Is China the most RACIST country in the world?

Foreigners are no longer allowed to enter China, foreigners are being barred from supermarkets, restaurants, bars, karaoke you name it, what’s the deal?

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    1. This is a slippery topic, partly because the upper regime/architecture of a society is built on its basis. People in this country are famous for having their thoughts and behaviors inconsistent, and they are good at fooling themselves as well. Sometimes you may feel that they are not really being ‘racist’ when they are following the direction which the authority wanted them to follow, coz maybe they are too panicked or immature to react in a rational and responsible way (why it is so is a good question to study). For example, maybe the restaurant you posted does hate US and Japan, and maybe they are simply using some childish emotions, post-traumatic attitudes or memory of some sort to draw attention and popularity, or maybe both. The point is that it seems people are quite used to morally manipulate or being manipulated in their lives, and a lot of them become either cynical or indifferent for these things. Foreigners, women, migrant workers from the countryside and their poor children at home, they are all on the same sociological panorama. So maybe the deep questions are still for and from the people, while the actual problems are mostly created by the authority. Do they endorse or believe in what they are saying/doing? Probably not, they may be panic and helpless too.

    2. I think whole world is racist…our leaders, govts, media …making it worse…people have very short memories hitler style racism created more wars then all wars together

    3. You will be insane or extreme stupid moral police in this bullshit it’s a classic deliberate talk down Chyna just like it so many other social media work the same way like Chyna just get the hell out of there

  1. Vietnamese are not allowed to go to resteraunts in China ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Chinnnna is the worst place for Racism ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  2. I do hate the Chinese people because I saw that they are generally are very racist. I found the people of Taiwan so different. They are so much better.

  3. You are absolutely right!!!! The CCP is pure evil. I always knew this in my heart and I so glad that folks like you are brave enough to speak up!!!!

  4. 9:10 That is not a real husband! How can that piece of garbage allow his wife to be humiliated like that!!!? I would rather eat dirt that subject the mother if my child to that kind of treatment.

  5. I hope you forgive as this is not part of the discussion, but I find people from South Africans are some of the most good looking people in the world. Sorry, I had to notice that.

  6. Speaking of racism and discrimination, what’s scary about those things to me personally is they just feel natural a lot of times. I live in the western United States and when when I first heard that the Coronavirus started in China, I can’t help but think “oh, I should stay away from any East Asian looking people because they could most likely be (mainland) Chinese and therefore could most likely have the virus.” Just like that. No one ever told or force me to think that, it just came to my mind. I know it’s wrong. But it feels scarily natural. I wonder if more people would agree to that.

  7. I think I saw a recent video someone in the United States where a non Chinese hotel staff member was saying “No Asians allowed”. Then I think on a few recent articles about East Asian discrimination in America amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Uber and Lyft drivers would refuse to pick up any East Asian looking people. But because it’s the USA, people immediately condemn these events. Where as in China, no one does a damn thing. Smh.

  8. I remember a few years ago, a map said it was a tie between Jordan in the Middle East and India that were the most racist countries in the world. Now people say it`s China. Boy, how things can change in a few years.

  9. Your insights here are appreciated, and the candor which swims against a stream of popular PC nonsense.

    I’ll continue striving to be outgoing and friendly to whomever I meet, wherever it may be. That is one sure way to…Stay Awesome!

  10. Here’s a question: how much of this sentiment is carried from generation to generation by a culture’s popular fairytales and traditional folklore?

    A Swedish-born friend told me a story, about growing up in a small town in the country, where he never saw a black man until he was 4 or 5 years old. He was terrified, and began crying. His father apologized to the man, and explained that his son was used to seeing trolls depicted as dark-skinned in fairytales, and this made him very afraid.

  11. Yeaaaahhh…. I’m never going to visit that country now. I will visit Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan before ever stepping foot in that horrible country.

  12. What i dont like about the chinese that, they dont assimilate well or refuse to do so with the locals of where they are at hence why racism towards them are rampant in any country. Yet they turn the blind eyes when their kind infuse their hatreds towards other races.

  13. The Chinese are disgustingly racist. The world has a racism problem overall. There’s this propagation in western countries for Covid Vaccines to be tested in Africa. I think that propagation will be unanimous across the eastern and western world. Racism seems to have the ability to conjure some form of political power as seen with the Communist Party.

  14. If you’re from South Africa, and you’re saying China is more racist than they were during apartheid, then you sir are a disciple of truth…..

    And just like the disciples of the Old Testament, don’t be surprised if they crucify you.

  15. Thank you serpenza for exposing the CCP and doing the right thing by showing to as many people out there as possible how discrimination ,racism , basic human rights violations are integral part of the chinese regime state policy ! , you are a white African BROTHER , I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years now and I like your videos , you seem to be a honest guy . keep it up and stay safe……….

  16. I’m really also feel uncomfortable about your video, the content is so sick. From every piece of word I can feel how much you hate China. Then why don’t you just leave. What makes you stay in China still? Beautiful salary?

  17. I was acquainted with a Chinese family in New York and they openly admitted that Chinese often serve white customers the best dishes and blacks will likely get substandard services even leftover food. I haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant since

  18. I travel a lot for business and especially in Europe. One striking feature I have noticed with the Chinese people, is that they are loud and pretty impolite. Other Asians are more behaved, such as Japanese, Malaysians, indonesians.

  19. I do not agree that only the Chinese government is to blame and ordinary citizens are innocent. Every human being has a brain and is capable of separating good from bad. Saying that Chinese people are not to blame is like saying they are not capable of reaching simple ethical conclusions. I’ve always tried to keep an open mind but every experience I had with Chinese people is BAD. They are completely untrustworthy, I honestly think they are incapable of telling truth, they will stab you in the back while smiling and they are so incredibly narrow minded. Someone in the comments said they are like robots and I completely agree with that.

  20. Have any of you gone on a vacation at a tourist spot and there are bus loads of travellers from China? I experienced it once in Bangkok and it wasn’t pleasent..they were rude, pushed people roughly and were soo aggressively loud and noisy

    1. @Megalep that is a classic lie. by destabilising China’s Government, it also achieves another goal, a China that is much more likely to use force.

    2. How about listening through the video before commenting? He is talking about the chinese government, he’s not judging or blaming ordinary people.

  21. Your 99% is just not true. People just heard too less of South Africa. Believing that there is only black people living in South Africa is not clever. But it is not discrimination. You know the foreigners are mostly well treated in China, normally better than the other Chinese people. Maybe you can get more fans by criticizing China. But don’t let the people disappointed who have treated you once well.

  22. I will say, that I never had problems, I’m walking in Walmart, or any other supermarket, same with restaurants, no one told me I can not, I’m not being bared anywhere in China. I follow the rules of the land, speak the language and so forth. I can mention many white people the same, NO problems, so why he want to make a problem i can not figure out, but best, if he just went back to where he came from, he is the one creating all the problems.

  23. I will say that this guy is a fake, idiot, never had a company, he is only a looser English teacher, could not do anything else, if he hate China that much, then why not just go back to dark South Africa ?

  24. Already it proves him wrong and fake, why is hi not kicked out of China long ago? That shows that China is a free country, allowing this idiot to stay.

  25. i believe they disallow ppl from certain countries to stay is to prevent virus being imported not because they are racist. in this battle chinese ppl has lost families and life to fight against it.

  26. My experience is African American, not all are bad for sure but majority are mean. I been to South Africa before, and love the people. Problem I believe is what African American made many bad examples to many different countries, and behave very poorly too. That’s my experience with African American.

    1. “Majority” ? That made me laugh. How many African Americans do you interacted with ? 1, 2, 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Don’t be racist man, there are bad people in all races, including Chinese people.

  27. Reminds me of when a guy that had worked in Japan talked about what it like being a black man while there.
    “They aren’t sure if they’re better than whites, because they lost the war. But they are damned sure they’re better than a black man.”

    1. I don’t know.

      Your comment is taken heavily out-of-context in writing. Since many producers are cells that create videos designed get a response from people and have achievable metrics (to reach a target number of haters), I would reframe the situation as, the platform we are watching this on is essentially bashing China by “portraying” China as racist.

  28. My grandfather was a radar designer from UK (white) and he was invited to china in 80s to show Chinese engineer’s about the radar. He told me he was always followed by CCP members and basically harnessed him. He said that ordinary Chinese man/women were ok pretty much brainwashed but the higher members in the Chinese Communist party were cunning and evil people

    1. Without evidence, your opinion has no merit just like how anyone can make a comment on youtube, and justifiably so, you are a part of a bot army which has soul, but no intelligence.


  30. The majority of Chinese people don’t care your skin colour. What they care is who you are. This is very clear about all else. Think about how majority of black people in American movies are acted as. Gangs right

    1. Most American movies have cool Black actors like Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy and other cool actors. Haven’t you seen movies like White Chicks, Blade, Rush Hour 1 and 2 ?

  31. forgot to mention the price differences that are common practice not only in China but other Southeast Asian countries where foreigners pay anywhere between 3-20 times the price that locals pay for goods and services. This is especially true in regards to medical care and entering attractions. If this was practiced in the EU or the US people would loose their minds 🙄

  32. Not surprising given how they treat the Uyghurs and people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc… They accuse and blame others for the things they do. Worst they are buying up and land and property in other countries. The best thing anyone can do is not trade with China until they change.

  33. That is a normal way of brainwashing: selected report. To let you know a little part of the whole picture and let you think this is the whole thing. Yes the CCP do the same thing like you do.

  34. Remember people treat you the way you treat them. Why you have so much negative experience in China? Maybe exam yourself first. If you don’t like China, simple, leave there. Obviously you are trying grab more attention by tying to discriminate China and Chinese people in your videos.

  35. “After leaving South Africa I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with a society riddled with hate and discrimination”. Really? Did you not have TV and radio growing up? Humans are a-holes all over the globe.

  36. “It leads to situations where you can’t even have a meal peacefully…without being accosted by a shirtless man trying to kiss you” I feel very called out

  37. Taiwanese are also Asians, so is the Hong Kongese, Japanese, Koreans, Philipinoes and others. They know what common human decency means, they respect themselves and others. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in China! It is not the government, many common people have lost their moral compass

  38. Africans unite and boycott China. Our governments won’t do it but the peoples will is strong. Don’t sell your country and your dignity for CHEAP products. No more made in China for us.

    1. You’re an ldiot. Nobody is kinder to blacks than white people and white countries. Nobody gives you more opportunities, privileges, and freedoms than white countries. If the things exposed in this video happened in white countries, the people wold lose their jobs and their businesses would be shut down. You are blinded by your own antl-whlte racism.

  39. Hi there i am a big fan of your channel im from Canada im a building superintendent, i can totally relate that in fact some Chinese are racist. i manage 3 buildings in the downtown area, a majority of the tenant are Chinese exchange students some of which live with parents. it was late December of last year i had an emergency call at this particular building their was a water leak from one of the units so i responded i went to the unit above to knock on the door i was in uniform with company badge and logo a middle-aged Chinese woman answered the door i then introduced myself she was speaking fluent English as to confirmed she understood the purpose of my visit, i then told her because of nature of the damage in the unit below it would require me to enter her unit for an emergency inspection she then pretended to not understand me then said sorry i don’t speak English then closed the door in my face i then called my company dispatch explaining that i was not granted access to the unit because the madame does not speak English and didn’t understand the purpose of my emergency visit the dispatch who is quite acquainted with that tenant, in particular, said that there is no such thing she speaks fluent English so they had to send a caucasian to the unit even though i was currently on the scene, keep in mind im 6′-4″ and of black decent so i then found an escuse for the individual for that ordeal. on a different observation working on that property, i started to notice little things some of the obvious as well, say for instance we have a security system that requires a fob to let yourself into the building if i would be entering that building at the same very moment l.ets say im 12 meters from the door they would not hold the door for me but would for someone of a caucasian color, they would hurry and close the elevator for you not to ride along with then they don’t say good morning to you and so on but i really never thought the Chinese would be of this nature knowing they moved to the west they will be going to school with people from different cultures im not saying all Chinese are racist in also lived in different parts of Canada and i have great memories with Chinese friends i had in the past i drove them home we eat lunch at work together but after watching your video im shocked.

  40. 中国没干过黑人三角贸易那种事,奴役黑人是你们白种人的历史,以你们的立场来说中国人种族主义是真的可笑

  41. Unfortunately non-felony laws are not enforced much in China so financial crime and all kinds of discrimination are vivid in life. Xenophobia is just one of those age, gendar, region discrimination. But considering semi-open-market in China only has really developed for 40 years after culture revolution, comparing its condition to 200-year US is a bit unfair. Did the river in US smell in the 70’s?

  42. Actually, every single country in the world is apprehensive when first they interact with foreigners. The Chinese are no different. The Chinese experience with different races and foreigners is not yet deep enough to come the biased conclusion that the majority of Chinese as racists, or that China the most RACIST country in the world. This video is complete NONSENSE!

  43. Something about a European South African saying he is loved and African people are hated is disturbing…It seems rooted in something not altogether true…

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