I found her sleeping in the street. Homeless Chinese woman.

Maybe it shouldn’t have shocked me as much as it did. But I wasn’t prepared at all to see the lovely Chinese woman with a heart of gold (Co Binh) huddled in a cold doorway at night on the streets.

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  1. Troy you did enough, several attempts to facilitate her but she is very hesitant! I am also very attached to this woman but some mystery is involved! I herd one commentator recommended to accompany a lady that may give her any confidence, probably that’s psychologically true! 11:27 she clearly have communication issues!

  2. it might be that she doesnt want a hand out, when people loose the will to “go on” they need a purpose, maybe you can help her find a job or something to do? i realize its very rough out there but its a suggestion. Best of luck

  3. I think she’s got some mental health issues and can’t really comprehend herself in a different situation. If I were you, I’d stop mentioning a room and simply try and catch up with her regularly.
    Offer her a meal and some small cash and take care of her that way.

  4. I think she has some personal issues that needs to be resolved. You need to talk to her again and find out what it is that puts her on the street this long. I’ve dealt people like this before, and once they open their problem to you and willing to move on, they might make it, otherwise they will stay homeless forever.

  5. Hey man I think you should try to setup a shelter for women and children around that area so they can go in there and use it. Maybe start a Gofundme page or something to get money to help you start up..

  6. She’s lucky you have taken an interest in her. I bet no one ever has. You have a heart of gold. It is easy to give up when a situation looks hopeless but after watching rescue videos of dogs that are on the brink of death you realize almost nothing is impossible.

  7. All I can think of is if you can find a professional to help you. Someone experienced in dealing with the homeless, who could convince her to accept help. Are social workers a thing in Vietnam like they are in the U.S. ?

  8. ….People got no energy. She probably needs a Gatorade. No energy even to get a room. Walking around in the sun. No bed. Poor diet. The problem I saw while in Red China was NO BATHROOMS. If you had to use a bathroom and you were on the street, forget it. They don’t bother building public bathrooms. At least in America there is a Burger King or McDonald’s with one on every corner

  9. I may be completely wrong, Troy, but I think being homeless is all she knows and she prefers that to the responsibilities of a permanent residence. She is satisfied with sleeping in doorways, and roaming the streets. Sometimes you just can’t help people because they like the way they live, as they know very little else. Your heart is as big as all outdoors, Troy.

  10. Hey, Troy , I know that you wanted to help her but, Have you ever noticed that She was mentally disturbed of some sorts? Or maybe she has gone through some physical trauma in her live.. I believe she needs some counciling to strengthening her live..

  11. Hi Troy…much respect for all you are doing for her… Perhaps if you see her again like this…. just rent the room close to where she is that night and then go to her and tell her you have a room for her for that night… nothing she needs to do. it is ready and waiting for her She seems overwhelmed with ‘the process’ of obtaining a room. Start with one night if she stays the night, rent it for another and so on until you can get her a place full time. Hopefully she won’t refuse if she knows the room is waiting… take some pics so you can show her…and you can pick a place that is close to where she is currently setup on the street for the night. Just a thought. Hope she will accept your help soon.

  12. Its such a shame for her to be sleeping on the street,maybe she has trust issues/mental health issues and thinks you want something from her if she takes your help?. To be honest troy it could come across a little dodgy a man offering to get her a room, maybe if you had a female friend that could help you with her it may help her trust you. I have mental health issues myself although better now than what i was and at my worst trust was a big thing, i wish you good luck with her.

  13. I know you mean well but you are torturing yourself trying to force help upon her.
    Perhaps just being a friend. Share your life with her; tell her about yourself and your day. Ask about her and her day. Don’t force a response or get too personal right away. Allow her to move along at her pace . She needs to feel comfortable, safe and trust you.
    Once a relationship has been established she might allow you to Assist her .
    Instead of deciding what help she needs such as a room or money and food let her tell you what she needs assistance with. Ask her how you can help when the time is right. Tell her how she can reach you if needed. Once trust has been established she might be open to your help.
    Perhaps she might want a room. Ask what’s stopping her from getting one. Then ask how you can help overcome those obstacles.
    Well , that’s just a few ideas.

  14. you need a professional to get her accept the help that she deserves or try take a woman or something with you next time may be she will open up to her lil bit. Either way one thing for sure, you must not give up on her

  15. Troy, she might have been deserted by her family member as a shock to cause her mentally ill..I respect your insistence to look after her well being at night.. I am out of words for your kindness.God bless you

  16. we need more ppl like you in the world troy! I have lots to say but im just goin to say keep doin what your doin and thank you for being so kind hearted and always helping out and giving to those in need! god bless you

  17. Dont give up troy. See this as a challenge from god or what ever higher power there is. Maybe some experienced psychiatrist will show up and contact you and give you tips or help.

  18. You are a good man.
    I will try my best to let the ads on you video runs all the through so you can benefit. And I am going let your video finished while I am sleeping.

    Anyone, Is my idea right?

  19. She is suffering mentally. Try and share a meal/drink with her. She won’t feel as obligated and might even feel she’s helping you.

  20. I think she is broken soul, its very hard to deal with people with broken soul. I think you need to be little bit lucky to catch her on her “good day” like in previous videos and try to help her. Im affraid she had some really traumatic experience (family or best friend) which makes her not trusting people at all, she would need help from some professional doctor or social worker… Maybe someone from Vietnamese shelters could help and assist you? Maybe she just needs time to accept you as friend.

  21. Maybe you can sneak up The money to her when she’s asleep. And try to investigate The day after if she kept The money. Do it with a small amount to be sure. Act like you know nothing About it.

  22. I was the person who made the comment,about 1 month ago,that it took me 3 years to get my social work degree and that you are are presently getting a much better social work education and it is only going to take you three months
    Troy,I will now have to amend my comment because any PROFESSIONAL social worker would have to give you a failing grade on today’s class. Here is hoping that you OK with a little honesty,but if not it was fun watching your vlogs and you are a really good guy to help; problem is that sometimes just being a good guy with a thick wallet might not be enough.

  23. Troy I think Co Binh has been institutionalized to life on the streets she may as many of your commenters have said be suffering from some kind of mental disorder like dementia , l think all you can do is offer her a few notes to keep her going , it doesn’t look as if she knows home life anymore , but it’s not your fault you can only do what you can and what she will let you . Thanks for fighting the good fight .

  24. take her to your home. give a shower and some clothes. she would always decline, so you have to push her . she promised, so you have to claim her on her promise and don´t let her get away

  25. What’s going on mate ? Hey listen , something it’s telling you to help the lady and I can sense that she really needs help . But whatever in your guts or heart is actually driving you for that mission . Go for it man it’s tha link between you and her lost of love my friend , good job .👍🏻🙏✌️🙏👋🏻😁❤️

  26. I guess all we can do is wait for the next video and see what happens.
    I’d wager a Fin that she wasn’t at the courtyard the next day. :-l

  27. I like Binh, Troy is doing is fu…g best Binh has to help herself. She i a pretty woman for sure, I hope tomorrow she shows up and Troy finds her a room, you are super Troy. A big heart.

  28. Oh Troy this is heart breaking. You have kinda adopted her as family as you worry about her so. Why not tell her. Maby she misses family being needed. Family makes you smile laugh and cry and in my book she has done all these above. You enjoy talking to her so much let know. She is your adopted Auntie. Maby that will help . I wish I could help financially but I take care of my mom. Good luck you are a kind soul and you connected with another kind soul Im shure if she had the money and transportation she would do the same as you.

  29. I think you have the potential to buy a big house or bldg. And start a homeless shelter.. for the vulnerable. Like mother’s and mentally ill…. The people will come out of the woodwork to help.

  30. I wonder if you accepting the drink that she offered you last time could have made a difference. As things currently stand, perhaps she sees you solely as a benefactor rather than a friend.

  31. Troy, she is not unique, she has a mental problem. You can solve her problem using normal reasoning. Try researching on schizophrenia.

  32. I’m praying she accepts help and you find her a room. Tell her not to worry about rent. Please please set up a go fund for her, I’d help out a little.

  33. Good work, Troy. Hopefully you can find her a bit of comfort and safety. I did get the sense, though, that she would agree to anything to get rid of you. So long as the plan is always for “tomorrow”, she will go along with it.

  34. the reality is you’d have to do 100% of the leg work to get her into a place. you’d have to pick a place out for her around where she normally hangs out, instead of asking her where she’d like to stay. it’s obviously a process way too overwhelming for her.

  35. Seems like she has mental problems. Unless you have experience with people like this, you should move on and help those who need it and would appreciate it more…..Like the lady with the one-eye that was very emotional.

  36. Co Binh really breaks my heart, but I guess there’s not much you can do Troy. It seems she needs some serious professional (medical + social services) help that is way beyond your resources, you’re just one man. You’ve done probably a lot more than anybody has even tried to do for her in a long time. I guess best you can do is to try and keep her alive by providing money for food when she accepts to take it.

  37. Is there maybe a social worker at a homeless shelter you can reach out to to help with Co Binh? Strength in numbers and all that but approach with caution of course. We all feel for her.

  38. Just maintain the assertiveness and passion approach. That way you are not stepping (invading or intruding) on her personal life that she has learnt to deal with as her own responsibility (not anyone else). So far, your psychology approach is pretty much on the mark and that’s a good thing.

  39. Troy, thank you for helping this Chinese woman. Co Binh will be a tough nut to crack, but you have the good spirit to do it. God with you. ☦☦☦

  40. I think troy , you are torturing yourself trying to help this sad lady. It’s probably best to put your efforts into somebody who will accept your help. Just visit her when you see her and give her a drink and money if she wants it. You have a heart of gold troy.

  41. Hi Troy,
    I see sometimes people resist to be help due vary reasons like too conservative not wanting to bother you or feels bad if you spend too much money on their needs, no confident of themselves to deal with landlord, easy get nervous on everything, my suggestion would be asking street people where they live or how to rent a cheap guesthouse rooms, or cheap boarding rooms, or even sharing room with her friends regularly and that you can help her to pay… Thanks for the good video clips posted, admired your heart and your works .

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    You dont have to put any ‘paid member’ only videos if you dont want to. It just gives an additional method for us to support you.

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  43. Troy, are there any women that you know that could go with you and talk to her, or can you find a Church with a Pastor that would be willing to go with you to talk to her, then you both go get her a room. She may be afraid if she take a room from you, then you will know where she is and come looking for “favors”, that is difficult for me to write, however, I think that is a possibility. If you can’t find someone as I wrote above, can you go to a Charity and get a woman from a legit Charity to go with you to talk to her, and the you all go get her a room. I truly think you need a woman on board with all of this. Many people on here talk of her having mental health issues and she may have, however, lack of nutrition is also a HUGE factor in not being able to make decisions, or get you bearings or stay on track with speech, or thought processes in the long term. Folate and other enzyme deficiencies including Vitamin D, and all the B vitamin def. can wreck havoc on the brain. Please keep that in mind, the entire world of homeless are NOT mentally ill, many of them have severe nutrient/vitamin deficiencies.

  44. My new friend, you do wonderful things but you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Keep at it you do wonderful things for ppl wish I could help out

  45. Hang in the Pal I know it’s frustrating and you want to see her ok and off the streets but it’s going to take time unfortunately! You’re obviously gaining her trust with each chat you have but I must agree with other comments on here she needs perhaps to speak to a professional person or similar to evaluate her mental health! Stay safe Pal.

  46. A place to sleep, clean clothes and something usefull to do during the day is what she needs. she needs a coach or help to get usefull work . Maybe she has now enough trust in you Troy.

  47. There’s a saying you can bring Mohammed to the mountain but you can’t make him pray, driving around cities in Vietnam and giving cash and gifts is a wonderful thing but poverty is an incredibly difficult intractable problem. The Chinese woman is not capable of doing more for herself than she is doing, maybe if possible rent a safe place and take her there or have a female take her there. She definitely cannot function for herself, to help her you really have to raise the bar.
    Btw, I am in Manhattan everyday there are so many homeless and with this quarantine, the streets have been empty except for me and the homeless so I have to interact with homeless people all the time and they have so many varied problems, all any single person like myself can do is show them respect and give them some cash.

  48. Everytime you leave her with another false promise (from her) of meeting the next day. You can’t keep torturing yourself this way. She does need help but she doesn’t know how because of mental issues. I don’t mean you should force her, but don’t ask her this way. Next time bring a jacket and some food for her. Eat together. Then tell her you already found an appartment and its already paid. Call a cab and im sure she will come along. Use little tricks to take away the ‘tresholds’. If you find it difficult bring a female ‘helper’ along.

  49. Get her a phone. not a smart one, just one of those old phones with big buttons and a prepaid number. Give it to her and tell her you’ll call the next day to take her to lunch. Don’t ask if she wants it, just give it to her and tell her not to lose it. If she starts getting some protein in on regular basis might improve both her spirit and energy levels.
    You can’t help if you only bump into her at odd hours in the night. Once you can get hold of her when needed, you can start looking into planning up visits to rentals. But before that she could probably benefit from a night or two in a cheap hotel, a shower and some new clothes. Again, don’t ask her about it. Call her, pick her up and set her up with the reception people.

  50. If she doesn’t. Want your help you have to go slow by making casual talk. Don’t ask her any personal question. Talk more about yourself and later she will confident in you.

  51. Hi Troy!you need to pray .ask GOD what HE would have you do or say.you might be surprised what sudden inspiration you might recieve🙂

  52. I think she needs medical attention and should be thoroughly checked over by a doctor. Not just a physical exam but blood work. If she has mental issues then perhaps there is a place to help house her? I know it’s Vietnam but maybe they have some sort of programs in place? That would be a great help for her rather than a room that she clearly is resisting for some reason.

  53. As I told u in previous video.. Get her to a doctor.. To diagnose what going on.. After that treatment. Professional help regarding this issue is the only way, Troy. We are no doctors.

  54. I think Co Binh does not see her been homeless as a real problem cos she has been in this situation for so long, she is used to it. She did find a seemingly clean doorway with shelter. Why spend unnecessary money may be her thinking.I wonder what homeless people does when they need to answer the calls of nature; maybe that old lady is incontinent of urine. Some old people gets to stink, esp. women if their problem is not fixed. I think, in my opinion, the lady with a child needs some help.No mother will put her child in this situation unless she is in dire straits.

  55. here’s your solution:
    Because the woman is worried about getting accepted in a hotel, try to bring the hotel to her (If it’s possible, try to ask someone to act like he or she’s from the hotel reception and telling that Co Binh is welcome and that you’ve already paid for her room. This way Co Binh will not ask you about how to get into the hotel , because the hotel “has already accepted her”.)
    hope this helps

  56. I’ve only been aware of your channel for a solid day now. I really admire your work and the awesome people that donate/comment/watch these vids.
    Im not gonna spill out my whole life story on here, but you inspire me to make a real change in my life. Thanks for that. Keep up the good work ✌

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