I sent a Chinese beggar PACKING.

Desperate Chinese mother and her young child sent packing by Viet Kieu.

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  1. Well done mate. Being a father of 3, it really hits the heart seeing people and children struggling. Would love to see an update and possibly someway for them to have a better chance at life.

  2. Troy you the man !! Thanks for sharing happiness during this time of crisis πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Yes, sometimes it’s about taking a “leap of faith”. How can you help anyone if you dont take a chance. Sometimes ya get burned but the times you do help makes it all worth it.

  4. I like your style Troy! I do a lot of travelling on a shoestring budget and will help people out if i can; but if you look at the overall situation of peoples lives, unfortunately it’s impossible to save all the poor and destitute……. I love Vietnam!!

  5. not sure if it necessary to labeled her as a chinese even though you know dam sure she was born there just like myself (goc tau); as long as one’s born there then you’re a tru viet!

  6. How often do you go to Vietnam Troy?…Lol I think you have a heart of gold Troy, I’m surprised you haven’t met a nice Vietnamese girl from the countryside. You could change her life and yours. Either way you are a great guy β˜ƒοΈπŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈ

  7. I believe her she doesn’t even own a phone..she’s gentle, looks not clever and quite naive and sweet,I don’t think she’s had a great existence..you did a great job helping her out. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  8. Just seeing that poor Chinese Woman and how desperate and worried she looked was really breaking my heart; I hope that poor woman and her child are well.

  9. Smiles for helping the old gal and her child find their way home.
    That poor second woman would have received some much needed help, if only she hadn’t needed to take a dump so badly… πŸ™
    How many people are killed or maimed each day in scooter accidents there? Traffic is crazy…

  10. when I first read the title, I was under the impression that the beggar did something bad and you didn’t want anything to do with her. after I watched the video, you got a cab for her. usually in english, when you say ” you sent someone “packing” it has a negative connotation.

  11. What you said at the end about small town people being taken advantage in the city is so true I almost cried because it happened to me ,I’m a meek guy from a small town in South America I came to New York I could never find a good job but I had everything i need it , to me I was rich I had a Samsung 3d TV ,playstation 3,a powerful laptop with illuminated keyboard,nice down jacket with real fur in the hood,brand name clothes like lacoste,nice mbt shoes,etc I felt happy and thankful to God,but lost my job used my rent deposit and the lady renting me lock me out keeping all my stuff , the police said they couldn’t break the door unless I had proof I lived there,they told me to go to housing court but I was on the street homeless with no money I spend days without sleeping etc long story short I summon the landlord who said the lady renting me was doing it without her knowledge so I had to summon the lady , i did and it took more time to wait for a court day, all this time I go there to see if she had a change of heart ,but no ,the day came and she didn’t show up the judge again didn’t helped me, I felt betrayed by the system and now I hate New York and the police I became homeless for 8 months i didn’t wanna go to a city shelter because besidea ex convicted felons (thieves) living there ,there’s bed bugs and lice so I seek BRC to help me get into a safe haven called breaking ground they actually save my life because I was contemplating suicide before and thanks to them I got back on my feet, I really wish I could help you soon

  12. Beggars deserve a hand up and a chance to earn a decent living.
    Scammers deserve a chance to get publicly shamed.
    Scammers take from the truly needy.

  13. I wonder if that poor mother and her child were originally from China? God bless those 2 and God bless this good man to help out πŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. The mother and child were saved…. you stole heart Troy.

    Not everyone will understand the situation of both the mother and child when there is no roof over their head, no food and no security.

    God Bless You Troy …. from the Mother and the Child.

    Love from India Brother

  15. Nice clickbait title to a truly warm, wholesome content. You’re a great guy troy, been subscribed to you since 2016 but you gotta interact with your viewers man.. I believe by now you should have overcome your issues already.

  16. Heartwarming video, but now I know what it is that bothered me about the title: to send someone packing means to send them away forcefully and abruptly, usually when they’ve done something wrong. Perhaps it means something different to English speakers in other parts of the world, but that’s the definition that I’ve always been familiar with.

  17. Good on you Troy, you’re a rarer type of person. I don’t give cash to beggars but I give gift cards for Subway to those who look like they could eat but too proud to ask. They are usually very thankful and some look like they might break into tears.

  18. you are great man Troy, with your experience and wisdom you are capable of helping genuine people in need, thanking for sharing your knowledge too so it can furthermore enable others to be knowledgeable

  19. It’s so weird how you use terminology .. In the USA when you say I sent them packing means a whole different story lolol..my gosh what a sad story you told..why are the people in Saigon so heartless?? You definitely have to be street smart pretty much anywhere you go now a days!! God bless you for what you do..im clueless about this place…

  20. Troy this is one of your best pieces yet. Obviously your knowledge of scams is amazing and helpful at times like this. Your amazing work and kindness is being seen all over the world. If your ever in the UK message me on here I you will be my guest in my home your a great man keep doing what you do and I will keep watching you. Take care

  21. It’s great for being open minded. There are so many resentment to the Chinese national in Vietnam. I’m now living in Vietnam. The Vietnamese locals are givin me shii for standing up for The Chinese people.

  22. Troy continue to do what you are doing. My mom used to always give money to beggars, and I one time asked her what if they are lying or trying to scam her. She said β€œGod knows what is in your heart. Even if 90% of the people I helped were scammers there is going to be 10%, that truly needed it, and that is what I am thankful for.”

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