Visa and immigration services at the Philippines Bureau of Immigration are available through service companies like JRC Consultancy and Immigration Services. They can help process visa extensions, SRRV, and many over types of visas for expats in the Philippines.


    1. @MW Based on the ECQ policy, anyone from Cebu City going to another city having its own ECQ policy, shall show his ECQ pass issued from the city where he currently lives. Cebu City will issue 4 color-coded types of passes: depending on whether you are a regular resident (GREEN colored pass), a government official/worker (RED PASS), frontliners/crisis management team (WHITE) and non-Cebu City residents (BLUE). The passes will be distributed by the respective barangay officials/workers to every house within their jurisdiction. However, as far as I know, both Cebu City mayor and Cebu governor still allow people from their respective jurisdictions to go out without a pass during the 5-day transition phase (March 28 to April 2). That means, they won’t ask for the pass yet if you go through a checkpoint on the border. So you can try going to Mandaue City tomorrow without the pass. Mandaue City, though, will start its own ECQ ordinance on March 30. Mandaue City is also an independent city, no longer under the Cebu Provincial supervision since August last year, along with Lapu-Lapu City. So the three cities of Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City are independent government units.

    2. Just get dressed and go to immigration Monday..if they stop you tell them where you are going..if they turn you around at least you tried..if you get there and it’s closed take plenty of pictures..that might help when they do open..that’s my two cents worth..

    3. @MW According to the gentleman at JRC Consultancy and Immigration Services, Cebu city is under enhanced quarantine as of 12:00 noon on 03/28

    1. We are on lockdown so if you are over 65, you are not allowed out and could be arrested. Using an agency like this is an option that I may use in the future MW.

  1. I linked it to a Blue Tooth speaker, so I could hear him.. I will have to watch it again so I can hear all of it.. Thanks for the email address, and PH#, Rod…

    1. @Amazing Philippines It’s OK Rod.. There is a way around everything except the Check points.. I can link my pc via blue tooth to my guitar amplifier, and everybody in the neighborhood can hear the young fellow if I wanted to… Thanks again..

    2. Interesting Bruce. It is plenty loud on my laptop but not all devices have the higher volume available. I should have increased the volume during editing.

  2. Hi very hard to her your discussion imm from australia came here on a balicbion visa which expires 21 of june A12 mounth visa i was told i am retired and we will stay here to live we are in luzon island north of manila we were going back to australia in april but now with this viourise we dont want to go back to australia for a holiday till its all finnised and we are back to normal we arrived in phillipines no 21 of june 22019

    1. I should have turned it up during editing Eddie but it was fine on my laptop. I usually bump the audio up a bit for those with devices with lower volumes. I used to have one of those phones with low volume.

  3. Great information to me. In my opinion, I was able to hear just fine. I am really glad that this information was given to the public to keep us updated, sincerely thank you.

  4. Thank you Rod after watching your last immigration visa video I was able to make it on time that Friday, March 27 to extend two more months my visit till June 1 again thank you for giving us all correct information always!

  5. Two questions – 1) Can UK Citizens fly into the Philippines (Manila or Clark) and STAY and get 30 days Tourist visa which can be extended for 3-9 months? 2) Can UK Citizens fly in and out of the Philippines without problems? 3) I am 64 years of age (not ex military) and have only 2k UK pounds in savings + a pension of 1200 UK pounds monthly. Can I get a long term retirement visa?

  6. Hi Rod, Thanks for the upload… But that was a long way of saying if your visa is due during the ECQ you would be given consideration. I checked with BI in Bacolod city last Thursday the 26th March and asked what happens if a visa was to expiry while the city was in full lockdown and was told “Sir just come in once the lockdown has finished and we would wave the penalties” Thanks again Rod

  7. Stay safe Rod , I’m back in Cebu around September and would like to meet up with you if it’s safe to travel then, God Bless .
    Rgds TREVOR

  8. Yeah pretty much in line with what I thought it to be based on information available here in Manila.
    Thanks so much for providing this info.

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