Is China our ENEMY?

It’s strange that I’ve never actually pondered this question…
After spending most of my adult life in Mainland China, marrying a Chinese doctor and now having a half Chinese daughter I finally find myself facing this very real and scary question, is the country I dedicated so much of my life to, explored so fully, intimately learned the language and culture of… Is this country and more specifically the government of the country my enemy?

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  1. Canada under their Crime Minister has essentially sold-out to the CCP…Australia is just coming to the realization that they have been duped and suckered by these gangsters…The CCP’s whole “Belt & Roads Initiative” (BRI) is nothing more than a pull-the-wool-over-their-eyes, ‘bait-and-grab’ scam…A con game utilizing inevitable and eventual indebtedness that can’t be repaid…to take control-over vital assets on foreign soil…Like…C’mon…”Here (insert foreign ‘sucker’ country here)…We (China) have all this cash just lying around doing nothing…Tell you what…We’ll loan you all the money you want to build all sorts of neato, shiny new thingies (in some cases, probably don’t really need…but you (insert foreign country here) really should, must and need to have this…etc.), that will really benefit and help your country…AND…Look….You can even use our (Chinese) companies to build it for you…”…Sooooo…they con them into borrowing money (that they know they won’t be able to repay)…Said money is spent on Chinese companies to do the work (from one pocket…then right back into the other pocket…driving Chinese GDP/economic growth higher)…Receive the loan money back through a repayment schedule (plus interest)…AND…when the country can’t meet the payments and default…They (China) come-in and take complete control over it….SWEEEEEEEEET…(For China)…okay…we did lose some money on the loan default…but…not really…got the money back by using our own companies to do the work…actually made some money (on the repayments – until they defaulted)…AND…we have these vital assets to generate income…AND…IN another country (a foot-in the-door, a Chinese foreign imprint, future inroads, influence potential, stepping stone for the future, etc.)….Everyone needs to wake-up….
    ALL politicians can be labeled as both “good and bad”…they are after all…well…politicians…..I could care less who has control of the reins…just so it is someone who can see and identify what is (or has been) going-on, knows and can determine what is and it isn’t right and…Most Importantly…Has the will and the balls to do what it takes to correct it…After elected, Reagan sat with his team/advisors to discuss Soviet policy/strategy…When he asked and was told that the Soviet GDP was the size of California at the time…He couldn’t believe how the US was/had been interacting with the Soviets…He went on and “took-down the Wall” – the collapse of the Soviet Union and it’s minions….Just like then, it’s time for someone (anyone) to take-on, take-down and eliminate the last vestige of this failed social experiment…Is Trump the guy to handle it?…maybe…maybe not…Again, I don’t care either way….Just for God’s sake…someone…anyone…”Get ‘er Done”…Please….

  2. Interesting question. OK, I have been enjoying watching your films. its stay at home, so I enjoy your films and your friends films. my phone is next to my computor and it hasnt made a sound in a month. but after say, all day enjoying your films, my phone rang. and a girl speaking chinese was comming from my phone. So, the phone even though I wasnt useing it was listening in, and I wish I could understand the language spoken, but I found this quite interesting. Stay Awsome 🙂

  3. Chinese, Taiwanese People YES! The CCP….NOOOO! I was talking to an elderly Taiwanese-American woman just the other day who has a little shop in an office building complex. She was crying because she’s being CRUSHED! Shes told me a lot of first person stuff about the CCP. When it’s someone you know who has Suffered at the hands of the CCP, it REALLY gets to you!

  4. China IS our enemy! Most Chinese have a complete different perception of life, community, individuality, human rights and personal freedom! Chinese are from birth indoctrinated to be slaves, nationalists and extreem racist! These are the simple and undispuitable facts! Now there leadership (CCP) with its vicious, insane and power horny attitude is threatening the world. Just think of the occupation of the west philippine sea and many other unhuman practices likce the organ-harvesting etc.

  5. I had to re-watch the episode, as I was too busy cleaning up the coffee I sprayed everywhere when I heard you say ” The CCP can get bent”…

  6. You say it’s not the people but with 80 million members the government having widespread control and connections with the people and with all that indoctrination, eventually the people will adopt more and more of the government and will know nothing more.

  7. can you make videos about somewhere you live? You don’t live there you don’t have any connection you are just capitalizing on hate for China lmao get a job your views are dropping off

  8. All you are saying is something that is very obvious. A communist regime that only has a few wealthy people while all the rest eat pig rectum for dinner told me that years ago. I have been boycotting China for years.
    BTW, the CCP is the laughing stock of the whole world now. They have been bent. More than bent, they are done.

  9. Oh, come on. This disclamer that Chinese people have nothing to with CCP has nothing to do with reallity. I can’t even tell which is warse. If you compare the views of a common 老百姓 and Mr.Xi, you will see that Xi is quite a reasonable man. Look: Chinese society always wants to take back Taiwan, while government knows what will it cost. Recentely governemnt was considering to ease getting a permament resident permit for foreigners. And they got a huge backlash. And many others examples. I think that they both deserve each other.

  10. I hope for my next visit to China will be under a more open transparent government. We cannot let the CCP or the PRC regime set an example for the future, it must be dealt with accordingly.

  11. Agreed with what you have said in the video, but what the Chinese people can do? it will take too much blood and so many lives to just try to overthrow the dictatorship. look the Tiananmen square event, CCP practised and improved their strategies of suppressing and ruling its slavery people and now, the chance to even have a spark developed to flicker gets slimmer and the price of that gets ever unmeasurable. The CCP successfully fooled the world, or to be specific, the west. it has made powerful and almost unbeatable in its political position and economic importance to the world and the question is, how wake up are the west? how willing are the west to correct their mistake of raising and nourishing an evil to the point that no choice is available but to protect our beliefs, values and equalities by destroying this dark regime that reeks?

  12. I’m from Taiwan and consider myself Chinese both culturally and ethnically. I have no love for the CCP, but I will say this — in my experience, 80% of white people do not and/or cannot distinguish between the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Hell most of them don’t even distinguish between one Asian group from another, let alone a Taiwanese Chinese and a mainlander. I understand that Serpenza and his buddy Laowhy are always careful making the distinction between government and people, but in reality rhetorics like this is just more racism fuel. I hope that these types of sentiment does not culminate in open war, because regardless of who wins, Taiwan will likely be annihilated in the process. And I’ve seen enough history to know that America does not in fact give AF about Taiwan, and is not beyond sacrificing us in some kind of proxy war just to eke out a bit of advantage in their pacific strategy.

  13. Shen Yun is a performing arts group that performs all over the world , the CCP of China has been trying to stop them for years from performing traditional Chinese songs and dances , but that goes against the CCP doctrine of eliminating history up to when the communists took over China..
    they blackmail countries to not allow them to perform and threaten any one that does with economic and diplomatic sanctions, they even go to the extent that agents follow the group everywhere in the world they go and intimidate them with things like slashing bus and car tyres and intimidate customers at venue entries… WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE people..

  14. The globalist banksters replaced feudalism with your choice of national socialism or socialism, it always ends in war, starvation and genocide. Every time. Time to get ready for the war.

  15. Just curious. Who do you include when you say “our”? My understanding is that South Africa is not part of the western world? In the past, because of its racist and oppressive regime it was criticized by the whole world. Nowadays because of its dysfunctional democracy and its continued segregation, high unemployment and corrupted politics, it is still not part of the west. Does it mean that you must have benefited tremendously from South African democratisation that you want to sell this idea to China? It is understandable that you went to China because of its exotic value. Then after you left China, why did you not go to South Africa but go to the US instead? Is there anything wrong with South Africa that you do not want to talk about it at all? We would want to hear how you compare the world’s two great democracies America and South Africa.

  16. Fully agree on that but it’s hard to also like Chinese people cuz they were brainwashed by the CCP to the point that they will protect em at any cost and their country. Evil CCP made em think that and i know we should separate those two but it’s like in those cliché movies where the good guys are past the point of saving

  17. People should be more fearful for their devil inside before they seek out another nation or any other person to call and name the devil or the bad guy or gal or in between er, lol.

  18. This guy is paid by CIA or something, purely negative content lol, pretty sure he went to China just to try to magnify all the negative aspects. What ever works to make $$ these days I guess.

  19. I love the production values of your videos now. I haven’t checked out your videos in a while. I don’t like your content anymore though. You used to make really great videos years ago when it was just you and your camera, giving us a daily perspective of life on the streets of China. Also, you are joking if you think Chinese people are your friends or like you. I have no doubt in my mind most of them hate you to death.

  20. The CCP China has revealed itself as the enemy of the entire humanity, no doubt about that. No need for any excuses and sinophilic pandering.

  21. Their motto is to “Serve The People”,but in the end,it is just a propaganda and human rights violations done by China has spread around the world.

  22. The CCP has proven it is not a friend to the world. It’s become a very dangerous menace to everyone. I wish China had better and more responsible leadership and not the thugs and spineless cowards that has covered up atrocity after atrocity. The world needs to be vigilant and no longer turn a blind eye to the vile and corrupt people who hold a nation of billions by it’s throat with threats of brutal violence and inhumane treatment.

  23. I am Chinese. Many chinese complain about the gov as well, I feel serpentza has been stayed in china for too long, and become more and more like Chinese, he begins to complain the government everyday. It is just in recent decades, people stopped complain the gov openly. One of the reason Chinese stop to criticize the gov is that the chinese are taught to love the country since young, so many chinese are emotionally attached to the gov, I believe the patriotism education was reinforced after the 1989 event, because you can obviously see the chinese college students that didn’t be brainwashed in their youth, how they complained the government at that time, while the brain emotionally washed student today have no interest to do that. The other reason that the chinese stop to complain is that many chinese have learned in real life experience that your complain will be in vain. I have watched serpentza’s video “why it is so hard to do the right thing in China”, he understand it well. The thing I feel funny is that, serpentza is behave like a un-brainwashed Chinese, he complains the gov again and again… i can feel his anger and frustrating, I guess this is just like how the average chinese feel in 1980s,..most chinese have gotten used to it afterwards…

  24. Yes. China is the enemy of this world. Don’t tell me again: “Chinese people are very good, Chinese government is very bad”. It doesn’t make any sence. Who is helping CCP fxxk up the whole world? The answer is: Chinese people. Simple.

  25. Ping just has too much power he forgets reality he better remember that the real history is not the brainwashing of moasit communist history and communist are Russian.

  26. Xitler will only seek to further his own interests. He does not care for the ethnic Chinese, mainland or overseas, and only seek to control them by force. You are right in doing this Winston, and those wumaos be damned along with the CCP they love so much

  27. How are you not dead? Thought the Chinese government would have arrested you by now … are you still in China? Best wishes and good luck.

  28. Are you trying to separate your Chinese wife from her own country?
    Is this a huge ploy to dominate her, control her by isolating her from her culture and family.
    I think you need to reconsider your motives. The things you say may well be true, but how does your long suffering wife feel about your public hatred and do you care what she thinks at all?

  29. CCP is devil for sure. They want to show they help and care but deep inside they want ti control the world. China will face total destruction in the future when the entire world unites.

  30. Enjoy your content. (Not Just this one) Please and Hurry to achieve U.S. Citizenship/Sponsorship (if that is your desire) before China’s U.S subservient influential sellouts block that opportunity, deport you to Hong Kong. Then have Legislation Bill 2019 signed and handed to you by General (PLA) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

    ” Dr”. CAN NOT Stand for ”DOCTOR” AS IN MEDICAL DOCTOR. A REAL DOCTOR Would not let ONE patient get sick much less the WHOLE WORLD. In this case Dr may stand for DUMMY ROBOT or DIRECTOR Of Re-Education. If ya need sponsorship, half a nation here (U.S.) will give you a hand. Peace, later.

  31. I was intended to leave comments and swear as I thought it is another 50cent wu mao video to boast the mainland China. I can’t agree with you more!

  32. Perhaps you will now be engaging with Anastasia Lin & other expat “free” Chinese in exile to discuss how the Chinese people can be helped to displace the self serving idealogues & despots of the CCP. China now has the largest billionaire class in the world so I would expect they would have “some” influence on CCP policy, or is that wealth just based in a “CCP licence” which can be withdrawn at any time ? Doubtless a fair number of the Chinese billionaires do benefit from the Uyghur labour camps & other consequences of brutal internal ideological repression.

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