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I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. $1 million in Thailand is a lot equal 30 million bhat. 1/2 for your lady?
    4 basic rules.
    1 Don’t worry if people call you a cheap Charlie, you worked all your life for your money and you want to retire with it it’s your money.
    2 don’t tell your girlfriend i.e. your wife how much money you have in the bank or how much money comes every month.
    3 You do not have to pay bride price to get married, a lot of women and girls that I’ve met online and I know personally I just want to get out of a shitty life style and their parents are happy not to worry about any bride price. And most of the parents asked for a bride price give it right back to the husband and wife after.
    the money just so that they don’t lose face.
    4 don’t be a pussy if you’re always nice and give them everything ythet want Thai women do not think you’re a nice guy they think you’re stupid. Thai men will never do that.
    So don’t trip about having some balls sometimes.
    I don’t care how long Rob‘s lived in Thailand.
    I’ve lived there before and I’ve been going to Thailand since 1998. Don’t settle for some money grabber.
    As for me to be honest if it weren’t for pussy I would not need a girlfriend. Come on guys you’re in Thailand. If you can’t score ladies there that’s sad.
    Ok last thing,
    You have 30 million baht buy a condo for 2 or 3 million bhat and that’s a really nice condo. Kick back and be a player.

  2. At present annual interest is 3.08% on $1 million in a savings bank in USA that’s $30,800 a year. That’s 1 million bhat. The average Thai person, let’s go a little high makes 20,000 baht a month. That’s 240,000 baht a year which is about $8,000 usd .So you’re telling me somebody has $1 million in the bank can’t live off $30,000 a year which is almost four times the amount of a Thai person?
    I have friends that live in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket that live off $2000. a month and they do just fine. So you’re trying to say somebody can’t live their complete life on $2,566. a month, that’s just interest gained in the million. Let’s just go crazy and say they don’t earn interest on it and I just have one million US dollars. 1,000,000÷30,000 equals 33 years. So yeah if you’re looking at a 35-year-old probably they blow it all .
    But most guys go to retire at 45, 50 or older, and most guys don’t go there and live off other people sending them money sending them gifts and things.
    Try to talk anytime girl that they have 30 million baht in the bank who is 18 years old if they could live the rest of their life with 30 million bhat they going to tell you yes and look at you like you’re crazy if you don’t think so.

  3. Find a wife/girlfriend who also has a million dollars. Properly invested, that would be more than enough. Hell, that’s enough to retire in the US unless you’re foolish.

  4. Rob, I dont know what age you expect to live to, but if its 120 years old, then I’d understand, but allowing up til 70 ( if lucky) and still be active, i’d be happy, after that you’d need a lot less, coz your boyo and sex drive wud be f***d, and you’d need a good gust of wind, viagra or a tying a piece of string around it, to keep him up, so all you’d need after 70 is 1000 baht a week to buy pureed food (just in case a steak breaks your dentures) and a slab of Leo from the 7/11, I hope that relieves some of the stress you might be feeling at the moment 🤣🤣🤣

  5. A friend of mine lives in Cambodia, in Phnom Penh (which is admittedly cheaper than Phuket), and he’s married and has a kid, and still says the $2000 he makes a month is enough for a very comfortable lifestyle. He bought a nice house (not a mansion or anything, but decent enough) for just $60,000. Of course, being married, he’s not out multiple times a month visiting the girly bars, paying for lady drinks and other ‘extras’ which will keep costs down – which is probably something those struggling with their budget are doing.

  6. $1 million is only one part of the equation. If you follow the 4% rule that is $40,000 per year in income. With average stock returns of 8% you will not outlive your money and probably keep pace with inflation. This assumes a fairly aggressive portfolio in the broader stock markets. Personally I could live in Thailand on that amount with no problems. The real question is $3,000-ish per month enough for that person’s situation? For an average life, yes. If they are high rollers they probably don’t have that $1 million in the first place so the point is moot anyway.

  7. No offense, but this seems not a topic you are really comfortable talking about. In fact, I would go so far as to say you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about here. When you have a million dollars come back and make this video.

  8. In the case of Rob u don’t need $1 million USD or even $1 million baht. All Rob needs is for his subscribers and patreons to keep on funding his permanent vacation.

  9. Another great video and topic Rob!

    The biggest risk I see is the exchange rate, which could effectively cancel out any interest/dividends you’re earning on your money. In just the last year alone, the US$ has lost about 10% against the Thai baht. So, unless you exchanged the entire $1M into Thai baht last year, you would have gotten hit this year. By the way, 10 years ago the USD/THB exchange rate was about the same as it is right now ($1=30B). But 5 years ago, the US$ topped out at about $1=36 baht. So who knows, the exchange rate could very well turn around again and you could gain it all back and then some. For me, it’s all about hoping for good exchange rates, but planning for poor exchange rates – so knowing how to budget effectively is crucial to your nest egg lasting for as long as possible.

  10. I’m 32 if I had $1m I guarantee I can live in Thailand for the rest of my life. I’m an options trader. I will give a conservative estimate and say I can make 7% return per year return easy. That’s $70,000 USD income, and that’s easy barring any huge stock crash. That’s 1%/month for about 1/2 the year and the other half keeping the rest in measly 2% or 3% annual return safe places where I don’t do anything.

  11. It’s not about how much money you make or have, it’s about how much money you keep. $1M is enough to last you the rest of your life, no matter how old you are, provided you know how to make it last. Most people do not. Most people will burn through that money quickly and will just find themselves back where they started, or, worse off than before.

  12. Rob, I do not work in banking and finance but have studied it most of my life. Over the long term, markets return between 6 – 8% in return. If a million $ is put into a portfolio and drawn down in a strict X $ per month or year way, I think a person could reasonably determine how long they can live in Thailand. The normal rule is 4% of a person’s assets or about $40,000 per year to last them for the rest of their lives. If that is followed and the money is properly invested, I think it is feasible. However, it is important that the amount is strictly adhered to and that the person has some extra to reduce it when markets are down like in March/April. In those situations, it would be reasonable not to take money out of the portfolio until it regains. Therefore, if a person has maybe $1,040,000 and lives on $40,000 it would be reasonable to follow that approach. The $40,000 is just there for emergencies and put into the highest interest bank account the person can find.

  13. 1M USD even for 60 years is (1000000 / 60 / 12) 1388 USD per month or ~40K baht, not crazy luxury but probably comfortable enough for your average person

  14. Invest the money in “safe” dividends. Easy to get 4% each year. Thats 40k dollar a year before taxes. Just let say the taxes are 50% so of the 40k dollar you end up with 20k dollar a year. Thats 1600 dollar each month. And if that dont cover your expenses in thailand take out some more beside the divident so you will “lose” some. Also stocks go up a few % each year so there is room for it if you look at it in the long run. So i would say you could do it but you have to invest it, not sit on a bank account.

  15. The currency exchange is going to continue downward. How about crypto (Dash/etc for payment?) Can you bring gold/silver and receive a better exchange of funny money?

  16. Rob your numbers are way off. you could live off the interest. If your married the house and car are still the same. does the wife really cost that much for food clothes and medical? If I invested $1,000,000 I could get 5-6% with the money going to a Camen Island bank and withdrawing as needed.

  17. USD 1 mln into USD 1 mln stablecoins like GUSD or USDC at 8.6 % interest = USD 86,000 per year.
    That is THB 215,000 per month just in interest. Never touching the 1 mln. Plenty for me.

  18. You are forgetting about the capital gained from $1,000,000. At a lousy rate of 5% that would be $50,000/yr. Bump that up and things are looking better.

  19. Anyone that was smart enough to save 1 million dollars would never let it just sit in a bank. Even if you stick half of that in an index fund you could live off that in SE Asia pretty much indefinitely just off the interest. Not to mention if you have dividends coming in. I know by the time I’m ready to really retire my money will continue to make money for me.

  20. It all comes down to your budget. Like other people have mentioned, the 4% rule gives you about $3,333 a month. I’ve researched SEA and other overseas locations. Generally, as a single person, you can get buy on $1,000. You can live comfortably at $1500 a month. You can live very well on $2,000 a month. Now, that’s for a responsible person. If you are not responsible. Love the bar girls. Love throwing money around. Love chasing foolish investments. Then nothing will ever be enough.

  21. As a Thai just put that money in a bank and live off the interest is pretty sufficient. If you have a good health insurance you will still have most of your money buried with you ; )

  22. Ok If I start with $1,000,000 after I won the Lotto and after taxes, where I live there are no state tax. Now I invest that money @ 5% which gives me $50,000 per year. This $50,000 would be taxed under Capital Gains at a maximum rate of 20% or $10,000 which would leave me $40,000 or $3,333 per month. Using these numbers I could live in Thailand or the USA (well in my State at least) pretty well for the rest of my life. Then at the time of my death still have that $1million. Now if you just stick the money in the bank with low interest rate and spend the same amount of money you could only live 20 years on that money and have zero money at the end of that time. Most smart people with money, invest and live off the interest.

  23. If you can achieve a return of 3% or higher, that’s $30000 a year or higher. That should do it. If you buy rental property with it you should have easily more than 3% ROI.

  24. It could be enough, but it won’t be enough…the wife or girlfriend, and her family, will slowly (or quickly) pull on your funds and whittle that pot of money down as far as you will possibly tolerate. Most people planning on retiring to Southeast Asia within a 10 year timetable would do better to think in terms of PMNI: Passive Monthly Net Income. Find a lifestyle that balances how you wish to live based on how much passive income you receive each month from your Social SecurityEmployer Pension (if you are older) or dividends from your Investment portfolio (if you are younger) and have the pot of cash reserves (it needn’t be $1,000,000 U.S…$10k as a bare minimum, $50k or better if possible) for emergency use only. Over a 10 year period of time, you can be damn sure that there will be some emergencies that will need $10k or more to resolve.

  25. It depends what happens to the rate of exchange and the rate of inflation in TH, plus what lifestyle you want to live there.
    Highly likely you could have a great time on that money but nothing is certain.

    I would add that buying a sizeable house, new car & Big Bike etc would knock that capital back a fair bit.

  26. 8/10 people have no idea how to live a frugal life and make their money last. Heck, most of them need to work until at least 50 or 60 to get close to affording retirement. I see it all around me in my friends and family. I semi-retired at 39 and 5 years later, I’m pretty much retired and will be relying on investment income and savings to finance my future

  27. Some people came to Thailand with a plan when the US$ bought you 45THB are now doing their sums at 29THB.
    Add to that a 25% increase in the cost of living in Thailand and you’re looking at about a 60% change over maybe 15-20 years. It is the biggest reason why people who retired early ended up going back to work much later in life.
    Sure have a million, but make sure you’re still making $35,000 a year to live on as well.

  28. Average index fund returns the last 100 years is 8% per year.
    Remove 2% for inflation and another 1% for various fees and such.

    That leaves 4-5% for living. And with a big stock pile of money there is no problems with years that are down/negative.

    I would say 1 million usd is the magic number to be able to live forever and even see the money grow.
    As long as you live a normal life and don’t splurge like crazy.

    3333usd/month surely is doable in Thailand.

  29. Rob, you failed to mention other forms of supplemental income… ‘pattern account’! Some people love to give money to others… and send them food, coffee, and other noteworthy products via mail from all corners of the globe. And the folks giving that money like watching their investment walk up/down the Sois of Kamala talking nonsense infusing bad-math and providing substandard retirement advice to potential patron members.

  30. Rob, if you started with $1M, took $200K and bought a condo (which could, after 3 years, get you permanent residency in Thailand), and invested the remaining $800K conservatively so that you got 5% return per year, you could have $4,276 per month for 30 years. If you went super-conservative and did only 2% return per year, you’d still be able to have $2,952 per month for 30 years. Unless you are living a total rock-n-roll lifestyle, that should be more than enough to live on.

  31. LOL @ $1M USD not enough if you are 35!?? Dude, c’mon, that $1M from Jan 2019 is now $2M (unless you were asleep in the last 12 months!). Financial Advisor, eh? Oh my Buddha!! 55555 *THIS* is exaaaaactly why I never follow the advice of “financial advisors”. I fear your “math” involves sticking all the money under your mattress and having it earn nothing. Ouch. I pray 35 year olds know better :-/. Hehe. Just messin’ with yah 😉
    Soooo may options you could have reviewed easily amigo,

  32. As I have moved hear at 25 if by some chance I made a milli before I moved hear I would say no way. I don’t do much and live in a small village in Issan. And I could do it but… I have done a new house and renovated a shop and have a son. I don’t have anyone heling me or a trust fund. I work online and have other income and now renovated the shop we have that. I have already spent a grate deal if I had more I would just do nicer things and spend it. Buy and build a nicer house a nicer shop. I have a car and one son and live of about 1,000 a month. But as you say Rob I live in Issan and it’s a lot cheaper then where you are.

  33. But right now 2021 you’re going to have to factor in an economic collapse either end of this year or next year. Digital dollar wallets as a payment on the way. Expect a 40% to 80% hit on world markets as a serious correction on the way. Digital assets like bitcoin and other digital assets are your safe haven the ground rules are changing. Remember we are also in the debt-based economic system which is collapsing and the continuation of the weak dollar until the smash.

  34. Your imaginary 1 million $ is going to lose 15% due to inflation every year, and on top Of that the currency rate will weaken as the $ is losing value , you need to factor in $ = 20 Baht in near future.

  35. Hello Rob great video you did it at a perfect time because in America right now the lottery is at a great amount Mega Million is 750 million and Power Ball is 640 million maybe I will be the lucky one LOL Take Care Rob

  36. Check out ” Mr Money Mustache” and his 4 percent rule. He says if your money is broadly invested you can withdraw 4% per year and never run out of money. On $1,000,000 that’s USD $3333 per month forever and that will adjust to counter inflation too apparently.

  37. Buy Bitcoin, protect your assets if you have any $ in cash acct .
    The $ is collapsing, too much debt in USA , Biden is going to print another 2 Trillion $ out of thin air , this never ending printing will create hyperinflation, and they can’t increase % rates or it will bankrupt the system.

  38. Put your money where you can get a 1% monthly return on your million. That is 10,000.00 a month. There are investments out there that yield that amount. 1% return is conservative. 1 million properly invested you could live a very executive lifestyle the rest of your life, and never touch the principle.

  39. The USA $ is collapsing, it’s presently world reserve currency, but that ‘s going to end soon.
    If you have $ in bank acct, it would be wise to allocate % of it into Gold, Silver or Bitcoin.

  40. You need to take into account interest and the cost of living going up all the time. Interest should be based on a low interest rate; say 1%, any more is a bonus. Then cost of living, it might go up 1% or more every year. Then if you are earning income from interest it will be taxed, which will depend on your original country. Also do you want your money in Thailand or only bring money each month or year to Thailand. This might affect interest and tax. So it is like “how long is a ball of string” situation. Good luck in figuring it out.

  41. Enjoy your Chang Rob. Love your videos and miss Going to Thailand with my wife and kids as we normally do during a cold and damp Danish winter.
    Stay healthy.

  42. Something that wasn’t covered or clear, are you talking about drawing down from the $1m to live or investing? Cause if you’re drawing down say $30k from the $1m then you still have $970k which you’d invest, say at an average of 5% (stock market) per year so you’ll easily cover living costs with your investment. $1m investment @5% even @3% would cover you forever not taking inflation into account.

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