I found Nhi’s mother.

Thanks to KEVIN WONG.
Special mentions to STORM WOLF, THAI TRAIN & JO FRITZ (Doorway57).

Original video: https://youtu.be/Y4bV-93oSmw
Nhi sequel: https://youtu.be/r8_Bg7ICpgE
Nhi & Bot: https://youtu.be/-1j3JD7HA3Q

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  1. This video was very entertaining from start to end, a lot og things was going on and not a second boring. Good job Troy letting them enjoy this special moment and many thanks to Kevin Wong.

  2. How are these folks protected from the gangs when you give them money. Most beggers have handlers. Jakarta was full of disfigured babies used by gangs to beg at every street corner. Then pass the child off to the next ” mother” for another six hour shift? So sad and controlled by scum.

    1. It’s quite typical for Vietnamese to judge your weight.
      I get it all the time when my aunty, uncle and cousins in Vietnam sees me, so don’t think too much of it.

    2. its very rare to find people that fat and poor at the same time in Vietnam like America where most poor are fat.. figure it out

  3. they don’t know how to shop. unlikely they have ever been told to buy what they want. better to buy them a set like a backpack, books, colouring books, pens, pencils rubbers ect. let them buy a few things they like. they will get home a go I should have gotten this and that.

  4. Didn’t you send Nhi to school ?? Phillipino people rely on donations from a relative so their child can have a cake for their birthday.

  5. Thanks to u sir education is the best way that we understand all the things education is the way to open the golden gate of success if these kids become educated so their future will be bright education is basic right of every child but in less developed countries the problems come in their education way oftenly they face some fininical problems so thak u sir for helping these people.

  6. God Bless Kevin Wong and the rest of the crew that sent donations! Edit: I hope Troy bought batteries for the kids remote control car. This used to happen to me every year at Christmas when I was a kid….a new electric toy, but no batteries to play with it.

  7. Wow watching this during the pandemic when lots of people needed the help make me feel very happy and relief. They looks so happy and this toys and foods will help them for atleast a couple of weeks. Even it’s all they can grab, they didn’t filled the whole cart which show they are very good people and only bought what they are needed.

    Great job to Kevin and Troy for making it happens. This have make them all happy again.

  8. Damn, he should’ve told them to get so much more. They probably felt embarrassed and uncomfortable grabbing whatever they wanted, so he should’ve explained that price was really no concern at all and push them a little bit harder to get more things

  9. Her father is half black… and, then, from the other person: I am not a fan of Cambodians. And, to her own grandchild, “she’s not that smart.”

    What the hell is this? This crazy old woman needs to be taken somewhere & dumped there…

    Someone needs to tell that old, cranky woman the Cambodians are not black (although on average they’re darker: a surprising fact, in general people live closer to the equator are darker). Not only that, that old, cranky Vietnamese woman needs to be told the Cambodians built the most sophisticated city on earth, equal only by the Ancient Greeks, at Athens, but the Cambodians city was about 4-5 times as big as Athens, with giant artificial lakes many square miles… That the Chinese didn’t do it (even if they did build the largest structure on earth, the “Great Wall”… but it’s nowhere near the civil engineering exquisiteness as Angkor City), not the Vietnamese, nor the Koreans, nor the Japanese… only the Cambodians did it….

    We need to show proper respect to people who’ve done great, civilization-size greatness in history…

    Nhi, by the way, is the most courteous, hardest working little girl in Vietnam. It’s a shame she doesn’t get to enjoy a carefree life, as a child, having to work so relentless long & hard throughout the day, in extreme heat & humidity, selling lottery tickets, just to earn a few dollars a day, at most, so that her family could eat.

    1. ​@Troy Vietnam Hi Troy. I think you misunderstood her. As she was saying how their father is a drunk and left the family, you jumped in saying “Mien people are good”, which to her implies the father is good. That is when she responded with “Good my ass. HE is always drunk, never provides for the family, and abandoned them”. She never used the term they. She did not slander the Mien people, only the father.
      And you are correct on the translation of “khờ”. Using it on an adult is offensive. But it is pretty normal for an adult to use it on a child. It is not meant to be demeaning to the child, or is it the same as calling the child “ngu” (stupid). That’s why you can hear the mom laughing when the grandma calls Nhi “khờ”. Even you laughed at that yourself.

    2. @Troy Vietnam Dude, not only is your Vietnamese bad (per your own admission: I don’t speak Vietnamese, so I only go by what you said about yourself) but, apparently, so is your English.

      And I don’t know why you’re trying to teach me Vietnamese, such as “kho = foolish/imbecile, etc. I only read what you wrote, in English, and what Anh Bao wrote, in English, about the Vietnamese for which you subtitled. You need to deal with Anh Bao, someone who speaks Vietnamese… Anyway,

      #1: Nowhere have I defended America, regardless, much less defended ONE American politician. I’ve never defend ANY politician in the world. What I defended, America and anywhere else, is about basic rights and freedom in general and the institutions that defend rights & freedom.

      And the freedom to express oneself — be it negative or positive, especially toward politicians who are said to be of the people, from the people, by the people, or with the people —- THAT should be defended by me, you, and any person on earth who doesn’t like to be a slave or like to be told where or when to talk, and where or when to shut our mouths, and WHAT SUBJECT or WHOM (as a person) is PROHIBITED from being discussed, etc.

      If your only freedom… or notion of “freedom”…. is SILENCE or “know when to shut your mouth,” you don’t have any basic freedom: you’re just TOLERATING tyranny as best as you could, by shutting your mouth when/where “the benevolent” or “correct leader” tells you to…

      In any event, the ONLY thing “political” I’ve said in that long post in a recent video of yours —- after you’ve babbled mindlessly, falsely about Vietnamese expats equating SAYING bad/negative things as having freedom —- was that saying or being able to say “bad” or “false” or “negative” things is NOT freedom… but that having the ABILITY to say whatever you want (whether you actually do say thing)…. is a PRE-REQUISITE for what we called freedom in the age of Quantum Computation.

      I understand…. You apparently FAILED miserably to understand that “little” distinction.

      Apparently, you think WE here in the USA THINK we only have freedom if we were allowed to say bad, negative, or false things about our leaders at any and all times… & further, you probably think that WE ERRONEOUSLY believe we had freedom ONLY if we ACTUALLY say bad & false things about our leaders everyday!

      I tried to disabuse you of that erroneous assumption of yours (about us), in vain.

      I understand…. You (from Australia?), Communist & totalitarian people & leaders, apparently, have the OPPOSITE view: and that is that societies where people/citizens don’t say “bad” or “negative” or “false” things about their leaders — or crudely put, societies where people who KNOW WHEN to keep their mouths shut —- are societies with real freedom, real real harmony, real tolerance, real care for their leaders, etc…

      I understand that THAT is how you operate; that’s why you prefer, say, Vietnam to Australia?, a Western Democracy. We can agree to disagree, no?

      I also understand YOU & most people & leaders in countries like Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, etc have no doubt you guys have more tolerance of differences, you have more freedom, you have more freedom of expressions, you have more maturity & control (hence, not bad or false things said about your great local leaders, etc), you have more rights, etc. than stupid Americans or Western Europeans which LIKELY are ~90% of your base support?…. in addition to the fact that the Internet, Google/YouTube, FB, Twitter, & other communications algorithms you’re currently operating by also are under-girded by the US & Western nations & ideals.

      OK, I get that, dude.. the West & Americans suck!

      #2: The “misunderstanding,” if there’s any, is between YOU & Anh Bao, NOT between you and me. I even said, to Anh Bo, I thought MOST of your subs are IRREVERENT and, therefore, interesting. Where VERACITY is concerned, on specificity… I said that’s for you to deal with, in your videos, for your audiences.

      (“Irreverent” is NOT “Irrelevant.” The first carries positive or light hearted connotations in most contexts, while the second, negative. I used the first on you, not the second… Adios!)

    3. @Anh Bao Firstly thanks for the comment. And I admit you’re right that I’ve taken liberties in a lot of past videos so you got me there, but this video was 99% accurate. ‘Khờ’ in google translate is ‘imbecile’ ‘foolish’. In glosbe the translations are ‘dumb’ ‘unwise’ and ‘credulous’. In fact their 2nd example sentence is: “Cậu khờ lắm” = “You fool”.
      My Vietnamese is not the best but “dopey” is as accurate as it gets I would think? Again thanks for the comment.

    4. ​@HenryDavidT Come on man you gonna burn me on the back of one comment?
      Khờ = foolish/ imbecile. Copy and paste it and look it up in Google translate. It does NOT mean naive. If you call an adult “khờ” it is the same as saying they are stupid. Look at Nhi’s face when granny says this.
      Her grandmother absolutely WAS talking shit about Cambodians. I said “Cambodians are good people”. She countered ” Good my ass. They blah blah blah ie slander”. I already said in my previous video many Vietnamese think Cambodians are below them because they’re less intelligent. Good example right here.
      Even though the gran DID say all this it’s common in Vietnam to speak truth very bluntly which Americans are not used to. So I think she did nothing wrong. Americans think way worse things than her they are just too cowardly to speak them. Hence people are on my case for calling people fat or skinny. Whereas in Vietnam this is very common. America has become a PC police state where speaking truth is outlawed lest it offend someone. Land of the free? Yes free to keep your trap shut lol. #endrant

  10. Nice to see you finally got to meet Nhi’s mom and the family this really made there day don’t think they were expecting all that thanks to you and Kevin great video heartwarming

  11. Finally u found them but damn dont celebrate their bdays tell them pick anything in the kids store for 15 mins they get like 1 thing tell them to fill up the cart full of food it wasnt even half full thats sad to see you know they never eat like that when they buy food its little at a time like for the day wish you would have donated some more money to them too bc thats not enough 3 kids the Gma and the mother barely half a cart full of food their toys took up most the room i would have made sure that cart was filled b4 letting them leave like that

  12. I wonder if my advices helped… buy her something to eat, sit down and talk.
    Earn her trust and all that.
    Well done, one less to worry about turned out to be one entire family.
    If they went through with that loan and couldn’t pay the interest, who knows what they were gonna do later, and with two young girls, anything could happen, so I guess you just saved this entire family.

    1. It’s a sign of respect.
      When you give something to someone who is older than you. You MUST give it with 2 hands, even if it’s a grain of rice.

  13. 10-15 minutes is too short for book store , atleast 30 minutes for me lol..also thank u for letting Nhi’s mother know it’s not safe for her to sell alone

  14. Hi Troy, Greetings from Malaysia. I am Malaysian cainis. I am thinking of visiting Vietnam and cambodia. Thinking of staying 2 months. A month in Cambodia and a Vietnam. Given the anti china sentiment there. Will I be beaten up if the Vietnamese realize I am of cainis descent? God bless and God speed

  15. Wow, i missed this vid, i didn’t know you got ahold of nhi’s Mom, did you ask why she was hiding her from you so much?

  16. Mr Wong your not Wong your 100% right . Thank you Kevin for bringing some joy into the lives of those who are not as fortunate as others . I will pray for you Kevin but God knows already that you have a good heart ❤️.

  17. Hey you idiot, 0 deaths because these extreme measures are working. Vietnam announced they were taking the war to the coronavirus and instituted rigorous quarantine policies, and carried out complete tracing of all people who came in contact with the virus. These measures were implemented much earlier in the course of the epidemic than in China. So what they’ve been doing has been working yet you want to see people die in order to justify your own opinions.

  18. So funny- in a “bookstore,” and no one buys a single book!!! When I was in Vietnam, I spent most of my money on VN books to bring back!
    Troy, I like what you do, but you REALLY need to tone down your prejudices…at least not publicize them! Only halfway through the video and you’ve already put down Cambodians, Persians, Nigerians and Saudis!!! And pretty much Americans too, with your comment that lack of English has protected the Vietnamese from the degeneracy of the Western world. I wish you could do the good work you do, but with a more loving spirit towards all.

  19. This Family is so genuine, they appreciated and just take as much they as they need even Troy told the kids take everything thay want and Troy would pay for them and give cash tomatch the amount but the kid settled one toy each, and Mom only take the amount of food that she need. They are not greedy at all.They such a lovely family. Thanks Troy, Kevin Wong you guys are awsome.

  20. This family is so much nicer than that Bot and her grandmother. They are genuinely grateful and not conniving and not taking advantage of this sucker.

  21. I’m sorry for Nhi, she’s such a sad girl that she can hardly smile. “Nhi” must be helped to become a happy child. The hard life Nhi goes through causes too tense a behavior for a child.

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