Island to Island via Ferry, Using Travel Agencies – Philippines

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  1. Good that you have something more to do but only waiting and thinking this strong lady named Yolanda, keep safe! We will be hearing about your date with her later! Hope and pray the best!

  2. Thanks for the Info Henry.  Hope the storm is not major  get your supplies built up… We will be arriving in PI on the 20th  Cant wait for that trip to be over with…

  3. The storm is expected to be at least the most powerful storm to have ever struck the Philippines. It may even be ranked as the most powerful storm ever seen on Earth.

    1. It turned out to be exactly that.  News is still trickling in due to loss of power in Leyte.  The aftermath is horrific.  We on Bohol were mercifully spared.

  4. I just discovered these places too.  I am used to booking everything online – as are most Americans I guess.  But at the pier you don’t get promos and they tend to sell out.  So these agencies are great… and everywhere!

  5. I hope your OK! The Typhoon is all over the news, even in America!! Apparently its one of the largest typhoons ever, and Bohol was in the very center of the action! I know power is knocked out for a while, but let us know you’re ok ASAP!

  6. I got into Cebu on Thursday, just in time for the typhoon!  Luckily, it wasn’t bad at all here.

    By the way, thanks for all your excellent and useful advice, Henry!  I’m staying at the Hotel de Mercedes, I had lunch and used the ATM at Colonade mall, tomorrow morning I’m going shopping at the UniTop store before moving into my new apartment in Mandaue City, and I’ve used at least five other tips you gave already!

    1. Coolness.  That area is easier to deal with when you know where to go for things you need.  Room, food and internet are right there at the Mercedes.  And with the Colonade mall just around the corner, it makes things easy.  Just be careful there after dark.

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