It Is Not About The Destination, It is About The Adventure. Udon Thani อุดรธานี

Vlog#855 Adventure Time. Today we take a trip 4 hours away to Udon Thani. One of the largest Isaan cities in Thailand. Also home to many expats. It is not about the destiny, it is about the adventure.
Resort Link: Country View Resort
999/4 Thahan Rd, Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000
086 230 4121
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GoPro Hero4 Black (back up camera used with Snoppa gimbal)
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  1. I’m with you Chuck. You can’t fix stupid and this crap going on in the US is shameful and disgusting. My plans are still to retire in Thailand. Visas, exchange rates, medical insurance, covid insurance, they are just a thing. No worries. Coming soon to a village near you. 555. All the best Chuck and Paige. Mitch

  2. The length of the video doesn’t matter Chuck.
    You always fill it with great entertaining content.
    Good to see you and Paige smiling again.👍🍻

  3. What an odd choice of ‘hotel’. So many new, clean and cheap hotels on Soi Sampan, with proper covered parking lots, close to all that Udon has to offer, restaurants, Central, Villa, all within walking distance. I wouldn’t be able to stay in this old wooden place.

  4. Did ya check your radar detector frequency….I think it’s different than the UIR Thai radar…..u need to test and see if it picks it up otherwise u might drive right into it…lol

  5. yeah some on the philippines I just dumped my filipina and she used to get mad at me for telling her to use tissue paper bc that’s just gross and she barely wash her hand and cook after word and eat.

  6. chuck, dude, let it go. if you desperately need to see why it’s important look at sweden and their numbers for no action/only warning to chase herd immunity. look at us back in the US for late and unprepared reaction. is the number currently low in thailand? yes. BECAUSE actions were taken. for you, you are mad and pouty because you cannot travel for the moment or, heaven forfend, cannot have beer at dinner. for others – say, i don’t know, paige – the possibility is that their elders will pass. look at her dad. now look at her mom. turn to that lady (aunt? mom’s friend?). 1-2 of those have a damn fine chance of not being with her if actions weren’t taken when they were. i mean, maybe a good chang at lunch is damn important but is it SO important as those people being still around?

  7. Looking happy & more relaxed both of you. Don’t worry about the US Chuck as long as family is safe. You didn’t retire to Thailand to talk about events in the US so best not to. Just enjoy being happy & travelling & making videos. Resort looks good & a good price especially for long stay. Take care & stay safe.

  8. Not too long at all ! I love Udon , I’m going to have to bookmark this place and look into it ,Hopefully you do a little explore around there next vid ,Cheers guys

  9. Chuck you maybe safer there in Udon then we in NYC. I’m sure you don’t have rioters coming through Udon destroying your town. It’s absolutely crazy.

  10. I know it very crazy here in USA. My wife Thai went back to Thailand in January to take care of business, and wanted to come back to Massachusetts. I told her that it is safer for to stay there. I had a plan on moving there in July, but that is out of the question. Due to the Thai Consulates are close, and not taking Visa Applications, or let flights into Thailand. So now it is a waiting game. Hopefully, I can move there soon. Have a safe trip Paige and Chuck and enjoy yourselves. God Bless.

  11. the food looked amazing! YUM! I got a chuckle on bathroom mirror, guy that built my home, was elderly & hunched over, I am 5’6″ and have to bend over or back away from mirror to see my face. had home right at 25 years, never changed it.
    also I think a you-tuber was at your place yesterday, he was doing a livestream while walking, and stopped to look at a tuktuk being worked on, person looked like your father in law, & front of building looks similar or was yours?

  12. Thanks again for allowing us to tag along. The wife & I can’t wait to move out of the United States.. life is to short to deal with this crap here. We loved our time in Siam.

  13. Up to you how you drive but know that technically driving in the right lane when you are not passing is illegal and subject to a legitimate police stop in Thailand. I know why you drive in the right lane and you’re right, the proper lane is rutted by the big trucks. I try to be legal but sometimes the roads force you to make a decision to risk a police stop.

    I always enjoy your videos. Nice to spend a little time with an American in Thailand now and then. Also nice to see you and page living out a pretty happy lifestyle. Take care and stay well.

  14. Like the Udon Thani video ..!! I feel you on the craziness that’s going on here in the U.S. I’m so ready to move Thailand..! Have fun on your trip..!!

  15. I didn’t think the video was too long at all. Enjoyed it and you’ve got me thinking about going to Udon to that resort for a short break. About a 4 hour drive from my home.

    Thanks again.

  16. Video was great, Sakon Nakhon was where my Thai wife was from and it was good to see the familiar roads I once travel . Your so lucky to be in Thailand. Your best quote is ” you can’t fix stupidity

  17. My advice for those who say a video is too long is to watch some, then later watch some more. That’s how I do it. I find your videos aren’t long because they are interesting. They are well organized and presented.

  18. Good video, I enjoy them all. For those that think they are too long they can pause and continue later. Your videos let me have time each day to escape the BS.

  19. We just spent 3 weeks at my wife’s farm in Korat it was great to get out of the house we miss our holidays, 6 hr drive, my wife loves 7/11 snacks all the way.

  20. Hi ya Chuck and Paige another great vlog, great that the check point deep pocket syndrome is less ( thats about all I got to say about that) ummmm booger picking I was warned about that before I went to Thailand and was told Thai people are horrified when Falang blow their noses into tissue something about the noise you make ……. the things you learn. Anyway another great video, I love Paige’s faces when you comment on something (insert big smiley face) All good, keep safe, looking forward to next installment, btw that looks like a real great place to stay.

  21. I have never done the QR scan thing. I just walk in and get my forehead scanned. Sometimes they make me sign my name and leave a phone number but I always forget it…..555

  22. Hi chuck I think only iPhones where you can use your camera for QR codes I THINK

    And could not agree more with you chuck Western countries have lost the plot with all that crap 👍👍 and as soon as I can I will be joining you in South East Asia somewhere

  23. Sorry, bub. The problem isn’t racism in the US. The problem is foreign government funded domestic destruction of our country starting GENERATIONS ago through indoctrination and media dominance. As a result, what you read in the news is all propaganda with VERY LITTLE truth in it. Racism is not a problem here. Communism is.

  24. Good video we stayed there before covid and they didn’t have Leo then..just cans of Chiang. I found the place shabby and tired with lots of young Thai couples long staying plus it’s right under the flight path of the fighter jets when they are training…not for us so we stay at The Good Days cafe in Udon right near the night market tons of eating spots.

  25. You have developed your very own, unique style of storytelling. Watching it is like being there myself, following along on your adventures.

  26. 🙂 The easy QR scan with camera is available mostly on iPhones. That’s why your phone camera did not scan the QR code. Anyhow, for any smartphone, just install the “Thaichana” government app (by Krungthai Bank). 

    It lets you scan and check-in easily with one tap and done. Also, it lets you check-out of a place later whenever you have time to tap. Very convenient.

  27. Good to be on the road again, I like the little villas but would prefer them to be 30km out of town, looking forward to seeing the rest of your adventure, thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  28. One of the best things about you show is it say what you want and what you think you don’t mince words. I got to pee like a Russian racehorse hohoho I’ve said that all my life haha Bill turk from Texas

  29. Thunder and Lightning in Swedish is just as You guys said: Åska (oska). 👍 Btw, I sent You guys some stickers a few weeks ago, just want to know if You received them? Keep up the good work! / Andy from Sweden.

  30. There are no 7 Eleven in the United States? A lot in Norway. Tuning your car, more power, more sound…Cheap room😄👍. Party my home every saturday and sunday 200-300€

  31. Your videos is to long I can’t watch it. Well not really but you said somebody was going to say it. I thought I would just get it out of the way. Good to see you and Paige out and about

  32. Re racism ..
    The Thai deputy PM ,who is also the Health minister said at the beginning of the Pandemic that white foreigners should be deported ,because ” dirty farang ” don’t shower.
    There is a degree of racism in Thailand, and many that don’t want “us” here.

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