Indians React to the India-China Border Clash | STREET DEBATE

After half a century of peace between the borders of India and China, a deadly clash led to 20 Indian soldiers losing their lives. What do Indians think about this and what is their take on India-China relations? We hit the streets of Mumbai, India to find out.
The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Indian population.
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  1. If you want to bring this discussion further you can check out our new community app called MOGAO. Here you can exchange your thoughts and opinions with other intellectually-curious people from all over the world. If you’re sick of mainstream social media and wanted to be a part of a super positive & informative online community for a change, then download our app:
    App Store (iPhone):
    Play Store (Android):

  2. I’m surprised they still held the interview in Mumbai. It’s the largest infected city in the country. Anyway, I doubt you got the opinions of the very middle-class locals.

  3. To Most of the people commenting about modi didn’t cross the border lamao,ROFL…: I pity you guys😂
    God bless you
    PS: the guy at 9:45 said things in very calm way 😂

  4. I like people , I don’t ask their gender identity, nationality, religion, etc.
    I’ve met some good and wise Chinese people in the past. We are common people , we should love each other and live maintaining Peace.

  5. To be honest, Chinese people’s have a less shame,I have seen a fight between Chinese and Nepal police last month,they are boasting staying in others country and not respecting the police.stop invading other territory, interview the same questions to China,we want to here their public opinion,as a human curious to see and hear from other side.

  6. Chinese bots all over comment section. Saying big statements, this, that.
    But the decision and action has been taken by India to give strong reply when provoked. And will do same. And no point in trusting CCP.
    “Peace talks” for China is when one side has asymmetry. And it is not negotiation, but similar to accepting the demands.
    But when we made progressive work on border infrastructure, 70icbr roads, ds-dbo road, airstrips in AP, feeder roads, etc. Then we can see the rattled behavior of China. Where are the peace talks ??
    My opinion is that if you don’t know the detail’s, geopolitics, then pls restrain from this talks. China is neither open democracy nor open for its citizens. So accepting peace, this and that is just foolishness.

  7. Lol

  8. Here in China , we are begging Indian army fight back , really sick of CCP , they killed more Chinese than any other country even include what Japanese soldiers did in ww2 . Pretend to be our god, each of us work over 2200 hours a year to earn piece of money , now we have the worst environment situation, highest rate of cancer . Plus our soldiers also dead in this clash , but the government give the older to those families keeping silence. I’d rather die for freedom rather than surviving like a animal

  9. I think this is not the right time to fight with the neighbouring countries. Even animals do not harm other animal in this situation. Now the question is, what are we?
    All we need is peace🍀

  10. I was seriously not expecting this extent of sensibility. Lesson learned: Social media should not solely be seen to find what people actually are like.

  11. China and India’s destiny have been intertwined for thousands of years. Buddhism went from Indian to China, Mongols invaded Indian and China, British took control of both countries for many years. Yet we still can not find mutual understanding with each other, even having the same fate for thousands of years. China and Indian are two of the biggest nations in the world, both in terms of size and population. Why are we fighting over a land thats not even 1km in diameter. Thats like when two millionaires fight over a dollar bill.

  12. To defeat an enemy, you must know them.Not just their battle tactics but their history, philosophy and Art. China has a long history of ungrateful and misleading battle tactics. Whereas India is just too inexperienced with the new world tactics. Only through boycott of Chinese products we can break Chinese economy decreasing the possibility of war and defeat.

  13. A supervillain did wonderful things listed below.
    Part 3
    Tried to invade Maldives in 2018;
    Invaded Nepal and one of its soldiers was shot dead by Nepal Security force in 2020;
    Keeps nibbling lands from China Tibet and Kashmir that led to a war in 1962 and border conflicts
    with China till today;
    Keeps nibbling lands from Pakistan Kashmir that led to daily border wars and gun fights;
    and more…..
    Who is the supervillain? After you search online to verify any one of the facts above, you will know…

  14. A supervillain did wonderful things listed below.
    Part 2
    1st time invaded Bhutan and failed in 1990, but controlled its defense and diplomatic affairs till now;
    Supported and financed Tamil LTTE to rebel against Sri Lanka government but gave it up after it was
    branded as a terrorist organization by the world. The betray triggered huge anger of LTTE that
    assassinated its Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991;
    Swallowed up Dooars from Bhutan in 2006;
    Swallowed up Moreh from Myanmar in 2013;
    2nd times invaded Bhutan but failed in 2017;
    To be continued.
    Who is the supervillain? After you search online to verify any one of the facts above, you will know…

  15. A supervillain did wonderful things listed below.
    Part 1
    Swallowed up Kalapani from Nepal in 1962;
    Swallowed up Turtuk from Pakistan in 1971;
    Separated Eastern Pakistan from Pakistan to become Bangladesh in 1971;
    Swallowed up Tin Bigha from Bangladesh in 1972;
    Swallowed up Sikkim to become one of its states in 1975;
    Tried to invade Mauritius but failed in 1983;
    Captured territories of Sikhism and suppressed Harmandir Sahib so its believers assassinated
    its Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984;
    Invaded Sri Lanka in 1987;
    To be continued.
    Who is the supervillain? After you search online to verify any one of the facts above, you will know…

  16. I’m so so glad these people all acknowledged that individual chinese people aren’t bad it’s just the government that’s bad. As a Desi person who is dating a Chinese person, I have been attacked on twt over and over by “hyper patriotic” fellow desis who are just spewing endless hate against Chinese people without understanding that governments don’t always represent a group of people well and this dispute is a two sided dispute after all so it’s not like all the blame should be taken by one side

  17. India Arm Forces always put the blame on China Arm Forces or even Pakistan Arm Forces. How about looking in the mirror. HOW ABOUT BOYCOTTING INDIA PRODUCTS & BOLLYCRAP & NOT TEACHING THEM KUNG FU NO MORE.

  18. All this indian from south manly south indian educated but india rules by terrorist cabinet full by criminal modi RSS Hindutva government totally failed people die by hunger eating death dog meat but modi said everything ok

  19. Chinese government didn’t show the number of casualties is welling two country’s citizens not to compare about it(to increase the contrasting feeling).
    Actually most Chinese just heard the border fight and not care a lot. The India think their border should based McMahon line,China think it should based the historic line.
    As a Chinese,the opinion of mine is a british soldiers tell us your backyard is belongs to me because I had draw a line.
    In 1962 china had win the war and took back the land .But china withdrawal the military,it shows china’s kindness.China wants peace as 58 years ago,what will happen is all depends on India.

  20. We Indians dont hate chinese. We like them as both have ancient civilizations and exchanged cultures. But we dont like our land to be grabbed and dont like people who are using fake ids just to abuse our country..

  21. I hate that the media titles the new “at least 20 India soldiers were killed”. This title has an intention of leading the public to believe in a certain way whereas it should be just simply stating the fact that soldiers from both countries lost their lives in this.

  22. As with most disputes, these problems are mainly between governments & armies. Unfortunately, these disputes often lead to the people of both sides of countries to dislike & distrust each other. But (again), it’s a problem caused by governments & armies for greedy reasons.
    Hopefully this India-China dispute can end peacefully.

  23. india people seems peaceful, l hope all south asia can be friends. I wonder why Modi want to have three disputes at the same time? how he think of this🧐🤔 l just couldn’t figure it out…….

  24. i sent this to my parents bc they only get this information from indian news channels which dramatize/polarize almost every issue rather than get authentic opinions. i hope they watch it at one point and see that there are sensible people who are not agitated to go to war at this moment. thank you guys for getting some authentic responses from the people!!!

  25. This is how many border disputes we have:
    USA vs Mexico
    China vs Hong Kong
    China vs Taiwan
    India vs China
    India vs Pakistan
    South Korea vs North Korea
    Israel vs Palestine
    Ukraine vs Russia

  26. June 16, Narendra Modi PM India: Neither have they intruded into our border, nor has any post been taken over by them (China)

    End of story.

  27. Many Chinese don’t care about the territorial dispute because the media didn’t cover it too much and most Chinese don’t know about it.

  28. As a Chinese who is very proud of our civilization, many of my Chinese friends and myself highly respect India as our neighbor and the only other remaining ancient civilization that we had continuous interaction with for thousands of years. Although we hear a different story about how the conflict broke out, I hope current situation can deescalate, and the COVID pandemic can be overcome by all of us together soon. I can confirm that most Chinese feel the same way as the interviewees. We are all just regular people and hold no personal grudges against Indians. Big love to my Indian friends.

  29. this is based on the size of fists, China doesn’t have big and hard fists, so dose India, if we people request the war not from government, we people will have very bad and sad end, no doubt.

  30. They already have a China town in like almost every fkin country. Why do they want to keep taking everything and trespassing borders?!

  31. Ab tho yeah roz roz ka nafrat ho gaya h. Kabhi kabhi lagta h ja jis jis se dispute h le le nahi chahiye. Itni nafrat. Woh ek nahi do nahi sara ke sare neighbors. Abhi bas Sri lanka hi baki h. Woh bhi kuch dino mein kuch lene aajayega. Abhi tho sunne mein aaraha h ko Bhutan bhi kuch karega. Fir kaun baki h Maldives or phir kya Russia woh bhi yeahi karega. Dik tho aase hi raha jo halat h. Aur koi baki h kya. Phir kya tibet?

  32. In respect to people there is no hate, nobody hate Chinese public and so on…the only thing is the people on top who make decisions on both sides. I urge them to sort this out soon bcoz both countries can’t afford war.

  33. Chinese soldiers should stop camping at other’s territory,I know ladakh is a nice place for camping but heyy….that doesn’t mean it belongs to u

  34. We r against CCP not china….yes we have problems with their strange eating habits…but still we respect them for what they had achieved.

  35. As an indian, China is a country worth respecting, for centuries it was the origin of culture, science in East Asia. For millennia China-India lived together which was possible coz both civilization had mutual respect for eachother, which is must especially in today’s globalization era.

  36. First india got whopped by Pakistan last year, now China 😂…hold this L modi / india and stop trying to take over other people’s land

  37. I’m actually surprised at the very reasonable and educated responses. The fact that they realize the problem is the government, not the people, was impressive insight I did not expect. There are many suppressed voices in China that do not agree to the conflicts however they’re not allowed to speak out.

  38. For those who are asking to do the same interview in China. Let me tell you many chinese don’t even know what really happening in the border, because they only what their government guided media tell them.
    PS: I’m chinese living in Canada.

  39. One sided reporting promoting hatred against Chinese because of their hard work and success. Sad. Just propaganda like Trump is doing. This is just another form of racism against Chinese people.

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