International Flights to Thailand July 1st + Live Stream Announcement

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July 1st international flights to Thailand start. Let’s talk about it.

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  1. Here in Vegas bars opened at 50% last Friday. Casinos open on June 4. Now more than ever when people need to join a gym you can’t because they are 50% capacity you will never get on a treadmill. I hope that dog wasn’t a car washer.

  2. Chad – Curious why you are always careful to use ‘The Current Situation” and never the 5 letter scientific term that starts with C and ends with 2 numbers. Is that a Thailand thing? A You tube thing?

  3. Thai government doesn’t want dirty Farang, bringing in the “beer” virus in to their country, so you have to bring all kinds of health certificates and health insurance. That’s fine with me, I just stay in my home country and support my local business before other. Good luck Thailand.

  4. I doubt tourists from Western countries will be permitted into Thailand, sans restrictions such as quarantine, etc. until November or December. And that is assuming no second wave of the bug.

  5. Checking in from Indianapolis, USA. Things are good here, other than some protests over the weekend. Healthy and looking forward to traveling abroad, later this year. Might try and get in a road trip out west in the mean time. Thanks for the videos, always enjoy watching CB Media.

  6. Im a hgv driver from watford by north london england and we never really went in to full lockdown was quiet for 2 weeks after that more and more people come out now its back to normal apart from shops aint open its mad

  7. Thanks for the updates. was hoping to return to Thailand September/October. Based on your assessment dont sound like this will happen. Im saddened, but hopeful.

  8. I’m in Chicago and the situation is not good. We finally opened up partially on Friday and now the whole George Floyd situation has rioters and looters looting all around the city and suburbs.

  9. Chad I’m convinced Asian countries are going to have the most hurdles when it comes to western tourists especially those hard hit by the “Situation” (not mike from Jersey Shore).

  10. Found your channel and have been binge watching bro. Been going to Thailand since 09′ have a Thai wife and live in Houston Texas and an import car lover. You channel is right up my alley dude, keep up the great content😁🙏

  11. I live in Spartanburg South Carolina, and it’s not too bad right now. But it’s not looking good. It’s sad what happened to say the least. But now it’s turning into a whole new thing. People are starting to fear for their lives. We need prayers.

  12. You should be glad you’re in Thailand with all the crazy stuff going on here over that cop incident In Minneapolis Saint Paul it’s ridiculous

  13. the ghost tower? is that the tower thats been vacant for years? i’ve walked past that place so many times.. its incredible to see such a massive tower not being used..

  14. I know Saphan Taksin BTS! I go there to get the ferry to Asiatique night market. You should check Asiatique out if you haven’t been there, it’s really nice but go over the road to the street food market for a feed 😉

  15. You should speak more Thai. When you got into the taxi and the taxi driver said Sawadee krup. You should say Sawadee Krup back to him. What you did is just like if someone said Hi to you in America and you said nothing back.

  16. At crappy Applebee’s or Fridays etc it would be about 475 baht for quesadillas that suck and they would be just an appetizer 😂

  17. I subscribed a few weeks ago and I absolutely love the variety of content you cover in your videos. I always take Grab over taxis in Thailand, as the cost is known upfront and not dependent on traffic conditions. I was wondering why you prefer taxis? Anyway, keep up the good work, as watching your videos is my priority every morning when I get home from work. Robert, Portland, Oregon.

  18. We’ll see how it goes, but if you test positive for covid-19 antibodies, and negative for active infection, you might get a pass on the quarantine…

    We will see.

  19. Things are pretty much normal in New Zealand but we can not fly overseas that easily. Borders are basically closed. By the way if you ever come to New Zealand you are welcome to come and stay. some good car scenes here and you must, you must come and check the Jetsprint Boats. Cheers.

  20. There’s is no Covid-19 test in the fit to fly certificates…. My wife arrived yesterday.
    Why would 14 day quarantine be necessary if you’ve just tested negative?

  21. I think the when you can enter thailand will be country specific… NZ, South Korea, Japan.. Probably in first. UK etc… Who knows woth Boris!?

  22. not bad price for some track time, carts are fun, not done any in many years. had a friend that raced, & he let me do practice laps for cost of fuel. he finally gave it up after probably 20 years, & I never had desire to drop the money he had in all that. YIKES!!! he never won big, but won small amounts here & there.
    you need to go ahead & get a scooter to be able to travel with, sure would beat all that walking…….
    hope your still on when I get off work, Thursday, I am working until 9pm, & 30 min dive home, I will holler if so.

  23. WTF man still making things hard to get around, it’s B/S still on lock down in Negros Oriental Philippines unknown when they’re going to lift restrictions!!!! Keep extending it in 2 week intervals. Good upload.

  24. Chad you are down to earth and genuine. Every bit of your efforts here in YouTube land hold tremendous value for people like me (and probably many others) who just want to have a good time and live vicariously through what you do. Everything from the spotlight shone on Thai custom car shops, to the car meets, hanging out with Toffgun Pilot, eating street food, petting street dogs and watching the sun set over a river. Thank you.

  25. Enjoy your channel from SE GA ! We are nit a dot on the GA map . Have seen nothing . We had our first indoor church , since the “Stay Home “, and schools closed, all youth activities cancelled . The GA governor will make an announcement regarding if they have school next year ! This other protest stuff, I haven’t heard anything , except heard it was in ATL area . Have a good time, be safe .

  26. Hey Chad. Great vids. Wish I was still hanging in BKK. At11:19 that row of building behind you. I was told some are still unfinished. 90s crash derelicts. Might be something for you to check out.

  27. What do you base your assumption on that after July 1st , it’s only Permit holders and Government officials with stamps in their passports theat will be able to come again internationally. If you say something like that what is the source that makes you so sure of this ?

  28. Where’s all the ‘57 Chevy’s and 69 Dart Swingers?!! Buddy you were born too late to know what cool cars are. Lol, just kidding. Love your vid’s but those rice burners are meh, and sound like pissed off wasps. Cheers from Vancouver 🇨🇦

  29. Doesn’t matter when Thailand allows tourists back, most countries still won’t allow flights & haven’t even given an estimated timeframe. I’m guessing no-one will be allowed to travel there until sometime next year 😢😭

  30. That BTS station was meant to be a temporary station. Being squeezed between the bridges, it only has space for 1 track. However when BTS was about to dismantle the station platform to build another track, people opposed. So they are now designing a new dual-tracks station platform within that limited space.

  31. I can’t see many tourists coming with the quarantine measures still in place. I for sure would NOT visit Thailand for my holiday if they put me behind closed doors for two weeks.

  32. I think if they don’t open before next winter, it’s probably going to be a long time (like a year) because they are probably going to claim there is a spike (whether it’s true or not) during the winter months (this is for people in the US).

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