I’m Taking Charge Of The Round Tank Project

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  1. Brilliant!! What you think you know, you don’t know. There is a big gap between what you know you know, and what you think you know. And when you are in a different culture, you know nothing! After 50 countries of experience in work, I can testify that is correct.

  2. You go Brian!! I love how you take up for Tatay and Gina! Family should stick together no matter what country! I don’t read this other crap, because I too do not like drama. Your supporters will always be here.

  3. In the Philippines its all about improvising, especially in the jungle. In the bigger cities I still see wooden carts with wooden wheels. It might not look right, but it works for them. People are expected to work with the resources they do have. I’m sure David is frustrated, but he has to understand the culture. What’s clear to you, will not be clear to everyone else, unless your boots on the ground. He probably thought they were being pasaway, but that’s all part of the culture too. In any case, you cannot berate people. David have no choice but to apologize, its the right thing to do.

  4. Maybe the metal is too thick for that size circle. Thinner metal (like what goes around above ground pools) or a larger circle. But that material may not be available there. If Tatay can’t get it figured out, than maybe the material requested wasn’t the right stuff to begin with. Tatay is amazing at his workmanship on projects.

  5. A great lesson to take to heart. Loosing face is such a major thing in the Filipino culture…. naming and shaming may be an effective tactic in other cultures but not in the Philippines. Western tempers – I know from personal experience of loosing mine – are also incompatible… gotta watch what you say. Really great educational video!

  6. Most Australians are smart too,,smart enough to know u can’t curve roofing sheets in a tight radius,,David just won’t get it in his head that pyramid rollers were around a hundred years ago

  7. Philippines people are vary hard working people and will give you 100% in work or caring for you. People that talk bad about them don’t really no them.so I hope you block them Brian

  8. Brian, I’m sorry that you guys had to go through this type of aggravation…again. Corrugated sheet metal will bend however for the application that you are using it for, using them vertically is the best method. It will maintain it’s structural integrity with and serve its function to be the walls for the tank.

    I agree with James of @texasfilipino that this project is on you and Maricel’s property and you do have control in what does and does not get built, grown, or harvested on your land. It is a noble action to donate funds to projects that you have on the farm. However you and Maricel are the Project Managers and have the final decision making authority on what gets done and how it gets done. Here is a suggestion that you may have already implemented: Make it very clear to anyone who wants to donate funds to your farm projects. They can have input into the project, however You and Maricel have the final decision making authority on how projects will get done. This alleviates, miscommunication, inefficiency and basically gets things done on your property without wasting time, and resources.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with the world. Keep up the good work!

    Alex Rubio
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

  9. Hi Brian great videos as always good on you Brian David tilapia trying to start with me the other day on Jay and jhen live stream now everyone on live stream as well here watching this video Dave tilapia has a lot of different people to argue about things shows what a person and personality he has with things and other people any way have a great day Brian God bless I’ll always stand up for you and marcel and taya Williams and gin as well

  10. From the first moment I saw one of the other videos on this project I said to myself “put rings top and bottom and slice the sheets. ” Then I continued watching this SAGA and yup you said the exact same thing. It only makes sense. No matter who helped you it is something your building on your property and you do have a say so.

  11. Always drama here. Pretty funny…the purpose of corrugating flat panels is so it can’t be curved in the direction you’re trying. If you cut it into 2 foot pieces and run the corrugation vertically it will curve easy.

  12. Would just be a lot easier to buy an above ground pool. They have the hook ups for cleaning the water and able to add feeds. Dont know there, but here can buy for under 1000. Just need to make the ground level maybe with sand and then a easy roof over top to stop leaves getting inside.

  13. Brian what’s up bro it is what it is as long as it works in the end and it’s going to be covered up by a you know a liner or tarp I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff shame on anybody that puts other people down things in the Philippines are things in the Philippines and that’s it I have seen a lot of things that I don’t agree with I don’t want to put people down whether it’s not the way that I would do it it still gets done good at you Brian say hello to Charlie and your lovely wife for me like from Wisconsin love you all videos keep them up you let the comments on for suggestions not for people to be called things other than their name

  14. Hey I said back weeks ago why are you messing with him people down in Australia they don’t know what they’re doing just like the other Australia down there in mindanao he thinks he knows what hes doing and he doesn’t don’t worry about these idiots that’s out there you do it your way in your way is the way you gonna do it people from Australia think they’re better than other people because they’re separated from people they just don’t know how to do things anywhere they have problems all over the world with them people And I don’t care The Australian people don’t like me I wouldn’t do with Do with them unit they do donate and little money to the cause They don’t know what they’re doing down under That’s why they’re down under under the rest of the world should just chill bro Enjoy your life there

  15. Good morning Brian life not easy building in the Philippines hell lgot all that to come when l start building a house ๐Ÿ˜€ its great that l can learning how the Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ do things ๐Ÿ˜€ well all say is thank you for your help with this video it was a great help for me and wish me some luck ๐Ÿ˜€ ok hope everything goes well for you and thanks again by now ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. 2000-3000kg tilapia production there under control ………..and over water put azzola ,oxigen into water grow up azzola easy ……pomp with sistem filtration artizanal and enrich with oxigen water . Pipe what remain can you use at second circle into future ……..

  17. not winter not cost with energies ,this are big advantage there ——business with tilapia function, cut pipe for use at other circle pens ……..more water BRIAN make pressure big in zone down

  18. BRIAN into center circle put a STICK and conection wire cotton and make circle perfect ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,rotation wire and at finish put PIPE perfect into circle

  19. importance are Tilapia under control ,,,,,,,coment negativity not are a idea for development , that in development country are other life ???? peoples are conection and wage depend of other peoples work but food in supermarket are not natural . In town development not are a life free !!! and sometimes air are polution and at 60 year old appear big problems healthy ……..there are free life !!

  20. Dear Brian,
    David will be back online soon after he wakes up and has a good meal and a bath. He was in the Activity Room arguing with other patients about how to bend formed steel in the jungles of Thailand when he had to be restrained and sedated by staff.
    Thank you for your patience…
    Lazy Acres Care Home ๐Ÿก

  21. On a lighter note. There are heaps of different bird calls on your farm. Iโ€™m into birds. If you can get some on camera every now and then that would be cool.

  22. Good on ya, Brian… Nobody needs that kind of drama when Tata is trying the best he can with what he has. Another thing…. why does it have to round….?? why not flat sided between the posts, like an octagonal shape…. the rubber will just take the form of what it is in with water in it.

  23. I was thinking the round one would be done an get this shrimp party going. Dang chicks will hatch . An besides those of us that do watch an pay attention to what william builds goes beyond what is needed. Case in point the chicken building.however it turns out you know it’ll be good if not great.

  24. I believe Tatay is honorable man does things to his absolute very best. I know Asians do not want conflict. Brian…I am a New Yorker to a west coast guy….” I couldn’t care less” is the proper way to say it. I understand you and agree with you. Things are different in the Philippines.

  25. Biofloc aquaculture many people use heavy gage cattle panels or wire reinforcement mesh to form the support for the walls of the tarps. I know your working with what you have but for further if you expand to can try

  26. I will apologize ,, I will also send you the 300 odd very clear emails I sent that were ignored / not followed.
    I do agree THAT sheet must be very different to what I bent in Thailand in that approx. size circle.
    The roller will do the trick. But as I have said all the way with this ,, YOUR farm , YOUR decision.
    Please don’t go vertical ,, I sent you numerous pictures of water tanks and ALL are horizontal.

    BRIAN as I have told you , you where looking directly at a water tank horizontal style and similar diameter at in your Jao Island video there in Philippines not far from your farm.

  27. Yep Brian thank you for stating that. You are so right. Until you have been in the Philippines you cannot possibly understand the life style. Every country has a โ€œdifferentโ€ way of doing things. A different mind set. Thanks again for sharing your life
    And yes vertical sheets will be easier

  28. Although I don’t see anything wrong with leaving the dimples in the metal, those panels can be made into a circle if you stand them up and link them together. Just cut them to the height you need.

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