1. Just found you both lately have to be one of the best sites if not the best out there information and presentation really holds ones attention,thanks kiwi expat in Taiwan .

  2. Good stuff! I will add a few other tips I have learned. ATM: Often there is a bubble mirror at the ATM and you can observe people behind you;it’s good to take advantage of this. Also as you walk about 20 feet away from the ATM you can stop abruptly and look around you and if somebody looks very flustered that person might be trying to follow you. As far as jewelry I agree with you but sometimes you can wear a cheap G-Shock for example or some other type of watch which you won’t mind damaging or losing or if necessary it is an inexpensive way to just give it to somebody and you get away from the situation without much of a loss at all. I think you touched on it but there are the inevitable people who suddenly want to be your friend all too soon and these people are often scammers and they will eventually ask you for anything from buying them a drink to lending them or giving them money. Another idea which takes conscious effort is to resist our habit of constantly pulling out our smart phones which we tend to do a lot throughout the day. Also and this may sound very obvious but it is not wise to accept the offers from random local strangers to be your tour guide or to find you a restaurant or to find you a taxi because this can be anything from them trying to make a few bucks to a more dark and elaborate scheme to whisk you away somewhere where very bad things can happen. If you are in a sketchy area and you’re leaving your hotel it is probably best to have a member of the hotel staff secure you a taxi.

  3. Funny. As soon as i started talking about travel now that I’m retired, everyone i know started talking scared, how dangerous everywhere else was. I just laughed at them.

  4. Great advice and I learned a few things even though I’ve lived and traveled all over Brazil and now Thailand for many years. My bank will authorize only one copy of my ATM card so I’m stuck with just the one so I’m very careful with it. On two occasions I’ve made online purchases only to discover that someone had gotten the number and was using it as well drawing down my balance. I canceled the card immediately on both occasions and had to wait two weeks to get a new card. This can be tough if you don’t have enough reserve cash on hand to tide you over. As you said, only purchase from well-known vendors and use a VPN. But the safest way is just don’t buy anything online with your card if you’re traveling and you can do without it. Thanks again.

  5. Absolutely good information. Also It is good idea to make photo copies of your passport. I put one copy in each luggage bag and one with me at all times.

  6. Dan it is Cebu, emphases on the second syllable like Ceboo, not Seebu, the way you pronounce it, please critique me if I am wrong , also am sure it is Dermagetee like pronounced , like in NZ we have many maori names which can be difficult to pronounce correctly Taupo 9 a lovely tourist type town), is nearly allways said like it is written but should be pronounced Toepaw, if you do say it right the local Maori ( here first b4 the european ), will love you, so please do check the correct way re Cebu and Durmaguete , thanks, eric

  7. After visiting or working in 98 countries, I fine your assessment spot on. Very good information for all travelers to follow. Thanks for the content.

  8. It’s always funny when my family and friends ask me if I’m concerned about crime or violence when I travel abroad.
    I remind them that the most dangerous cities are in the US! Right here where I live.
    I am more at peace when I’m abroad.
    I have no plans to visit Chicago , Los Angeles, Atlanta , etc
    I’ll gladly take a backpack and a ticket to Thailand 🙂

  9. Hi Dan, always love your video esp regarding living in Dumaguete….thats my province in the Philippines and its just nice to be related in some way to ur experience in there. I wish i could meet u guys once travelling is allowed. I live here in ireland. Thanks budz, God bless

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