I sent a Vietnamese mother PACKING.

Thanks to Thien, Philip & Elaine!

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  1. We need more people like you Tung. Your helping hands greatly appreciated by a lot of people whose had difficult time like right now

  2. I am giving…I encourage others to be kind as well and help genuine cases like this mother. I really hope she finds some peace and joy in the months ahead somehow.

  3. Fancy having had an operation, no where to rest, and in pain and a young kid to keep an eye on. In normal circumstances, a person who has had surgery get taken to hosp. and back. This lady is a worthy case for your help, Troy. She looks like she hasn‘t slept. Good work, Troy. 👍👍👍

    1. Charles Wong – she probably ran out of $ at the hospital, she asked the driver to take her to a public hospital she left to buy “meds”, my guess is she or a family member is struggling to pay the hospital bills to continue the unfinished treatment basic Vietnamese citizen insurance won’t covers.

  4. Troy, an idea : you could help these poor people out to find a hotel to rest for a day, and take them there. It could provide more content in one go and would be more interesting for the viewers as well, as they could form a better bond with the person. Otherwise great video as usual, thank you for being who you are. Never change!

    1. @Vu Le This could potentially save him time because he could do 2 videos from 1 ‘encounter’. So he could take the next day off? Well it’s probably more complicated than this.

  5. I’m afraid the title to your video is wrong. If you send someone ‘packing’ that means you give them nothing but send them on their way.

  6. Again a feelgood video from Troy! Thanks a lot, donation well spent. I had a good laugh when you confronted the old sidekick with our reactions 😝 Driver Hien seems a much better helper.

  7. The world can be such a scary place. Oh man… She reminds me of my mother somehow, except a version of her that’s completely devastated and broken down, almost hopeless. Please God I hope these people receive more help

  8. Well done Troy, and thanks to Thien, Philip, Elaine and Hien the driver. He did well to get the message across cos she was tired and confused and a bit wary. These things work better in daylight.

  9. Wow what timing you had to help that poor women that was nice to see you helping her out and thanks to your supporters 👏👏

  10. There are a lot of singers / entertainers in Viet Nam.
    Saka is one that comes to mind.
    They have time to do selfies but do they ever help people of their own streets and country?

  11. You and your donors bring tears of happiness! You totally change lives!! I just discover and sub to your channel, I see lots of good deeds but they were 2 to 5 years ago? I want to help but not know if you still active!! Let me know and I’ll be happy to kick in a few hundred usd, and on monthly basis sponsor I in need on a monthly basis.

  12. Troy your channel is the BEST!!! You are a good person to do what you do too, no make that a GREAT person!!! Keep it up friend the world needs people like you!!!

    1. EXACTLY what I was going to post too! This lady is either scamming or in some sort of trouble? Tuấn Dương gave her money too and she was supposed to go home but took the money and never did. Hmmm…very very curious about this lady.

  13. Wow that was tear jerker for me , to see this women and her kids in such a horrible situation. Many thanks to those who support Troy and many thanks to Troy . I’m supposed to be an Alfa male anyone got a tissue.

  14. What’s so heartening is that none of those in need are ever greedy or ask for more than what’s given. Even the motorbike guy displayed the same gratefulness.

  15. You are such an Angel there, Troy. There is a saying that goes something like, You can’t help the whole world, but the one person you help is the whole world to them.”

  16. This lady looks so exhausted to the point of confusion Troy once again you were there at the right time and thanks to your donor great job

  17. As a previous commenter mentioned, if possible it would be much better for the recipient of help and us viewers if we could see her get safely to the accomodation, especially in a case like hers where she seems in so much physical pain and mental burden. Man I lost it when she started crying about her child. Maybe get her contact or give them yours, so when they need help, which is extremely likely because of the lockdown she’ll have someone to look to

  18. Do you guys have WeChat or anything? I hate carrying paper money since I may lose it or get stolen. For pain, marijuana works really well, is it legal there and can you get some?

  19. The motorcycle driver name is “Hien” which translates to Kind. How awesome is that! He even gave her recommendations as to which districts is cheaper to rent a room and how far. Keep up the good work Troy. But can we do drive by compilation of lottery ticket sellers? Starting to get tired of rewatching those old videos. Craving new content since quarantine.

  20. Horrible situation that could of gone on for a lot longer. good she get’s her medication. Best of luck to her and I hope she get her other child back very soon.

  21. fuck you are killing me TROY….the desperation and sadness in that ladies face….makes me feel like a piece of shit…I got a house to stay in and food, and some money….she ain’t got jack squat. God bless you mate, u r doing God’s work. peace from Macau.

  22. 2:24..sjeesh..some arab hulk passing by..of course loaded with cash…not noticing the poor people at all…
    aand the little child..following this rare sight of unreachable superheroism…
    fake idols..

  23. this was great and timely….she was in desperate need of help……he other kid was taken, she cand even buy her meds for surgery…..

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