Interview: David Foster – Vietnam Medical Care Experience

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  1. LINK to Hospital.. Nam Saigon Intl. Hospital

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  2. My experience with health care in Saigon is that it was unbelievably cheap and efficient.
    The appearance at first will scare you as there are thousands of people but once in the line things move fast and you are in and out fast .
    Have chose not to get insurance cause pay as you go is affordable so save for a rainy day and bring cash cause it’s still king .
    The confusing thing is there are over a hundred hospitals in Ho Chi Minh many specialize so you should educate yourself on all the different ones .
    If you bring your passport some hospitals the university medical centre d5 is one that will give priority to foreigners and will have someone walk around with you and put you in front of all the lines .
    Biggest thing for westerners is not having the 911 service with paramedics at your service however there is a new western style EMS service with western doctors and English speaking dispatchers.
    You pay a yearly subscription of 525,000 VND and can call them as much as needed
    You will have a new western ambulance with English speaking paramedics and the same service as you would get in the west .
    Worth paying the money cause they will know what hospital is the right one to take you .

  3. Vung Tau Hospital….Chest Xray, knee Xray, ultrasound on midsection, complete bloodwork, EKG, and doctor evaluation. With prescriptions….$49

  4. 👍👍 this is the missing piece of the puzzle, and a game changer for me. I now have confidence in the medical system in Vietnam.

    If I were going, I’d just need to be sure about treatment for COVID-19 (availability of respirators, and cost).

  5. Wow very impressed with that the Chung Wha in Mauandu City in Cebu very nice and very good every one spoke English i had broke my leg (sorry my spelling im bad )

  6. Reekay, David didn’t cover are black Ex-pats received there fine and how is the dateing for blacks, I know you covered it for you, but from a black perspective! I loved your interview ❤️👍🏽

  7. David Foster, you have opened my eyes to Vietnam. I am from Australia, thank you for the very information expose on Vietnam. Very impressed on the health care costs, all very clean and professional.

  8. Much better system than in USA, greed is what makes it less affordable in USA , wow to get a full body scan and to check organs and everything else and with a low price. That couldn’t be done cheap in USA even with health insurance.

  9. Henry, In the news today FYI. “About 80,000 people, mostly local tourists, are being evacuated from the popular Vietnamese beach city of Da Nang after more than a dozen people there were confirmed to have COVID-19, the government said Monday.”

    Vietnam is evacuating 80,000 people — mostly local tourists — from the popular resort city of Da Nang after three residents tested positive for coronavirus, the government said.
    Vietnamese authorities are rushing to nip a potential new outbreak in the bud after the Southeast Asian nation recorded its first locally-transmitted case of Covid-19 in 100 days on Saturday.
    The patient, a 57-year-old man, had no international travel history and had been living in Da Nang for the past month, according to Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. Two other cases were reported the following day.
    After the case was announced, Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc demanded that contact tracing be ramped up and large-scale testing conducted across the city, according to a government press release.

  11. Glad you mentioned dental. I need dental work and as soon as Vietnam opens up I’ll go and have it done. If I still have teeth at that point! Ha!

  12. I’m stuck here in Mandaue City and can’t wait to take my Filipina out of here. I’m sick and tired of the militaristic government lockdown due to the COVID. I pay 600 USD for a mediocre 37sqm place with all the amenities closed off by the management.

  13. A car did run me down in Pattaya ( i was walking. Emergency and Police was there within 10 min. I had Passport and Health Insurance give to them. They ask me if i like go:- Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. I told yes, but they didn’t do it. The took me to a public hospital and insurance don’t work there. I asked:- why em i here, i told the drivers bring me to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. God dame hopeless 😩. Ah, well! I was super happy the fast response off Ambulance get on place. Ty David F for your explanations

  14. Nice info guys. Wow those prices are great, my present health care insurance covers up $50k while I visit other countries and it cost me $14.60 a month in the US and that is a full insurance policy. All you have to do is look hard enough to find this type deals. 50k will go a long way in your respective countries.
    I visit last Cebu City and Clark…looking to go to Asia asap depending on the virus situation.
    From Central FL bye and thank you David and Reekay.

  15. I paid $6 dental cleaning at a state of the art facilities 2 months ago in Vietnam’s central Highlands. I am used to paying $145 in the states. I was so shocked I kept staring at the bill on the way out.

  16. In Thailand private hospital are great and price are affordable unless you need surgery or specialized healthcare. They have tier prices and foreigners pay more and more. Public hospitald are cheaper and not the most modern especially in smaller cities.

  17. Oh yea, health care is so inexpensive in Asia country’s. It seems just crazy for someone living in US. I once went to the ER in Thailand just for the experience, didn’t really have to go. I have some arthritis in my ankle so thought I’d see, first, what their diagnosis would be and then what they would recommend , if anything. When you enter the hospital they asign an attendent to you, a female who stays with you and shows you where to go. They took all my vitals in the lobby not in a private room. All the equipment was very modern, even more so then in the VA in the US.
    The doctor spoke english but the Thai’s do not pronounce alot of words the same way Americans do so I needed to listen very carefully to hear everything he said and even then I could not understand some things even after asking him to repeat.
    Total cost of the ER was $15 plus the meds he gave me which I picked up right at the hospital, the prices were very competitive with pharmacies.
    I also did some blood test which I brought the paper-work from my US doctor and they accepeted that and did the tests. Cost was about $20 per test. In the US that’d be $200 to $300 per test, that was back then, years ago, with some being even more.
    I did the same-thing in the Philippines and the cost per test was roughly the same and they also accepted my US doctor paper-work.
    I had the same test done in Philippines, Thailand and the VA IN US and the results were almost identical on all 3 . Some people did warn me that doing blood test in 3rd world countries may not be accurate but looks like as far as my experience they were.

  18. I wish you could have talked with David about the difference in dating in Vietnam as opposed to the Philippines. Your interview was very informative thank you.

  19. Hi Henry, Interesting interview with David Foster…I considered going to Vietnam for a medical issue and there’s your interview! May I please have contact details from David regarding the hospital? Thanks, Ian

  20. Great video! Agree with the overall comments. Question though as this brings up a a good topic. Given that the healthcare is very affordable… out of pocket. Does it even make sense to get/buy any type of healthcare plan if it may be cheaper to just pay for it out of pocket for anything that happens than paying a monthly fee to a health insurance co (Safety Wing/World Nomads/Alienz). For example a plan such as Safety Wing (Cheapest I found) would have a plan for insurance ($60USD p/mth) in the event of say a major emergency such as falling off a bike and breaking some bones and you have to go to a hospital and take an ambulance which would require a $250 deductible but then they would cover 100%. So the insurance is there for emergencies but if the cost of falling off a bike/ambulance or other major emergency is cheaper out of pocket does it make sense to even get a health insurance plan considering health insurance at least for 40-49 years old with Safety Wing would cost you $720 p/yr + $250 deductible. vs just paying for anything out of pocket that may come up even in a major emergency that would require some sort of major surgery. Thoughts?

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