IS THIS THE HOUSE FOR US??? $370 USD House Rental Dumaguete City

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  1. Or if he doesn’t want you to use screws you could try blue but I don’t know so you put the screen with a 2 inch by half inch you know Flatwood you put the screen like an inch under the wood and then either screw it in or there are some strong wood Blues I don’t know if they have it there though but there is a way

  2. There is a way to put screens night cuz I have them windows on my second house in Winthrop Harbor Illinois and I had the bars 2 first off it depends on if the windows open out or open in then you can get like maybe some half inch wood by maybe the enhancer to and just go around the outside if they open in and you’re screwing into the wood

  3. Not a construction guy but the screens seem to be an easy fix. Install inside security grates with an access gate to open windows. As for everything else seems a bit sketchy with Aunts storage etc…good luck with your search! You should be able to negotiate a good deal with no tourism so owners who rented short term are looking & would jump at a long term deal for less!! Because who knows when things will open up again.

  4. Nice house, the wooden ceiling is beautiful. Looks like someone already mentioned this in the comments, but Amazon has several magnetic attachment screens that apparently work well on unusual widows (European style, wood, etc). Doesn’t keep cats in but maybe you could weave some fine wire mesh through the security bars?

  5. Ned, I own a new home in Talisay City and 3 of our windows have accordian screens. They pull to one side and fold to take up just a few inches.

  6. NED its down grading for you yes it needs screens on the windows but it needs more then paint and you have a baby soon you need little more room man

  7. Can’t u find a β€œnormal” house there?🀣 like a modern western style house? those grills bro. Feels like the projects.

  8. `I like the pink house more. You could ziptie screen material to those inside bars. Might not be 100% effective to stop all bugs but it would be better than no screens.

  9. Keep looking. House attached storage you can’t use means you’ll have the owner/manager in and out whenever they decide they need in the storage area.

  10. Shared Master bath. Window AC units, not inverter/split systems. No screens on most windows. Storage units of auntie will breed bugs/vermin. Nanny bedroom better as pantry. I’d give it a pass.

  11. Nice walk through. 2by2 sliding screens? I would have inserted the security into the frames more, then you could have had room for a single screen or 2 sliding screens.

  12. No screens would be a big no no for me but if screens and new inverters could be installed and the interior painted then it would be a decent place. The exterior just needs a cleanup, grass cut etc. Really decent location as well.

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