Is Thailand’s Hidden Gem Still Hidden? (SHOCKING DISCOVERY)

Almost 3 years ago, I visited Khao Sok National Park and I couldn’t believe that the most beautiful place in Thailand was a place that nobody knew about. This time I came back to experience Christmas in Thailand with some of my best friends and I was both excited and anxious to see if Khao Sok had remained Thailand’s best kept secret. This video was primarily filmed using the Zhiyun Weebill S which is the perfect gimbal for travellers. Incredibly lightweight but with some seriously high performance and an amazing underslung functionality to get low to the ground. For mid-size to light weight cameras, see if the Zhiyun is your next must-have filmmaking accessory:

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  1. No matter how other tourism spot countries claim themselves to be the best place in the world, Thai keep their mouth shut and rank 1st four-years in a row as the highest number of foreign visitors. How it related? The number just tell everything. I am not Thai, I just see the facts and accept it. Unlike some region neighborhoods of Thailand.

  2. Never known before this place is really in my country. You guys are so lukcy to have chance be there.

  3. I came across this hotel and you make great videos , I would love to see you make a video of this place.

    Hotel Xcaret Mexico: Watch one-month in the All-Fun Inclusive Paradise

  4. Ur channel is dying clearly cause u HV started revolving everything around ur gf/wife don’t get me wrong but u r trying to act “cool” and hence I suggest change no wonder you get 200k views approx having 1.40 mil subs

  5. ดูแล้วอยากไปขี่ช้างบ้าง อยากไปเที่ยวแบบฝรั่งๆ ดูสนุกดี

  6. I just finished my vacation with Thailand and was very unimpressed….the food was just soso ..most of the taxis are just scams..and wont use meter. ..and the attitude towards the foreigners are just soso

    I also went to Phuket and it was really bad …..super scamy and super expensive…some areas nice but mostly not too good …i don’t know what to say. .not sure how ppl retire here and like it.its just soso…and Bangkok is so polluted how would u wanna retire there …idk what to say

  7. I really liked 🇹🇭 thailand , especially liked camera , which turned around all direcrions🤩 the elephant is so lovely but i know I couldn’t come to him 😬 finally this vlog was interesting ❤️

  8. As a Thai, everything in this video is so amazing. Your camera works, nature, and that Thai food pricing 45 Baht. You cannot have food at this low price in most of beautiful spots in Thailand. Happy to see you have good time here.

  9. Wow it’s amazing Thailand 🇹🇭 The miracle is the beautiful places 😱🤩🤩I must travel to Thailand I must aim and fulfill one of my favorite places after watching this beautiful video 🤩The beautiful nature of animals is truly a paradis 🤩 I am very eager to visit Thailand to charm it’s beauty

  10. I was in Kao Sok just 10 days ago and it’s friggin amazing! Probably the coolest lake i’ve ever seen and the caves were so much fun to crawl and swim through.
    Also one of the least touristic places i’ve seen which is a rare thing in thailand nowadays

  11. Hey Christian, great Vlog! Love this place stayed on the water in Khao Sok as part of a 2 day Elephant encounter nearby last year. Would love your thoughts on my Vlog on it on my channel! Jay 👍

  12. After living in Thailand for almost 3 years, I have to say that Khao Sok/Cheow Larn Lake is possibly my favorite spot in the whole country. It does seem like tourism has picked up a bit, but it’s still largely untouched thanks to its protection as a National Park. Great drone shots of the lake btw… they show just how remote and Jurassic Park-esque this place is. As always, thanks for the video and keep em coming!

  13. This video is epic man! Keep putting out awesome content. Huge inspiration as always. Really hoping to get to southeast Asia at some point in the next few years. What’s next on your list? I’m headed to Jackson Hole for a month long backcountry ski trip. Going to be putting out as much content as possible 🤟

  14. I love your video’s! I watched many of your “how to make a travel video” movies and tried my best with a gopro7 and LumaFusion on my iphone. Use your girlfriend as the main character is the best advise you gave I guess, haha This is the result This year we travel to Malaysia and hope to improve my filming and editing skills more, all advise is welcome!!

  15. Thailand is no longer the cheap heaven for budget travelers due to baht appreciation & hike of chinese tourists. For affordable budget my bucket list goes for vietnam, cambodia & Philippines

  16. i always love Thailand. I have a special feeling to this place.. thanks for sharing the vlog to us.. You are the man… next time i will share my experience on my YouTube Channel… Hello all from Germany….anyone in Germany now?

  17. This elephend is historyal😊 it’s so amazing when in Thailand is warm when in other countries is cold and winter❤for example now is 31 jenuary and from Georgian couple is relaxing in this place like summer❤ how beautiful mountine and amazing place is this❤ how i know there is special lend,what make good masage❤ teavell there is so good also for healthy❤in this video i seen how many something do you can make in Thailand ❤ good luck ❤ what did you liked every most?

  18. So this is at Khao Sok National Park? Im going to Thailand in 3 weeks! I need to visit this place and get that gimble😉 you leave in Bali or thailand??

  19. @lostleblanc kara and nate actually discuss things when they ‘make a mistake’, you just delete the video and act like nothing happend with your saudi arabia vid.

  20. Tell you what, there are tons of hidden gem still hidden in Thailand. As a local here, I really want to take you guys there but Thai government won’t promote it .

  21. I was born in this province ( Suratthani, Ban Takhun District ) also spend my childhood life here almost 20 years, but never get bore of this incredible life. Due to many variables now a day I have been working in Bangkok to support my family either my life. As an adult sometime I forget these wonderful places and travel life at my hometown till I found Christian’s video on YouTube. He is such one of my motivator to make me feel that how you dare spend your life to get money by not looking back what you have in your hometown. Keep waiting for your new inspiration video bro!

    P.S. If you have time I recommend you to travel around this place again such as Kirirat Nikom (District of Mountain in Thai language) , Chaiya (An old city in South of Thailand) etc.

  22. Great video Christian! We were also thinking about visiting Khao Sok but sadly we didn’t have enough time 🙁
    Maybe next time
    It’s funny because I was in Phuket nearly the same time as you. 🙂

  23. Do you get worried about taking cameras that aren’t go pros near water? Do you take multiple types of cameras with you on your boat/beach trips?
    I absolutely love your videos and the way you capture these beautiful places and I’d love to try and make some bloody great videos when I go to Thailand (and travel all over the world) 😊😊

  24. Very nice video, thank you for sharing. If you don’t mind me asking, we are heading to Khao Sok in a month and staying in one of the floating bungalows. They propose boat transfers (at an outrageous price), but we would like to pay for a private one at the pier to be able to shoot some images with just us on the boat. May I ask if it was easy to rent a private boat at the pier, and maybe the cost that you guys paid for it? I’ve been trying to find that information on the net, but I can’t find anything. I appreciate your help! Thanks much!

  25. It’s exactly this type of publicity, and visits from guys like this that have ruined every other “hidden gem” in Thailand. I’ve watched it happen to countless places over the past couple decades. Just a few months ago I entertained the idea of visiting Khao Sok National Park. I was dissuaded by Thais who said it had already become over-run with foreign tourists.

  26. It’s exactly this type of publicity, and visits from guys like this that have ruined every other “hidden gem” in Thailand. I’ve watched it happen to countless places over the past couple decades. Just a few months ago I entertained the idea of visiting Khao Sok National Park. I was dissuaded by Thais who said it had already become over-run with foreign tourists.

  27. Hi, I’m Thai ,Thanks you for introduce my country to all around the world to know more about my country and any beautiful place in Thailand , Welcome all to Thailand and welcome to the land of smile.

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