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The Thailand Trip Check list!

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. When everything opens again in Phuket whats your opinion on how prices will be from food, hotels to bars and naughty night life, that would be a nice topic.

  2. Aspirin are not carried by a lot of chemists because they are dangerous for children and paracetamol are much safer and almost as good. In some parts of the world they are banned, India for one.

  3. visit businesses in the area and promote them. Do some Muay Thai for a day, sit with some massage girls, visit businesses we wouldnt think of. Im coming back as soon as Im vaccinated and would love insite on Kamala.

  4. Great video! Any recommendations on pairing your packing down if you are relocating to Thailand? I’ve heard a best practice is only 1 big suitcase and a backpack. Would you recommend this and why is that important? Questions to be answered on a future video maybe. 🤓✈️🌏

  5. Wait, people retire in Thailand but they have no Asprin easily available? It is one of the things they suggest to use every day after fifty to help reduce heart attacks. 😀

  6. Hey Rob, squirrel here. Haven’t talked in a while. Nice video by the way.
    Creativity is very hard sometimes, but you can stimulate it in many ways,
    NO, not that way!!!!!

    Take a look at what other bloggers are doing. Trust me, most do the same. Of course, don’t copy them, but you can get ideas and also see what is working or what is flopping.
    Also, you can do google searches on something such as Buddha Day and see what others are looking for.
    Look for people’s questions and give the answers.
    Go to Google Trends and do some research as to what people want to know about. Get ideas. Make plans. Execute.

    Youtube is a search engine, be what the people search for.
    It is not easy, but it is not hard. Does that make any sense? No? Let me explain a little.
    It’s not always going to just come to you, you have to go get it. That’s right, it’s work. It’s also a hobby, but it does take much of your time and energy.
    Once again I will say that you need to do research (asking people is a good start, but don’t stop there).

    One more thing, repurposing old content, updating it or making a new video just like it but fresher can also help.
    Good luck on your 90 in 90.

    Hope to see you soon, and I will when the “Q” ends. (I’m not playing that game).
    Thanks and later.

  7. What you like about Kamala? Maybe a more detailed review. Walking around Kamala. Checking out the stores. How many 7-11’s and prices in 7-11

  8. C’mon Rob…While in Bangkok, My Thai girlfriend started her period and I found tampons at the 7-eleven. (It’s a funny story all by itself). I learned something and perhaps you can pass it along, I needed Pepto Bismol, (drank the water in Ban Dung) they never heard of it.. But they did have Bismuth Subsalicylate (Kaopectate). Sometimes you just have to substitute items that do the same thing. The things I couldn’t find: 2% Milk, dill pickles, summer sausage, Dr. Pepper. Ok, Rob, you asked…As for coming up with new ideas… I’ve been down this path with you once or twice before and you didn’t want to hear it and now CB Media is killing it! Maybe it’s time for you to leave your comfort zone and explore more. Why not do a video on the tsunami memorial? and be sure to use the sign on the beach as a thumbnail. I think that sign is hilarious! What about all those longtail fishing boats, and all the fishermen in town? If you want to stay in your safe lane, why not tell people about the blue smart bus that’s cheaper than the taxis, and how to get and put money on a rabbit card!! Also, you’ve got all those microvan taxies in town with the lights and massive stereo systems. You’ve left a lot out of your videos, like the tourist trap that is Kamala. Or how they sell gasoline out of 1-liter glass bottles for scooters. You’ve got Boomers, Nana’s, and you really haven’t shown all the places to eat along the beach. I hope this helps you make your goal. – As always, I’m just trying to help.

  9. Often Thais don’t think in alternatives when you ask for something. I had the same problem with finding aspirin pills but they did have aspirin power individually packaged. So I bought a couple hundred very inexpensive.

  10. I lived in Thailand for a year and Ibuprofin is hard to find. And when you do find it it is in very small quantity. I can tell you a few things I use that you should take a bottle of and is very cheap at Walmart.
    Antacid pills
    Vitamin D or Multi-vitamin

    Also – If you love peanut butter, take a bottle because it is very expensive in Thailand. A small jar of peanut butter can cost you as much as $18 USD.

  11. You know what else what baffled me. It’s illegal to have sextoys.
    I haven’t seen my gf for a year now and I just wanted to give her a joke gift. When I researched this topic I found out that they find it “immoral” to people to have one.

    Of course there are multiple websites where you can buy from so why even bother with this crazy law.

  12. I like when you interview people. Finding out how people are coping with this scamdemic and what they are doing to support themselves. Don’t think you can go wrong with this type of vlog. Take care GOD Bless you and yours. M

  13. I have bought Aspirin many times in Thailand, it seems like almost all pharmacies have it.
    It is usually powder not pills but it says asprin on the small powder bags and the cartons

  14. Gday Rob.. how about looking at the long term rentals as you know im up here in Pattaya and some fantastic bargains around.. with guys slowly coming back to live I’m sure they would be interested.. even myself as I’m thinking about a relocation down beautiful Phuket.. hope to see you soon mate👍🍺

  15. Paracetamol = Tylenol = acetaminophen. Same stuff, different labels. That aspirin you showed is low-dose, daily therapy aspirin. It’d take a handful to do any good. Best thing is ask for a prescription when you have to go to the Dr or dentist.

  16. WTF tampons not available in Thailand!?Just not true. My wife has been using tampons for the past 18 years that I know of. What do you think Thai women do? Their “plumbing” is exactly the same as women everywhere else. And I see them in pharmacies all the time, tampons and pads. Some pharmacies, but by no means all, keep them under the counter due to (I guess) a misguided sense of embarrassment, but they are there.

  17. Can you get Codeine in Thailand? If not, am I allowed to bring some with me when I visit. I have a prescription for codeine and use it when my back pain gets really bad (I don’t use it too often, only when the pain is unbearable, as it can be addictive). Would I get in trouble if I brought some with me, or is it ok if I have a prescription for it? I’ve thought of taking one or two blister packs rather than the whole box, in case they take it away at customs, but if I don’t have the box, it won’t have the prescription label on it. Would bringing it into the country get me into a lot of trouble or would they understand it’s a mistake and just dispose of them?

  18. One common Thai pain reliever you didn’t mention is Sara. But yes, finding aspirin can be an adventure. I take daily aspirin, and have been buying it over here for the last five years. In my case I buy a year supply at a time from Forte. Bulk buying from Fascino is good too.

  19. i would like to know about phone plans including those for people who might be staying 2 – 3 months on vacation. Also if it is advertised as a data plan, what do calls/txt costs? I think DTAC do a good one?

  20. You could probably do some videos on visiting a few places that have some significant historical value, like the Siam-Burma death railway/bridge over the river Kwai memorial’s, or some of Thailands oldest Temples, you could probably get some video’s out of the train journey’s there too.

  21. Hello Rob very interesting story about aspirin I once heard about it here in the US if aspirin was just invented the FDA wouldn’t make it legal to buy because of all the different things aspirin can do for your body. Wishing you and everyone there well Take Care

  22. The topic of discovering new and wonderful relationships that last a lifetime that your videos demonstrate so clearly. Thanks Rob for your cheerful uplifting sharing of your friendships you have in Thailand. It truly enriches and gladdens my heart to give witness to this. God bless you and all those who get to know you. Namaste Dear one. God is truly blessing us through you.

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