I Love that Chinese people can’t survive without CROWDS!

It can drive you mad or it can be seriously exciting! Crowds, crowds and more crowds… And Chinese people wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Dongmen shopping area:

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  1. In Finland a crowd is a person who lives close enough to be able to watch with binoculars when you take a piss in your backyard. I’ve always wondered how the few Chinese we have here manage to survive without losing their minds.

  2. If I have to buy something from a shopping center I always try to go there as early as possible so I don’t have to deal with any kind of crowds. I live in Finland where people rather stand in the buss than sit next to someone who they don’t know.

  3. Well when your country consists of billions of people there pretty much will Be a crowd everywhere. Personally it would be a nightmare to visit China or India. They both are beyond polluted, scamsters, and diseases everywhere. Not to mention literally every thing is a nockoff..

  4. There’s definitely more of an egoistic desire among Westerners to escape other people. We dissipate away from each other, driving things like suburban sprawl.

  5. It is never because people like to go to crowd places.It is very natural where there is convinient to get people together where goes the capital.The more crowd a place is generally a better service provided.The average resources in China are fairly more limited than that of West.That means certain services will only be provided in those places.And because there is a greater density of population in China than any other western countries.It created an illusion as if chinese people like crowd.The truth is wherever comes good service where comes the crowd,and then people naturally think crowd means good.

  6. Not true. Go to Australian cities of Melbourne or Sydney and there are areas that look like you are describing and people don’t have or need cars.

  7. This is a pretty good summary of why I love this country and wanna stay in China. The crowds can feel overbearing sometimes, but I just love the general vibe and atmosphere

  8. Half true i would assume lot of places in China though where there are no crowds in more remote regions.Was just in China a few weeks ago in Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Beijing and Hong Kong also you get used to the crowds.

  9. In India…..this is not even a crowd..😂😂
    Jokes apart…in India people have the same Psych as well….more crowd means something that is interesting..

  10. Being from Chicago, I get that there’s a certain energy being around lots of people, but when I got the chance, I booked it for a college in the suburbs where I could breathe easy.

  11. honestly fuck suburbs and having to drive everywhere. i hate these soulless suburbs so much they need to go. much rather be there than in a lifeless suburb with a bunch of creepy christians.

  12. Had the worst New Years in Sydney this year because of all the Chinese pushing and crowding everywhere. You are right. It is like a herd that loves to just be together in one big mess.

  13. I avoid crowds…& I gave up standing in lines when I got out if the army…Large crowds
    have as Winston says @4:14 in…..miasma…A word I’ve never seen or heard till now

  14. You could’ve just talked the whole time the music wasn’t that loud. I heard you bitching just fine so you could just went on with it my friend I love the vids and content

  15. people has different culture, different likes. understandable that you not like “crowd”, and also i think you haven’t all-in the china culture yet. maybe one day we can see you using less “they”

  16. Thanks for the video. Yes China is crowded. But You gotta give it to the Chinese where 1 billion people can peacefully co-exist on Land equal to the size of the USA.

  17. The old man hermit recluse in a mountain cave writing by candle light before looking up to ponder the nature of it all through his watery eyes before coughing, stroking his beard before resuming his calligraphy is one image of China that I got in my head growing up.

    Anyway for every bit of popular culture there is a counter culture.

  18. Good point, haven’t really thought about that but I feel this is really true. They are used to big crowds whereas I’m happy if I’m alone at a wonderful place just to enjoy the quiteness.

  19. I love that every time I visit Thailand, there’s people everywhere. Not just tourist places (I rented a car and spent quite a few days on the road, far away from the tourists).
    But I live in Sweden, a country in strong contrast to China (actually most of Asia). Here there’s rarely someone outside after 6pm. Sure, large cities never sleep but honestly, the largest city in Sweden can’t compare to even smaller cities in China, our largest city is about 1.5-2mil citizens. It’s not the same.
    I hate it and the result is I lock myself as well and don’t go out later during the evening. One day I’m going to end up far away from this shithole with boring people and crappy weather.

  20. it’s strange that people look at him like he’s some sort of extraterrestrial.they act like they’ve never seen a white person before. they have china towns in white countries.but as soon as white people go to China we need to keep these westerners out they scream hypocrites.proof that diversity only goes one way in their minds.

  21. Been a mexican l dont need to go to china to get so much of that amosphere , but its been changing due to proximity with USA unfortunately there is a negative vibe of somethings although bad and good ones to be fair

  22. They are just different dude, they look & think like aliens. They are just a backward insular people. End of. Keep them in China & forget about the strange people who live there.

  23. This is kind of funny because I’m an American-born Chinese who grew up in a semi-rural area, and suburbs seem too crowded for me. Cities are fun once in a while though.

  24. Winston this is why you have angry Chinese followers. You take video and sometimes spin it to your narrative and make generalizations. Chinese people can not live without crowds then you say it’s their whole society. This feeds some of the racist viewers and they write comments that Chinese are mentally ill, have no identity, etc.

    China has a huge population, crowds is a fact of life. Chinese, old timers, grow with a sense of community and family. They like to be in crowded places because it’s lively, a festive atmosphere.

    You could’ve put it in a better light and point out how they’re friendlier because of this. But you didn’t. Sometimes It’s easy to talk to a stranger and shoot the breeze.

    But it doesn’t mean they don’t like their own space. Was in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve and a distant family member didn’t want to go see the fireworks because she thought it was too crowded.

    I like most of your videos though; sometimes you look irritable though. Could be the suit in hot weather

  25. As a chinese let me explain: more people=that place is good!!!(even i don’t know what that location have). Less people=something happened at the area that scared people out.

  26. 你这明明就是以偏概全,这就不是stereotypes 吗?你知道中国多少人吗?而你所见过的人只不过是很小一部分,而你却让看到你视频的人认为,原来所有中国人都是这样的

  27. Good point I’ve travelled to a number of cities in China including smaller lower tier cities and there always is that one main pedestrianized shopping street where everyone walks and hangs out. A lack of those communal pedestrianized streets is a huge failure of north America (I won’t say the west because I remember Europe having them) because north America is too obsessed by cars and north american cities were designed for cars not people (really sad in my opinion).

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