1. Tim you’re an amazing and caring man to Chrissy! You always put a smile to her, she is so happy for her first apple brand! Happy birthday Chrissy 🎂🎉🥳

  2. The story was amazing survival from the hurricane with rice for months. She is blessed to be with you Tim. That is one big beautiful chocolate milkshake. To grow up poor and now have a near normal life is a huge turn around life event. Why so many are trying to immigrate USA and Canada from south and central America. Thumbs up .. i hear partridge in a pear tree song? holy halloween too early for Christmas songs eh LOL

  3. Viand basically translates as food, but they mean vegetables when they say it!
    My partners mother still is just happy to have rice, even when i send money for viand, she shares it with others in the community.
    A nice vid mate, good to hear chrissys early life stories.👍

  4. Great video Tim.
    What a beautiful couple you guys are. I love the banter between you.
    Good to see how your life has changed so much since I first saw you with Harald. You’re a province lad now 😉

  5. I have to be honest..I was very skeptic at the beginning with the whole marrying 20 years younger province girl, but after watching many of your videos, I have to admit now, you are lucky man my friend.I hope you know it.Then again smart people make their own luck.

  6. Chrissy is correct. In Australia we call that one a thick shake. And our milk shake has ice-cream but isn’t as thick as that shake. So I suppose you are both correct:)

  7. Crissy is sweet, and you can’t help but love the provincial innocence. Have you found a good way to actually get clothes there? I remember going to several stores and not finding anything my size there. Just wondering if you have been able to figure that problem out yet.

  8. Nice to hear and see more content with Chrissy. 👍 I’m tired of other vloggers hinting at or wanting funds, being ignored in comments and long segments of rubbish music on speeded up bike rides. Always refreshing to come back to your straight forward vlogs Tim.

  9. You are so lucky to have her my friend! It’s so rare to find someone so innocent and kind hearted. I am based in LA and I wish I am in the Philippines right now. Be safe and have fun guys! ✌🏽

  10. Happy birthday Chrissy! I’m jealous Tim got you a Macbook Air

    Think Chrissy had it better than us here in Tacloban ‘during’ supertyphoon Yolanda. She didn’t mention how strong it was, how there were no storm surges etc. But she did mention how life was hard ‘after’ since they’re poor. She mentioned that their family couldn’t even afford to buy a viand for their meal (yeah she was referring to viand or the food paired with rice). Can’t imagine eating rice alone

    The toy she was referring to was teddybear. Most of us Filipinos mix up our p’s and f’s lmao

  11. wishing you fantastic weekend Saturday
    really enjoyed the video great job!!!!!!!! Safe Travels 👣 👣🐾🐾
    Happy Birthday Crissy

    🍰 🎁

  12. Massive respect to crissy, been through enough, glad she’s happy that she has you and dale, great work Tim, hope your well fella keep up the good work, top guy!

  13. Extremely late to comment first nevermind I was busy dale is getting bigger and chrissy is getting more beautiful take care Tim your a good man who thinks about life to much 🙏

  14. Shows how the problems in the West are so minor. We cry if the shops are not open not about we can’t buy the food in them. P.S I don’t think Dales shirt was $450 lol.

  15. tell Chrissy happy Birthday from all your her other foreigner subscribers friends that watch your channel this one out of Canada. just saying but to some of us we might not of known when that Typhoon if not looking it up. so a year or date of this event would of been helpful!!

    thx Tim

  16. It was very difficult to watch your countrymen suffer through Yolanda. It was very emotional. Been here in the States for a long long time so I’m very fortunate. I wonder if Chrissy’s family got any help from the government. I Donated some money not lot but donations came pouring in like crazy.

  17. No electricity for one month? I remembered when I was in the Philippines back in 2013, the electricity went out for couple of hours And I almost went crazy.

  18. Christen is an honest province girl who is grateful for the blessings she’s been given. She’s also the only girl I know who would allow herself to be vlogged while shopping for feminine hygiene products. I guess that’s progressive too! Now we know that she likes 🧚🏽‍♀️

  19. God bless her she is the sweetest,kind and a very caring loving woman you are a very lucky man to have her for your asawa. I grew in a poor family in the USA and went to bed many times in a cold small house with very little food to eat Happy Birthday to her and God bless you and your family

  20. Ok Tim, I gotta day this…. you live in the province, I get that. But!!!! Get yourself some survival stuff!!!! Food Rations, water purification stuff, medical supplies! Cuz it could really come in handy in a pinch! And I’m not talking food bars either!!! Really, look into some good stuff! Ok, enough on that. On another note….. Happy Birthday Chrissy! Nice lap top😁 Ohhhh and Dale!!! He da man!!! Best wishes guys, jim

  21. It was so scary I was in Balite Villaba Leyte when Yolanda hit. It took me 3 days before I can get to ormoc city to call my husband in United States to let him know that we are ok in our house.. typhoon hit 7 days before I have to get back in The U.S. after my 3 week vacation.. no electricity for almost 5 months..


  23. That inflatable pool and baby stroller we’re Progressive Lance and Shannon approved. 🌈 👍 😁 Happy birthday Chrissy. She’s cute and adorable and I enjoyed hearing her talk about her life and her banter in the store with you.

  24. Happy birthday Chrissy and you’re not poor anymore you got a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby god bless you with thank you for sharing that with us 😀

  25. Happy birthday to Chrissy! Hoping her life will be much more better each passing day, and yours Tim, especially Dale’s. Great days ahead buddy!

  26. TIM, I wanted to say, good job bro. I remember a few months ago when you were going through some kind of shit and a bunch of us told you to man up and soldier on. I’m proud of you bro. You are doing truly great things for not only Chrissy and the family but for yourself as well. From one soldier to another. Lead, follow, or get the hell out the way. Lead brother, Lead.

  27. Christmas starts there in the Ber months, Septem-ber, Octo-ber, Novem-ber, Decem-ber, is confused me too but like most things you dont comprehend there, just go with it. Happy advanced Birthday Chrissy, Amping and God Bless.

  28. It is really unreal how many Americans take things for granted. No American will ever go hungry because of the food stamp program. I was even getting food stamps for a while after I got custody of 2 of my 6 grandkids. Now my wife and i make to much money to qualify for them but we still struggle month to month to pay bills and have enough, but we do make it because our house and land is payed for so no mortgage payments anymore. God bless you and your family TimK.

  29. Chrissy’s story was heartwarming……my wife remembers as a child living after a severe typhoon on coffee made from burnt rice because they had practially nothing. Can we hear more of your childhood experiences Chrissy as they are truly fascinating? 😃😃

  30. Being a youtuber is the best job now in the Philippines. You earn dollars without location and time limitation. And the cost of living in the province is very low compared to western countries. Congrats on your province life and family.

  31. Maybe one of my favorite videos! Treasure these memories with her. You both will share many first things together. Hold her close and keep making her feel loved and special. Its been almost ten years and my wife and I still share these special moments

  32. The “localized” barbies are a new thing, here in mexico barbie was extremely popular when i was a kid and there was only white with blonde hair. People used to call white blonde girls “barbies” too. It really f`ed up society as brown girls were getting their hair blond color and they look horrible. lol

  33. My Filipina who is 42 tells me about growing up in the province. Being a U.S. citizen I had no idea the struggle these people went thru and still go thru. She moved to Manila at 18 years of age and now we are going to build a province house where she used to live. We are both looking forward to it.

  34. After yolanda,the Geothermal plant was broke that is located close in Tacloban,that geothermal where we get the supply of electricity.so the whole province shut down.that was hard, because family abroad were so worried can’t contact us because no network signal too.To get charge our phone is to go in line where people charging thier in the houses or stores that have generator but you have to wait till you get a chance .The network signal came ON early than electricity.

  35. Hey Tim my friend, what an awesome gift to give to your beautiful sweet wife. Please tell chrissy I said happy happy birthday. Please stay safe my friend.😊 😊 😊

  36. Trying to make a live in Asia, how do you manage to support your wife, give her expensive gifts as apples etc?And you are so young?You have a remote job or just living on youtube?What do you suggest to people that want to move and work in asia while young and not retired?Thanks

  37. 🎂🌺🌹🧁🌺🌷🎀 🎉🥰 🎊🍷🍰 🎁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY GODBLESS YOU 🎁 🍰 🎊🍷🥰 🎉🎀🌷🌺🧁🌹🌺🌹🎂

  38. Mac Book Air??? NICE!! Happy birthday to your nice wife, sir!! You are so blessed, lil’ man looks happy too! Thanks for the content. I’ll never visit where you are but it’s sweet to live vicariously through you!! 🙂

  39. Thanks for sharing.. You’re a good man to spoil her, she deserves it… the volume is too low…Viande = meat.
    Bud, count your blessings, don’t be mean.

  40. Yo yo yo it shows us how lucky we are to have what we have when I was you my perants had 6 kids we didn’t have money but we alway had food it’s a whole different world thanks for the stoy Mr and Mrs K

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