International Support for TAIWAN! 更多的人和國家支持台灣

[有字幕] 更多的人和國家支持台灣 | International Support for TAIWAN!

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[台灣] Taiwan
[台北] Taipei
[桃園] Taoyuan

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Manfrotto tripod
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  1. 😁😁😁謝謝!

  2. 台灣讓自己變好變強,去做一個世界公民。為世界努力。而嘲諷台灣沒有邦交國等等的言論,就是霸凌者說出的風涼話。看不起良善努力的人,紅色的泥沼很適合黏著你們。

  3. We may have to act fast. PRC is going to move to destroy ROC at basically any cost, and they may do it this year.

    There’s no telling just how hasty and evil an approach they take.

  4. How China has reacted during this pandemic towards Taiwan and to the world has really angered me to the point that I will never buy anything manufactured in China until the CCP becomes replaced.

  5. I live in the United States and the reason why the west allows China to propagandize western countries is because China holds a lot of influence in manufacturing supplies. Literally tens of millions of American jobs has been outsourced to China and the U.S is dependent to China in providing the supply of our goods. If we continue to hold a rocky relationship with them then our economy will collapse because our corporations relies so heavily on China to a very large extent. Also, there are powerful oligarchs in America like Michael Bloomberg who has enormous investment in China to the point where he sues and threatens people who speak against China CCP.

  6. 臺灣面對這次武漢疫情表現可圈可點,全世界都看到了;

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