I May Have To Go Back Home. A birds eye view. มุกดาหาร Part 3

Vlog#846 Today i bike into the town of Mukdahan. Taking the beautiful ride down the Mekong river to the Isaan Province of Mukdahan. It is damn hot but perfect day to be alive.
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  1. Hey Chuck . Why that guy won’t whip ur ass. If he don’t like what u do and say Don’t whatcha. He is a dick. Keep doing what ur doing . Cheers Bryan

  2. 4:25 I’ve got a farang here says he’s going to whip my ass!! 😄There are people who make bombs, and people who make bomb threats. These are two completely different groups. If you’re the kind of knobcheese who’s making comments like that on the internet the only person you’re a threat to is yourself! These guys never look delighted when someone finds out who they are and just turns up at their house.

    Cus d’Amato, Mike Tyson’s trainer, had a tough guy challenge him to a knife fight. D’Amato said okay, they agreed a time. D’Amato said he had no idea how to fight with a knife, so he made a weapon and attached it to his hand. He’s standing there good to go and – of course – the tough guy didn’t show.

    Your man making the threats? A lot of people I know would say, “Okay, where are you? I’ll come to you”. That can mean their pride becomes involved, and if they’re stupid enough to give the address then they end up picking up their teeth with broken fingers. It all gets a bit real. I knew a Muay Thai fighter who worked as a doorman. People were always making threats and challenges to fight when they were full of drink snd drugs, and then facing him twelve hours later in their front garden, getting battered senseless in front of the neighbours.

  3. Thanks for taking us with you Chuck. I enjoyed the ride.

    You got lucky with the hotel. Would have been a pain to have had to turnaround and head home the same day.

    Keep doing your thing and having fun 😃

  4. . Get to the point. Why do you have to leave Thailand and go home to the US? Your posts are too long winded and a bit tiresome. I couldn’t watch anymore waffle

  5. Good morning from wettt and windy Ireland ,you might get fed up doing and saying ,but we never do love the video.Isaan is a great place,oh dont pay any attention to this A H xpat most likely on the run key board warrior ,if you like I can come and give u a dig out Irish style l o l

  6. a T-Shirt. Many, if not most, are made of polyester which is a synthetic fiber(like plastic) that does not breathe like cotton, so you will remain hot and sticky all day with a polyester T-Shirt.

  7. Hi Chuck and Paige
    Good video , you are doing good content while in lockdown and restricted access , and much better with no Corona content , thanks .
    Regards Davy

  8. I am over 70. I road a bike and scooter all over Chiang Mai, Vientiane, and Siem Reap. No problems. Ride defensively and aware of the surroundings. Never assume. And a helmet. There are worse things than death. Most accidents are by drinkers, speeders, and being careless.

  9. I know it must be force of habit but describing a foreigner as ‘farang’ when the rest of your commentary is in English could be very confusing to a first time potential subscriber not familiar with the term. Better to just say ‘foreigner’ or explain ‘farang’.

  10. Good video. Why are all of your recent overnight bicycle trips to the town of Mukdahan? What’s there that is so interesting for you?

  11. another great video chuck, always look forward to them, pay it forward is good, thats why I used to volunteer for rescue in thailand, but now I need to pay it forward in a different way, will let you know.

  12. I am a Farang from Hawaii and have lived in Chiang Mai for 1.5 years. So every Monday I give 700 baht to the aThai food court for free meals for my neighborhood.? I also give to the Wats, many hungry people in CM and it really makes me so sad

  13. I have never paid for a meal with a group. But i cant seem to walk past the people that have a disability or clearly are homeless. (I am not not in pataya) It makes me feel great. But obviously happens a lot. Some falung always give change. It makes me cringe. Why not atleast give enough for a meal. Onya chuck. 👍. I also am loving the freshness that your videos are portraying.

  14. Hey Chuck. As the old adage goes. “You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.” Forget the negative commenters, they’re just a waste of space!

  15. Once a week for many years I have been doing the pay it forward. The last time was a cup of coffee and a cake each for a lovely couple of pensioners who were going to share one, they were so happy.

  16. 45th thumbs up from me. No thumbs down yet. All the trolls have disappeared? 555
    PS Don’t want to be nosy, but may I please ask what Soi Mafia said to you/called you when you arrived home? I’m trying to learn Thai and I couldn’t pick it up. Thankyou mate.

  17. Nice video. I’ve had a few crazies commenting on my channel recently. Not sure I’d write my address in the description though. I think lock down is to blame 😁

  18. Hi. Really enjoy your bike ride videos. Very relaxing to watch. Used to ride bike a lot but find it too unsafe now. Always thought when on a bike (for some strange reason) you never feel alone. Great means of getting around.

  19. Hi chuck, indeed you don’t know me, but I do know you, through all those amazingly beautiful videos “about your existence in Thailand together with your wife peace, and the mafia. In the meantime I have watched almost everything, and keep following you, too bad that the corona has so much influence on you and planning! Boy how much have I learned from you, blah blah, I respect your way of thinking, and Thailand and its great culture, lovely people, great food, and always with a smile, I don’t think you realize what that means to me, truth and freedom, a thought that we got from God, but certainly how it is meant, thank you again, greeting Frits.

  20. Your bike might need some lubrication, listening to it in the back ground. I regularly dismantle and use synthetic bearing, gear and chain lubes.

  21. I went down by the river their a few months ago and the water was so clear not like nong khai.some nice restaurants down there too.

  22. Great video. I can’t understand why a person wants to fight with you. Is this you tube drama? All too often, people who act this way they are envious because they want your life or are missing what you have. I bet this guy not as tough in person. Most pc warriers are this way.

  23. My Ex Pat English friend has just traveled (yesterday) from Bangkok to Surat then ferry to Samui, no problems no quarantine. Why cant you travel?

  24. Your videos are non offensive and informative I don’t see you causing any offence in what you say.
    Have a great weekend.
    If your visiting Rayong we can meet up for a beer.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. I have done that before a couple times randomly bought people their dinner or supper. Once was a family, the parents were arguing about how they couldn’t really afford to be there. I paid their bill with out telling them and left.

  26. Regarding your bike. When you stop pedalling the freewheel makes the usual sound which is really loud in the video. To quieten it down on my bike I clean pawls and re-grease with a very viscous bike grease like Morgans Blue and put heaps on. Very quiet now !!!

  27. Gday chuck took on your challenge and got my thai wife to give 500 baht, nappies and powdered babies milk to a lady in Aranyaprathet,she has had a baby just last month and her partner left her alone to take care the baby without his support, she has nothing to name so it feels really good to help her out. Take care champ really enjoying your videos

  28. Thanks Chuck for the video’s of this bike trip. I think i can say iT did you well, your face tells.
    Greetings to Page and the family. Glad to see all are doing well.

  29. I enjoy having my morning coffee and watching a new video from Chuck and Paige!! Keep up what you are doing and don’t listen to all those negative distractions.

  30. Hey Chuck,
    Couple of questions….
    You went South, from home, correct?
    About 20-22 miles, correct?
    How long did that take, on the bike?

  31. Well Chuck I did something that I generally never do and I more or less will never do it again and that is watch a video with more ads than is reasonable! I thought you made videos for fun and enjoyment not to constantly annoy all your subscribers with ads! Good for you Chuck! Not good for me! Waste of my time! And time is in short supply!

  32. yesterday with the help of my Thai wife (cuz I don’t speak Thai), I gave 1,000 baht to a poor family. They sent pictures of the food and clothes for their daughter they purchased. imho as a farang, a little money goes a long way here.

  33. 555​ motorbike​ shops​ and​ hair​ salons are​ where​ the​ money’s​ at…. True​ Dat.​ My​ GF​ is​ giving​ up​ teaching​ to​ do​ hair!

  34. I watch mostly Thailand videos but there is one guy I watch who is in Vietnam. He helps the homeless, sick, and children there. I gave him $300 au last week to help out a homeless woman. He always post the video when he gives out the money. I cant wait to see how I helped someone halfway around the world. I’m in the USA.

  35. It happened to me one time random stranger paid for my kebab. I didn’t like it at all. Freaked me out a bit.

  36. Hi from Scotland! Enjoy the video’s, my Wife is from Sisaket and we hope to get back soon, maybe take a drive up to Mukdahan as I haven’t been there yet, stay safe.

  37. Oh, so you might have to go back to your Thai home because the hotel closures and not back home to America(USA). The title was misleading, I thought someone was threatening you and you had to go back to the US for safety reasons.

  38. Chuck, I’m betting it’s only those sour ole’ “ Red Coats “ giving you nasty comments. Their mostly such a loathsome people. Now wonder we revolted.

  39. 1. it is cracy many comerisal on you youtube now, It so much I will skipp it NeXT time to watch if its the same, I do not know its only Your channel, but i have seen the same many Places and also other People complain, it is just to much to hav 15-20 breaks for 30 min vid. 2. Do you bike after 10:00 in morning?, I find it wery hard to not get dehydrateted, I can streach it to 11:30 if longer I get a terrible headace. 3. Liked Your chalange a lott, I have done it before. 4. Good to se you are back and like tubing again. 5. May we hawe a presentation of all Your bikes and the specks.?

  40. I don’t live to far from You, & everybody around my place knows American Farang & European Farang “ Not Same Same “. Hahalol btw I think I saw You roll thru the round about in Udon not to long ago.

  41. lived and worked in asia 7 years and in thailand 7 month and ALL your videos are solid gold..bullseyes’ sir! Great job…and forget all the other dudes who are not there..you are, and you know whatz up, eh?

  42. Chuck I pay for meals anonymously for years. Especially low ranking service members. When in Thailand I bought coffee for the police at the Mae La Luang checkpoint. My philosophy is to do at least one act if kindness a day to someone who cannot pay back. For the lonely it could be simply giving them listening time.

  43. I like the bike rides, and yes take breaks. I did some running in Thailand and the wind was blowing and got deceived how strong sun was, I was knocked out for one day by dehydration and heatstroke.

  44. Enjoyed your video, Chuck. Almost fifty-five years ago, while eating a meal in a Newport Beach restaurant with three of my fellow Air Force weather observers, we finished our meals and requested the check, whereupon we were advised by the waitress that an elderly man had already paid our entire bill; he had departed from the restaurant without ever having said one word to us. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise that this poor airman was never to forget. Since then, I’ve repeated that man’s generosity by paying forward or assisting the less fortunate on numerous occasions. I believe that the Thais refer to it as performing ‘merit’ . . . which rewards the benefactor with a deep sense of accomplishment. You are to be commended for your selfless act of generosity.

  45. been watching since march….when we got back from Koh Chang…..added F.Joe as well….what a great character…and his girl …question…is that a rear vieuw mirror on your helmet ?

  46. Too nice of a guy for someone to threaten you. It really takes the fun out to even think about it. Someone who takes the time to make a threat is best dealt with by the police. There are crazies everywhere.

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