with an !!!!

  29. I don’t find the liver here to be so bad. And it is soooooo good for you…..seriously. But I grew up in the Midwest on my mother’s liver and onions. Did you say Rayong for the trip later this month or next? I hope so as I’d like to know more about it since it is next door to here in Chonburi.

  30. Good on you this is Thailand and its there way ,life all over the world is different now maybe never return to before anyway you stay safe and enjoy the life ,you look like you lost weight looks good.

  31. I now realise what this virus nonsense was all about – it’s simply population control. You are basically in the middle of nowhere, yet you’re being tracked and traced.

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