Interview with Beautiful Filipina Jen, Every Woman has a Story ,This is Hers, Old Dog New Tricks

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Interview with Beautiful Filipina Jen, Every Woman has a Story ,This is Hers, Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks My interview with my neighbor and friend Jen, where she discusses her life living in Valencia and how her life has changed over the last year

Link to Jen’s Channel


  1. I see Jen & Mark as a couple who sincerely love & respect each other. Keep doing what they’re doing don’t worry about nay sayers & trolls.

  2. jen and baby mae are my favorite girls of the bunch.jen is so innocent and down to earth,and very pretty.and i love those traits in a woman.her and mark make a good match i think. js

  3. Ok Paul you hit the nail on the head from a marketing standpoint.

    Mark & You have to quietly set up an interview with a fake name so that she expects a couple women to walk in for the live interview and it would be Mark & Paul dressed like women with wigs on etc.. YOu might be on to something to springboard the viewership up and catch the Phils by storm. Title of the Video “Catch the Phils by Storm” starring the one and only Phils Stormy Paul Dannels & blah.. It would add some humor to her video and show that men in the west have humor even if we make fools of ourselves.

  4. Good interview Paul as a lover of all things philliphines well everything but bulut hahaha hey that make a good vedieo you & Mark eating bulut together hehehe

  5. Great interview. Love your perspective, and also so happy for Mark and Jen. You’ve learned so much about life in the US and there in NO. So many islands and many different cultures all in one country. Best part was when Jen said she felt uncomfortable when Mark offered to help her family. It’s easy to see why so many US guys are interested in women like Jen. I’m very lucky to have a beautiful Thai wife, who shares many of the qualities people in the US consider desirable – good partner, family-oriented, religious with good morals and values, careful with money, honest, and primarily interested in the success of the family as a team.

  6. After watching many of your videos, you are a great talk show host. Almost reminds me of the old Seinfeld episode where Kramer rescued the Merv Griffin set and did his interviews. You just need a better backdrop as you have the couch and rooster,

  7. Yet another wonderful interview. It is nice to know that not all Filipinas are after your money. Mark is very blessed to have her in his life. Just as she is blessed to have him in her life.

  8. Paul, learning how to cook with Jen would be a big hit. You, as well as Mark, conduct great interviews! Please keep them coming:)

  9. Who is her target audience? That would be part of determining what her subject matter would be. For example, Paul – what is the majority of your audience? 30-70 y.o. western men.
    If she does cooking videos her audience would probably be a majority of young women. Most western young women are not watching Filipina cooking shows.
    Just my opinion.

  10. Content is always difficult for YouTube channels. My suggestion for Jen would be: 1. she would like to demonstrate how to cook 2. she doesn’t know how to cook well 3. Have her introduce a guest who teaches her and her channel how to cook one dish per video, then after five videos have Jen combine 3 dishes (that she learned on her channel from the weeks before) and make a complete meal for three people. 4. Pick a kitchen that could be pre-set each week with lighting and two cameras. I think teaching a Filipina to have her own YouTube channel would be a great way for women in the Philippines to be self sufficient. Who’s to say a woman can’t teach history of the Philippine Islands or snorkeling, just as a suggestion?

  11. Got to hand it to you two old geezers, most old people talk millennials down and refer to them as spoilt snowflakes…but you two baby boomers are sharing beds with millennials….you’re an inspiration to old men worldwide…kudos to you…

  12. I truly love Jen and respect her and am a follower of Marc from the beginning and think he is one the most interesting, insightful Expat Vlogers on YouTube , but it’s a disingenuous of Paul and other older Expat Vlogers to go down this path & train of thought with every young Fillipina with an older Expat they interview, it’s like they’re all reading off the same script and justifiably it might be a defense mechanism cause they are under attack by trolls. There is nothing wrong in admitting the truth , that all these relationships are transactional at thier core , which incidentally can be said of American relationships too , but in Philippines it’s taken to a higher degree cause of the grinding poverty and low wages. So there questions always involves this false argument that outsiders just don’t understand that the culture is different in the Philippines and age doesn’t matter and that it’s perfectly natural for a Fillipina to be attracted to a man 40 years her senior and if there premise is true then please show me the statistics on how many 20 year old Fillipinas date 60 year old Fillipinos !

  13. Jen is a fine example of a humble woman, that having a simple difficult young life made her an even better person. shaping good personal qualities ,
    she is grateful , content, generous . and represents Philippines in a fine way. look forward to seeing her in 2021 You tube channel. Jen is a Gem !

  14. I enjoy the stories that these two ladies have to tell, they are survivors and push forwards beyond humble beginnings to make a better life not only for themselves but their families as well. They are very courageous for getting in front of the camera and push themselves beyond their comfort levels to post videos. I admire them for their courage. Thanks Paul.

  15. What a sweet woman! I have an idea for her cooking channel idea. I’m in Thailand for 12 years and the women here love to learn how to cook western food…French Toast, Cheeseburgers, Spaghetti, Sandwiches, etc., etc. Could be interesting to a much wider audience than just Filipinos. Could also be great bait as in “Why don’t you drop by my place tomorrow for lunch and try the best cheeseburger in the world?”

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