I have ZERO problems today!!!

I went for a bit of a walk today, down the street to a grocery store that looks like any other grocery store. …you would see in an Upper Middle Class neighborhood in San Diego. As I was walking there I noticed people were sitting down on the sidewalk, for about a block and a half. There were little old slippers placed in the sidewalk about 2 meters apart to clarify spacing. I thought, they must be waiting for something but I couldn’t think what that might be.
On my walk back all those people were now standing up, still ~2 meters apart and as I walked past a table I saw the reason. There were a few people handing out some food and bags of rice. A quick glance at the line of people and then back at the table told me there was NOT enough food for all the people.
A feeling of gratitude over came me.
So, just wanted to share.


  1. Mike,
    Apparently I’ve figured out the notification feature as I was alerted to this video being uploaded. 🙂 By the way it’s 0400 A.M. PST. I was actually working on some pharmacology review homework.
    A daily reprieve from the bondage of self.

  2. Hey yes can feel what your feeling about how this issue c -19 is having different effects on peoples lives. I also see the lines. Have had thoughts of making helping gifts. Then more and more began appearing which is better for all. New plan hand meaningful amounts of cash to lady friend sending her out to handle our daily needs. This way we can touch many micro businesses, which works out in keeping their many supply vendors working. This keeps people receiving pay for work done, cash draws opening being stuffed. Also getting smaller baht bills from bank. Hopefully you and see how this is playing out on a large (er) scale..

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