Inside the BQ Mall, Bohol, Philippines

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  1. The BQ mall has either paid parking with security or non-paid out on the street so sometimes I use the pay parking. On this particular day I left my scooter at the nearby ICM mall (free parking with security) and took a jeepney to BQ for just 8 pesos. For the helmet and backpack every mall has a check-in station where you can deposit your stuff while you shop. They give you a claim ticket to pick it up later.

  2. Also, just like any other country/city.. there are thieves looking to steal cars and motorcycles. Here even more so due to the desperation of the economy. Even with security nearby there have been motorcycle thefts rampant in Manila for years and it occurs in Cebu and other islands as well. But most thievery gangs seem to be based in Manila from what the news here says.

  3. Seems a lot of military walking about. Do you think all those ppl are tourists or do they live there? Seems like a nice mall. Have you dated many girls as yet? How long have you been there now?

  4. Those are actually Filipino kids enrolled in military academy. Bohol has one near the mall, also a university for many Filipinas studying Nursing. It’s kind of crowded at the BQ and the ICM mall (nearby) is considered more of an “upper-class” mall compared to the BQ, but I like them both since the BQ has some services not available at the ICM mall. Custom Stickers, for instance, I just had made for my scooter at the BQ mall.

  5. Looks like you are enjoying your new found mobility. Soon you will be “scooting” along the roads like an expert Filipino! Enjoy and be safe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m slowly learning to turn using my body weight. Doing better with the off-road but staying off the 2-lane highways during the day. No cement trucks at night. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of all, enjoying the extra freedom to roam around and make trips to the mall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m glad to be of service. If you are at the ICM mall you can catch a jeepney from the exit near the Jollibee to the BQ mall for 8 pesos. (about 17 cents)

  8. I have no idea, but I’ll ask the locals, I’m sure they’ll know. BQ seems a bit older and they just built a new mall I only found out about this week that is down the street, but is owned by BQ. ICM looks fairly shiny and new.

    1. They are students from the local maritime schools in Tagbilaran City. They are not navy or .personnel. They graduate and work around the world iin ships as nautical marine seamen.

    2. Those navy guys oppesd not to wear their hats inside the mall they wear them only outside. If the captain sees them wearing their hats in the malls/buildings the captain will say something to them.

  9. hehe if you made a notions everytime you see a ladyboy in public over there you would be busy busy guy, they are everywhere :p ย and the grocery stores are on the bottom floor so no one has trouble if they have a full cart of goodies, less will shop if they have to carry it down stairs ect ect

    1. @alexyp it has long since become a regular thing for me to see them here.ย  overall they’re nice people and go out of their way to be friendly.ย  but wasn’t accustomed to seeing them in california.

    1. when i left in 2015, the ICM mall was the largest. there is also the BQ mall and Tagbilaran Square. but ICM mall is the biggest, nicest of the 3.

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