1. old man with the hat is complaining about the use of military force to suppress protests. Well why not start by NOT destroying public infrastructure and wear a mask? Stop putting the blame on the government when clearly there isn’t any effort from BOTH parties….

  2. Who is pro-omnibus law? Like here!

    FYI, the protest started because of a HOAX circulating around social media, I already knew it was a hoax because it doesn’t make any sense, it says if the omnibus law pass, there’s no day off for Christmas, give birth, etc. It doesn’t make any sense at all, our goverment wont make a ridiciulous law like that.

    When our president make a clarification that it was hoax, there’s less protest.
    How can you go to the street and do a demonstration when you don’t even know the law?

    And the demonstration is not just to protest the law, but the whole legitimate goverment. They don’t even care about the law, if there’s a chance to make the president step down, they’re gonna do it, they make a demonstration to protest a law, to a demonstration to protest the president. They’re ultra conservative islamic right wing group

    And thank god there’s no big protest anymore, because Indonesian are smart

  3. My professor who teaches me regulations and policies said the omnibus law is actually good. The government and people’s representatives f*cked it up, at least at the mechanism of creating the law.

    Suppose that the contents are right. The way they made the law is wrong. There are many steps in making a law. But in reality, they skip so many steps and jump into the approval phase without completing the previous steps.

    And then, the law/policies is made for the sake of the public, the people. Threfore, the law should be made properly by following the procedure. Not following them makes doubt to the law/policy maker, is it really true that they made it purely for the people? Or just the instruction from naughty investors? The actual problem is not the lack of foreign investment, it’s the corruption.

    It’s simple. If the steps are not correct, the law should be invalid. I personally think omnibus law needs even more time to be done than the actual time (this should be years to be done due the steps, but in reality, it only needs less than a year, too short for such a great law)

    Edit: I support the ‘real’ omnibus law, not the currently approved one

  4. Indonesia should do something similar to a senate hearing or congressional court before passing a law. Like whats happening to facebook and twitter CEO. Invite investors for the hearing, also the representative from labour unions, and make the case for the bill. They can broadcast it from State Owned TV Station, and Private Media can mirror the broadcast.

  5. There are lots of indonesians in malaysia, my aunt’s best friend is an indonesian and also considered family. She came to work here at first and then became very close to us. She helped take care of my grandma.

  6. Finally a video about this! I have been waiting on AsianBoss to cover this issue. Indonesia is underrated when it comes to international news. As a second generation overseas Indonesian I always wish the best for Indonesia.

  7. Well if you want to attract foreign investors then you need to make the law appealing for them. Either take it or leave it. The problem is many people want to have the cake and eat it too

  8. Everyone in a black polo shirt agrees, the government has good intentions. It’s so easy for governments to give handouts and appease corporations, these types of catastrophes are great timing, cause you will always have some that think oh yes we must do something radical, forget protecting the people, forget paying them what they have fought for, forget protecting the environment, this is the time to treat everyone like a disposable resource so magical made up job creators can exploit everything and everyone, for the greater good.

  9. I respect those who protest peacefully. But the ugly truth is this protest has been used to create chaos. And in the end, they want to remove the President.

  10. This Law mean good, but what kind of good ? … Every law has leniency towards left or right side, in this case, lean toward the people or the business owner. This law is “Good” for the business owner & top management, but “Bad” for the administrators & workers. In other words, this Law promote the old colonialism slavery to the investor.

  11. Foreign investors will most likely buy your land, owning pieces of your country.
    Then outsource labor for whatever companies emerge from foreigners. Especially manufacturing jobs, outsourcing is most likely.

    I’m glad to see their people understand this. That’s what happened to the US. Our manufacturing jobs and other service jobs outsourced to China and other parts of the world. It’s hurt the income of millions and our middle class has shrank. The poverty line in America is so thinly close from middle class now.

    I hope the Indonesian people win their protests. There are many shady things happening and the people suffer from these “good will” disguised dealings.🙏

  12. Hey ASIAN BOSS,you should change your name to ASEAN BOSS cause you are conducting interviews only in south asian countries. Don’t you know that afghanistan,UAE,iraq,saudi arabia,yemen,iran and israel are asian countries.

  13. lol this demonstration that happened during the pandemic is tolerable for many people. but, do you know what just happened in this country? many religious extremists gather at the airport without social distancing when religious figure returned to this country, and what makes it furious is that the gov seems to allow this happened bc they are fear that the religious extremists will hold much worse demonstration like years ago. as if only certain group is above the law. I tell you, don’t come in here, If you still want to visit Indonesia soon I’d consider more safe area like eastern side.

  14. Harusnya sih ga ush ada omnibus law, lebih baik kita meniru bhutan aja, masyarakat bahagia tanpa perlu ada industri. Miskin tp ramai2 kan gak masalah, kita uda biasa miskin. Gaji mau sebesar apapun pasti 1/3 habis buat kontrakan,1/3 buat makan, sisanya kuota/cicilan motor/pacaran. Proses industrialisasi pd akhirnya cuma menguntungkan bapak kos dan warung makan aja.

  15. Misinformation, Disinformation, Hoax, and Ignorance.
    And the results is this, too quick too judge, too quick to respon, too quick to trust unclarified news.

    Kalo ga puas sama undang undang, ya langsung ke MK buat minta diubah dan nanti berdebat disana, nanti soal menang kalahnya belakangan.
    Alasan gw ngomong mending ke MK daripada turun ke jalan ya karena gw lihat ada yang ga pake masker, sedangkan Covid-19 masih ada.


    And btw, kan udah diklarifikasi kan ya…
    Kalo banyak dari keluhan tersebut itu ga bener, dan malah masyarakat banyak yang diuntungkan walaupun ada sedikit minor yang bisa dimengerti.

  16. This law WILL create jobs. It WILL boost the economy. The problem is that this law comes with a heavy sacrifice (e.g. 1 day weekend, no maternity leave ect) and it’s up to the Indonesian people to decide whether it is worth it or not. From the looks of it, the majority of Indonesians are against it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Life is more than just about chasing economic growth.

  17. Most of the protesters did not know the details of the law. They just joined for the sake of protesting, joining friends. On social media, there were many who openly acknowledged that they received cash for joining the protests

  18. Yang jaket merah (pake kacamata hitam) itu bilang, pemerintah harus menangani covid19 dulu,,, lahhh kesadaran rakyat nya aja susah ngeyel tdk mau mengikuti protokol, teman2 lu yg kiri kanan 2 itu masker aja TIDAK di PAKAI, jangan sedikit2 salahkan pemerintah juga donk, kalo rakyatnya sendiri tidak mau berubah jadi jangan cuma bisa mengkambing hitam kan pemerintah terusss jg, toh diri kalian sendiri aja gak kalian jaga hadehhhhhh cape ngurusin kalian memang.

  19. Geez, we have the same situation about government in Poland – they pass some stupid acts like law against the abortion, so people are protesting, and still, gov cannot handle Covid. I totally understand you and support you, Guys- me, the Polish woman.

  20. This feels like what a lot of countries government do, where they make up some law or make changes to the employment system. It’s always seems the current working class which are helping the economy (even through major incidents/crises) are the ones that are losing there basic employment rights in order to create economy. It doesn’t make sense. Those people in the current workforce are a good example of their communities and country. Why destroy their wellbeing for some scheme Indonesia don’t need foreign investors to boost their economy. The government are undermining the countries ability to become a prosperous country. I personally think a countries foreign owned companies should only represent a quarter of the country. This is to preserve the culture & environment. ❤ from your neighbouring country.🇦🇺

  21. Omnimbus law is laws with 1000 pages. Of course there are bad and good things in it and plus indo goverment has lack of communication. There are so many mislead information among citizen. But I as indonesian worker people,I has a good faith in goverment. This law of course has negative impact for those people who has already worked now BUT in the other hand it is good for people who search for work. It is why the name is job creation law. Why now in the midst of pandemi? Because goverment wants to be ready when this pandemi over. A lot of study said that there will be a lot of money search for the new country for their investment and indonesia will be ready at that time.

  22. If its going to degulate and cut the red tape than good for Indonesia. More job creation and opportunies as well as people more willing to open up a business.

  23. Information that you gave to your viewer only based on people opinion, we also know that opinion from group of protesters is untrue. most of their opinion steered from group of people that want to make a chaos in this country. Before you interview please do read all the 900 pages of omnibus law, so you have a knowledge that can be used for interviewing people. i don’t want to judge your interview skill but most information from this video only promote hated speech about Indonesia government. also why didn’t you include information about the fake protesters? did the interviewer even read the news? if yes, why you didnt report it in the video as well? shame on you.

  24. Idiots. foreign companies will, at some point, create jobs for the local people. How much of a benefit would be given to the local people remains to be seen.

  25. This also happening country like India ,they want to attract foreign investors but the law is so difficult for foreigners to do business here ,so many of them don’t want to do it

  26. As someone who knows nothing about politics, I’ve been always wondering.. does protest bring change on any regulation that have been made? I think it’s better if they stay at home or doing something else to improve themselves. Perhaps that is the better way to help the country to be at peace during this situation.

  27. I think this law is for 90% of Chinese investors and for their elites (CMT aka. China Money Trap)
    Korea, Japan, Europe, the US have no problem with current investment laws …

  28. Semua kebijakan apapun itu akan selalu pro & kontra, ada yang untung dan rugi. Tidak bisa benar2 win win solusion . Dan tidak akan bisa menyenangkan semua pihak secara bersamaan.

  29. WOW. Women in that country take days off because they menstruate? For real? I’m a woman and even I find that absurd. I’m in a high female company, and when you are in a major female company, you tend to sync cycles. Can you imagine an ENTIRE company closing down for that?! It would be catastrophic…

  30. I am sure the interview was conducted a while ago, there were so many updates regarding this matter right now, and there were so many weird things and unprofesionalism that the government did in the past month which led to the mistrust and disbelief of the citizen, even there were not many people are involved in the creation of this law, and even many people in the legislation are opposing the law

  31. The worst year for Indonesia’s middle lower income people or labour in general. The government only thinks about investments and economy, but not the holistic prosperity. As long as the money comes in, they don’t care to whom the money will end up to. Investments that only benefit the already-rich conglomerates. Smh! Yes, the economy may grow IN GENERAL, not individual. The rich gets richer, the poor remains poor AND OPPRESSED!!!

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