Is Traveling Around Thailand Still Possible After the CV Lock-down?

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  1. After all the other pretender vlogs, great to see the champ. JC was my first exposure to Asia living and travel. So I blame him for my bar girl mistakes. Ha.

  2. I’ve been watching your videos forever, but as far as the Wuhan virus goes, I’m afraid you’ve missed the point by miles.
    *The Hoover Institution has an ars..-backward form of reasoning given that most advanced countries in the world have controlled the virus and only our right-wing hicks **_(refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing)_** and left-wing zealots **_(with their asinine protests)_** have sabotaged this effort in the US (under the leadership of our clueless president)*

    My perspectives on the Hoover Institution video…
    *Dr. Faucci’s statement re. a 10x fatality rate (compared to the normal flu) is TRUE*
    The fatality rate of the Coronavirus as of today (June 24th 2020) is approx 4 million infections and 145k deaths. This is a fatality rate of 4%.

    _Numbers have been improving of late, but given the recent huge spike in cases and the weeks/months post-infection to result in death, the 4% rate seems valid as of now._

    Yes, probably about 1 in every 3 patients ever figure out they were infected by COVID-19 (due to mild symptoms and lack of available tests).
    Having said that, the same proportions apply to the normal flu. Most patients who catch the flu never bother to see a doctor.

    So Faucci’s statement (about a 10x fatality rate as compared to the normal flu hold true).

    *Infection rates. This is a VERY INFECTIOUS virus*
    We’ve been locked up at home for months. Despite that, the number of people dead from the virus is about 3x that of the worst flu season in our lifetimes.
    This virus is horribly infectious… period.

    *Fatalities in our Demographic. 1% at best 5% at worst (even higher for people with underlying health problems without medical care)*
    At the end of the day, guys of your and my age are the most vulnerable. At current (improved) fatality rates, if a healthy person aged 60 catches the virus, he has a 1% chance of death with good medical care and a 5% chance of dying with no medical care.

    So our strategy should be to keep good health (as you and I are apparently doing) and to try to not get infected for as long as possible. Every new day brings a chance for a new treatment and a new vaccine.

  3. After watching the video link from the Hoover Institute, Most of the facts can now be said to be incorrect with the USA surpassing all the previous records with so many deaths. Sweden and other countries are getting worse. You should delete or give a more up to date advise, Even in Thailand the schools are doing it different. Not sure if you are really up to date with everything in the world. But the video link as so far out of date in the last 4 weeks the USA is now in a pandemic now With 3,831,405 Infections 140,909+ deaths The USA Has 45 of the worlds population so it really is in a bad way IMHO

  4. Nice to see you back JC. I’ve only been banned from ThaiVisa for disputing the misinformation they allow about the Australian Aged Pension on their site, which over and over again is wrong. These were just facts I presented from the Centrelink Australia pension website in Australia. Often people get very angry when you don’t tell them what they want to hear about pension entitlements but you know their information is wrong so you have to keep telling them. I have told them 26 times, they did not like it 26 times so they banned me. I’ve now retired from giving information about the Australian Aged Pension. Too many insults “I’m upset as only half of them were true (my joke)”.
    Sounds like things are tough in my favorite town in Cha-am in Thailand. It’s almost impossible to get permission to travel outside of Australia presently and for a 78 y/o it is not likely I can enter Thailand with all the present complicated requirements. If things change that would be good. “I’ll be back” (quote from Arnie).

  5. #MasksAreMuzzles #OxygenStarvation

    Even if, HYPOTHETICALLY, there was a virus, no ridiculous mask is going to stop people from getting infected, because virus particles are microscopic!

    All these horrendous MASKS are doing is:
    (1) fulfilling a sick freemasonic OCCULTIC RITUAL of silencing the masses [of slaves] = muzzling people from speaking up against the Babylonian Beast System (the “world”). Symbolizing the #END_OF _FREE_SPEECH and the beginning of #NWO (New World Order) regime [look at the back of your dollar bill!] ☝️;
    (2) as well as making people sick by making them ASPHYXIATE bevause of OXYGEN starvation and inhaling their own CARBON dioxide;
    (3) and helping breed BACTERIA that are entering the body through the respiratory passages from the disgusting masks;
    (4) THUS weakening people’s IMMUNE systems altogether – especially that of the poor children and the elderly. [thus, mostly elderly and weak are dying from this extreme #poisoning by #CHEMTRAILS that the powers that be (PTBs) are presenting as “COVID deaths”]

    Those who have eyes and ears, let them see and hear! 👀 👂

  6. Well, welcome to the Truther world, JC!
    Where your videos and all information get shut down, blocked, deleted, removed, etc. because you EXPOSE THE NAKED TRUTH and try to spread the Light and awaken the sleeping brainwashed world!!!
    And where you are labeled a nuttsy “Conspuracy Theorist” (image purposefully perpetuated by the controlled opposition SHILL — actor “Alex Jones”, who is actually madeover Bill Hicks) and first ridiculed, but further down the road locked in a FEMA-type concentration camp and eventually beheaded or otherwise tortured and murdered…

    But we don’t stop sharing the Truth by any means possible for as long as we breath. God is on our side, whom shall we fear?

    I’m glad you’ve started to see the Light! 💡 👍💥

    Good to see you guys again.
    God bless!

  7. I love Hawaiian shirts! Thank you so much.

    I had planned to move to Dalat, Vietnam in September 2020, but the masks, travel restrictions are a huge turnoff.

    Continue to enjpy yourselves. I love both of you, and I will be 78 in October.

    Vick VapoRub repels mosquitoes.. Put on you, and put some in the lids and leave open, and they will not come near you.

  8. Youtube took you down? Thats says alot about big brother. Glad to see you and your girl are back. What happen to your van? You are driving a car. I am in TN – USA. Everything is cool here but the media likes to vocus on what ever gives them ratings. Also, they say the hospitals are full but they don’t tell you how many are actually Covid. For example, in TX the media said they were full and Covid was making the ICU full but in reality it was only 30% Covid the rest was other than covid in the ICU. You can’t really trust the media during this presidental election year. Not just in the USA but in other countries as well. It’s calm her in East TN where I am.

  9. You’re really brave to try and record a video while driving on Thai roads in the rain. It’s tough enough just to drive in Thailand. Good to see you back. Edit: Oh wow. YouTube took down one of your videos? That makes no sense!

  10. Did not notice Petro places and cost on the Island. Just wondering. Scenery beautiful. I suspect not much for health care there on island. I am so glad to see you back. Taking down your last video so very wrong. I will only say the States are crazy over Covid.

  11. Love ya JC, but just look at the numbers! Would you prefer to be back in Florida right now? I thought Thailand was doing good or am I missing something??

  12. Hahaha, tens of thousands are dying of other illnesses but they write it down as covid 19 !!!???, as my neighbor passed away from CANCER two months ago and his wife received $6000 to agree on altering the death certificate to covid 19 !!!!, wake up America

  13. Just like the good ol’ days. Enjoyed seeing your Aloha Attire. Looks like if I did decide on Thailand it would most likely have to be an island similar to this kind . Reminds me of Philippines . You want that property ? Just enter Publishers Clearing House, with your luck you’d probably win . Aloha 🌈🌴

  14. G’day JC and Nat,
    I really like your travel vids guys, but JC I have to say as an Aussie I disagree with your lack of concern about Covids deadliness. Australia and NZ are 2 of the worlds best re infection numbers and your country USA is the absolute worst, so I would not put too much credence into any US “medical experts” advice or opinion.
    Thailand’s numbers are seemingly low but that’s purely from statistical fudging IMO and I hope that you and yours have that awareness.
    Keep up the great work on the travel vids but maybe leave any Covid and political opinions to yourself, would be my advice 🙂

  15. Your nice and safe in Thailand. You don’t have to test your theory with your life.
    Tens of thousands are dieing all over American.
    Stay there, stay safe.💞

  16. Hey JC & Nat, Yeah, Censorship On YouTube Very Prevalent In The USA Also. Glad To See You Guys Are In Good Health…. Everyone Around The World Are Looking For A Sense Of Normalcy In Their Life…. Cheers To Wishing This Subsidies Soon. Stay Safe !

  17. Nice video JC and completely agree with you regarding covid situation. Man, that glass on the beach is rough. Need a nurse on call for that

  18. JC & Nat,
    Good to see you again, keep the videos coming. I fully agreed with your last videos to do with the situation, the numbers just don’t add up.
    At least you’re in Thailand.
    Take care,
    Jon & Noi from Florida

  19. Hey miss you guys, your trips around Thailand are my favourite, showing us around places I have never been to, keep up these excellent content, all the best and stay safe

  20. Great to see you two again JC and Nat. Or is it Magnum and Nat now? 😄. Thanks for the trip and food advice. We’ve also never been that far south. Looks amazing!

  21. I agree about schools. There is almost no risk to children from Covid. It’s much less dangerous to them than the common flu. Last year 141 children in the U.S. died from the flu. So far, 30 have died of Covid and they had other health issues. The kids need to be in school that is normal. In Oregon they are going to some crazy hybrid this fall with Middle schooler and high schoolers very part time and distance learning. I’m a teacher and I can tell you, distance learning doesn’t work for most kids. Imagine the trouble unsupervised middle school students will get into.

  22. I love your videos, but you are really off base following the advice of the Hoover Institution regarding Covid-19. “the research shows that children are not at risk for COVID-19 and children do not spread the disease.” – Absolutely Wrong. Children’s risk may be very very low but their ability to transmit the virus from their family members to classmates who transmit it to their family members is VERY HIGH. Why do you think the US has the worst Covid statistics of any country in the world? You may be right that Thailand (where I have been since the beginning of the Covid outbreak) is a much lower risk and that is because the measures taken here were very strict. Classrooms have been modified in Thailand to enhance social distancing because in Thailand they KNOW about the transmissibility that children have. Whoever doubts that just doesn’t have the right information. Better go to PeakProsperity.Com and get schooled on this.

  23. Please respect thailand. Don’t make fun of the way they temp check and check in etc. it certainly is better here in Thailand than many other countries. You might not agree… but just do it as requested.. thanks

  24. I have really missed your channel without any new content. Even though I have decided not to choose Thailand anymore for a retirement destination I still have been looking for some information on how you guys are. Just be careful with youtube modifiers.

  25. Mate good to see you two back on the road, it seems all us old fellas are back on the road around Thailand. Traveling with the wife like you. so good to have Thailand like the 80,s again

  26. Great to see you guys back again. Enjoy the trip down South, we have moved into our house in Cha-am JC , give us a call when you get back buddy, be great to see you both again

  27. I would think that boats and people are dumping garbage in the ocean and it’s floating up to the day the earth will cleanse itself of it’s biggest!!.. loving the video.. thanks 👌👍😂🤗

  28. Thanks for sharing, Nat & JC! My general opinion is also that the people smile less and are more unfriendly the more south you get in Thailand. But mostly on the Andaman Sea side like Krabi where the mosxxxm are in charge. On the Siam Bay side where you have been they are more friendly in general since Buddhism is in charge. The last seafood meal you had, was not really expensive for Thailand to be. Even on the Bang Bao Pier on Koh Chang you are hard pressed to get a complete seafood meal for 1 person for less then a 1000 Bath. But that’s in a tourist trap.

  29. Like you I’m glad I’m here and not in UK or USA. I’m planning some trips now we can move between provinces. I went around Chiang Rai province for a few days last week. Nan and Phrae next I think.

  30. Hey!! Are you ok? You are driving on wrong side of the road!! And in the rain!! I do think you need a vacation.hehe..just kidding of are the man that got me out of my funk years ago..thanks..I have been watching you ever since you started..I remember when you didn’t want to show nat on camera Because you were worried about what people would say..”you’ve come a long way baby”..and so have I..I have a beautiful filipino fiancee thanks to soon as the world gets back to normal,or semi- normal, we are going to visit Thailand and I hope that we can meet you and Nat and take you to dinner..I owe my happiness to you and your videos..thanks👌👍🤗😂

  31. In Ao Nong. Pretty much shut down. But did a nice trip to the islands today.
    So so so happy I’m not in the US. That place is a disaster that gets worse every day.

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