1. As much as we want to bring you the most authentic insight and amazing stories from all over Asia every single day, it kills us that we might only be able to release one or two videos per week at our current capacity. A lot of you reached out to us to volunteer and we really appreciate it. But please understand that our videos need to meet a certain quality threshold that you’ve come to expect from us and we just don’t have the capacity to train or guide you and do quality assurance. By the way, we always try to pay our volunteers, which is something we’ve been doing since our company was incorporated, and eventually they turn into our freelancers or full-time employees. We never had any issues with people getting their paychecks on time. It’s just that for the time being, we simply do not have the capacity to work with any volunteers or interns. If anything opens up in the future, we will make sure to let you know. One way you can show support is by subscribing to our channel and turning on the notifications. Thanks, everybody and stay curious!

  2. Didn’t think I could like the channel MORE but after this video of you owning up, saying I take responsibility, and trying to do better…I’m definitely here for the long haul. It makes a difference when a leader can and will say I was wrong but I will be better

  3. CONTENT WARNING: A joke not to take seriously.

    Fake news. Obviously Asian Boss has a budget of 3.6 billion dollars with a staff 7000% of Korea’s total journalists. These statistics are accurate, a study sez, from some Angelfire website I found this one time.

  4. I think you are overthinking this and inflating our expectations for you. It’s a YouTube channel. Do what you can while you can do it! No worries!

  5. “You just can’t listen to everybody.” <-- Big red flag, here. If your team members are communicating needs and not being heard, that's not a team. That's a dictatorship.

  6. Steven, you are not called to be perfect. And so is your team. I think it’s crucial to underline how much EFFORT you’ve pulled out as a team these past few months to produce insightful content. We highly respect what you do.
    However, meeting the quality threshold you’ve set for your startup also requires to – hands down – take a break. To freshen up and gather more energy. You have not failed as a leader, sometimes it just happens; it’s just out of your control. But you can take this as an opportunity to re-prioritize. And so please hang in there! We are behind you. Thank you for always being transparent.

    To all the employees that resigned, we thank you for your hard work. We feel for you! We support you.

  7. I wonder if Stephen’s been keeping up with the drama at Gimlet? or literally any media company where a union starts up, for that matter. it is so important for journalists to have story control that editorial independence is often in the contracts for hired journalists. you have to have someone with the experience of nurturing good stories develop them, because the idea of working on a project for dozens of hours only to be told it’s not good enough and then has to be THROWN AWAY instead of tweaked is unfathomably infuriating, and also speaks to inexperience at media companies.

    That said, you don’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you. sometimes you can speed the process up by asking. And I hope Stephen does a lot of that, because I’ve loved what Asian Boss and its’ reporters have been doing for years.

  8. Yep. The most important aspect to a team is your team’s health. Not the amount of work they can produce. We can wait. There are so many channels out there we can watch in the meantime. 🙂

  9. Communication is key, sometimes it takes a while to get what the other side means. Failure is also an opportunity for growth.
    I hope this failure can become the stepping stone for a stronger Asian Boss, and things can be solved in a way that the workers can have a better working environment.

  10. Well instead of making videos about ‘what koreans think of LGBT’ or what ‘Chinese think of japanese’ if you asked people deep questions about life, it would have been better.

  11. Steven – You are more than just ‘some dude’ hun. You are doing good in the world! You are using your life and your time to help other people. People in need and people that don’t even know a lot of things that are happening in our world and are grateful for your insight.. You are educating the world and THAT is THE MOST important thing we can do in this day and age. So keep fighting and we will fight with you x I’m sure the world will be back to normal soon (post covid) and we can all continue with the goals that we have. AND I AM CERTAIN when all this is over people all over the world will be fighting to come and work with you and help you. You WILL be back to where you were I’m SURE. PLEASE don’t give up hope x 할 수있어

    EDIT: I would fly over now and work for you but I am a bit camera shy so I don’t think I would do too well lol

  12. All support from India as for u are all doing best ! Being an entrepreneur myself I can understand how hard it is in this situation! We fail but we rise more since we learn from failures! Wishing you good luck and all the best in this journey and love you Asian boss ❤

  13. You have to move your office to Southeast Asia, the cost of living is cheaper here, employ Southeast Asians at a lower salary than Korea, that’s a short term solution until normalcy

  14. Dunno if you’ll even read this, but a hard lesson I learned as a leader is that you HAVE to have fun with whatever you’re doing. That may seem counterintuitive, but it’s what keeps people going through the hard times.

    I appreciate your honesty, sincerity, and humility, but in these videos you come across as very somber. Whatever mood you portray while leading will propagate throughout your team. So if you’re gloomy all the time, your team will be, too. And it’s hard for people to show up day after day to a job where everyone seems miserable.

    It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but try to carve out a few hours and a few dollars to take your team out for dinner, or drinks, or mini golf – anything relaxed and fun that lets them escape the constant drudgery for a little while. It makes a bigger difference to their morale than you might think, and they need that morale to keep going.

    So, for the sake of yourself, your company, and your employees, have some fun with your job – in addition to taking it seriously.

  15. Asian Boss has truly become the boss it was to become, we will stay curious as you always tell us to…I really will pray for everything to go back to its original place…We are always with you Asian boss, we will always be striving for the world to put forward its stories

  16. You are not just any guy, you are THE guy 🥺💗 the guy who introduced me to multiple cultures and learn exiting things around the world without having to leave my bed! No matter what happens, I will continue to support you !!! Much love from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  17. Anyway, no one will care if you miss an upload, two, three or even four. Don’t believe me? Go experiment and look at the statistics.

    I make lots of videos too. But I make it a point to have enough rest. I can’t wait to rest early each day because I can’t wait to wake early to start work.

  18. i don’t know the details but i think there is a lot of division among the team in this project.. and in this situation that we are living its totally undestandable if someone finds a better career with better conditions.. we all aim to this. Work overload in a stressful situation never pays back. Hope this will be an opportunity to understand… and the “300 years” thing .. just forget it .. and work with the team to fix the real time problems. You will recieve the money at some point.. use it wisely.

  19. I thought you guys have received the money when I saw the constant posting of new videos. Sir, your subscribers would 100% understand the lack of content with your current situation. I was confused to see the constant posting bc my expectation was you guys are gonna slow down due to lack of workers and fundings which is understandable. We won’t walk away bc we understand your situation. But please, overworking your employees is not it. They have their lives too.

  20. stop caring about “people’s standards” and just produce the content you can given your circumstances. obviously health is always the priority in human life (so don’t romanticise overwork and burnout neither in yourself or for your employees).

  21. I really like this channel. It sucks that a lot of the talent I’ve come to love from this channel resigned from over work. It’s not often a head of a company publicly admits fault. I hope that the people who resigned find fufillment in their next jobs and gets treated better. I hope this channel can get the funding it needs to do just that, and I hope too that the workers that did stay get treated fairly.

  22. Is this video a disclaimer? I was surprised. Of course, I’d like to see some familiar faces back, like Hiroko, for instance. She’s so lovely and sweet (pardon the spelling if it’s not correct). I don’t really understand the point of the video with the accompanying title. It could have been called just “update”. In any case, things are very difficult everywhere now, so best of luck with upcoming projects.

  23. Too many peopole in the comments are jumping to conclusions about this situation without knowing all the facts… i’m definately curious to know more details though. I have never detected any malicious intent from Stephen or the other staff and i have a sneaking suspicion there is a bit more going on behind the scenes that isn’t being revealed. I also suspect this wont reflect well on the ‘quitting’ staff members when it comes out so please stop jumping to conclusions idiot comment section.

  24. So sad after reading these comments from ex
    Employees I can no longer support this channel. Good luck Asian Boss. Just learn from mistakes and slow down.

  25. Sorry to hear that, but after watching this video I somehow wanted to unsubscribe to this channel. When I saw one of your videos, I liked it because its short and easy to watch to relieve my day to day stress. I can feel your stress and I feel for those who left you. The fact that you are taking this way more seriously than it really needs to be, puts stress on the people around you, even me as a mere viewer. I do not want to feel accountable for your success nor your failure, not to mention feeling responsible to do what you tell us to do. I came here to enjoy. Dude, my last advice to you? Take a break from youtube and reset your priorities and think about why ppl would come to your channel

  26. Quality over quantity and most important, the health of you and your employees comes first. You can take as much breaks as you need to we wont forget this channel

  27. As someone who used to work in a failed start-up company, i totally understand the work conditions, it was stressful and working in a company that seems going to bankrupt at any time is very unsettling, you keep wondering when it will end and continuing your career in such company makes you think whether youre doing the right thing or just wasting your time, but, you got this Asian Boss. People are truly supporting you, it’s been a hell of a ride but you got this because your company is different from others, there arent many like you. Keep fighting!!

  28. All leaders of any company are struggling during these pandamic n economy decrese..never stop trying is all i can say..i am also a leader in my own company..as Leann Rimes sang” Life Goes On” 😊

  29. You’re doing incredible Stephen! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everybody’s struggling right now because of the pandemic and here you are, still strong, healthy, and full of passion! I salute you to be honest, you’re doing a great job! It will just take a matter of time and few cartwheels to reach the ultimate goal but don’t worry, you got this 😁 – love from the Philippines ❤

  30. As he says, its hard to act quick and listen to everyone at the same time. I dont have much experience on this field, but from all the group projects I have done, the hardest thing is indeed the balance between pushing the people around you to do better, but also valuing their opinion and ideas. Its difficult to keep this balance, but without it things go very wrong, very fast… As ppl say – better lose a battle, than losing the war.
    I hope you guys still find a way to fix whatever happened between you. You have a truly noble cause and I believe that if you really stick by it – you will be ok.
    Wishing you best of luck and hope to see you again whenever you’re ready.

  31. I feel Asian Boss is a TRUE media outlet, actually reporting the facts and letting its viewers see what’s going on in the world. But yes, a change in structure is needed to boost morale of your employees, and I can understand their point of view. If it takes time and giving people space and time off, then that is necessary. Happy workers who feel valued and appreciated can do great things, and working as a team, listening to everyone’s suggestions and appreciating content over viewership is the way to do it. That doesn’t seem to have happened, but it can be changed and improved upon.

  32. It’s okay to slow down. Please … if really half of them quit then you overworked them and you as a boss and friend of your collegues should really take care of them. They are not just objects helping you succeed. Those are individuals who also have a life on their own.

  33. Take your time to do great job, quality is better than quantity (french proverb) , we are beside you, and we can be patient😉👍😍 🇨🇵❤🇰🇷

  34. How many more go fund me’s before that train has sailed. Sounds like a common theme here, use the workers & use the public , and try to rally the public for some cause against some enemy , maybe it’s time for you to step aside for a CEO who can operate things?

  35. I think the fact that you can reflect on the recent events and take responsibility (when necessary) for your actions is really admirable, Stephen. I think that’s part of what makes a great leader. Not many people have the emotional maturity to do that. I can’t imagine how hard this situation must be for everyone at Asian Boss. Mistakes may have been made but you’re trying to learn from them in order to do what’s best for everyone. That’s hard no matter what. In my opinion, I think going on hiatus is necessary. You can take that time to plan things out, strategize, do what needs to be done to secure the GoFundMe funds, and so on. I, and I’m sure the rest of the community, will understand this need to step back for a little while. We will all be waiting for you guys and will continue to cheer for you. I believe in the vision of Asian Boss! Best of luck with all of your endeavors. -Love from New York

  36. Brother, just apologizing in front of the camera and saying the responsibility is on you, is just not enough. It is very clear from the comments you were treating your employees unfairly. Burning out the employees is the worst thing a company can do. I have always been the biggest fan of this channel since I knew about it, watched all your videos, liked them, shared some in FB, joined mogao and even donated small amounts.
    But half of your employees resigning together does not have any excuse except mistreatment and overdriving them. and 300 years? why so desperate? focus on now and your employees. You just cannot say you want AB to be as popular as vice or SCMP and overwork your employees! First build the foundation. You even overworked them after raising funds, that’s wrong on another level. People love this channel, donated, helped in everyway they could, so why this much desperation to expand the channel at the highest level! Please treat the employees fairly.
    And I really respect and admire you for your initiative and everything. But currently things do not seem right. Hope AB would come out of this condition soon.

  37. Why don’t you create the YouTube membership? It’s a tool from YouTube, it’s like a monthly subscription in which your subscribers can help you financially!!
    I really enjoy your videos and share them with my friends, cause they are so good

  38. If you are being TRANSPARENT and HONEST, please answer:
    1. Did YT demonetize your videos? Why? and all video or some of them? What’s the average earning like?
    2. What about FB monetized video earning, how much is it?
    3. How many employee you had and how many quite the job?

  39. Hi Stephen & Kay, u may not see my comments after seeing mountain of good and bad comment. It requires a lot of guts to put up such a video knowing that there will be supporter and trasher. What you and team need now to continue this difficult journey is your encouragement to believe AB is still the media community that we all fall in love with. Would like you to make a video of those behind the scene as a dedication of your team’s hardwork. Your team need some form of positivity to continue. We understand how tough financial position and perfection on meeting viewer expectation can make matters worse. Is okay for us to view limited video from AB. Hope this will be the last of such video as it really break heart to see AB spirit down. We hope to see video with real people struggle with everyday life during this COVID. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remind yourself of those video that we all fall in love with in the beginning few years of AB.

  40. You’d already lost track of your innitial vision and aim a year&a half ago and had turned Asian Boss into a mainstram content machine with choosing to go superficial for the sake of getting views(by not talking about controversial stuff or problems). Videos were not giving much insight into things like they used to have. And now this??! Sorry but treating your employees this way + forcing them to burn out + refusing to hear their insights into things/their creations + destroying their compassion for the cause by not listening to them/not caring about what they have to say!!… And you have the nerve to put the blame on them by saying they have quited ( and implying they were the inconsoderate ones that put you in a hard position while it was the exact opposite, not telling you had layed off more ppl first and then trying to shift the blame on the ones who ended up quiting) I am trough with Asian Boss and tbh if I knew you had been this way towards our beloved creators I wouldn’t have even donated. This is unacceptable! With you becoming this corrupt and greedy I can now clearly see why I was feeling like THE REAL QUALITY (not the production quality you’re so obsessed about) of Asian Boss have been going downhill… 😒😒

  41. I know is hard, as my own husband just lost the job, property and investment he tried so hard for… the last 30 years and now he is feeling lost.
    I can only tell you what I told him: either we like it or not, we have to accept it, take a deep breath and try to see it through. It must be a reason for it to happen.
    Good luck to you and your team. I really hope you’ll grow as much as before.

  42. we live and learn! i can’t imagine how hard it is to run a start up company and i think it’s easy to forget that employees and team members need rest etc, but you’re a good dude and asian boss will be even better after!

  43. One of my fave channel, I think I was following you since the beginning, before you brought up about Indonesia or even others countries. Only about Korea and Japan as I remember..

  44. If this guy treats his workers like crap I’d rather not watch his videos.

    I’ve seen a lot of startups and 80% of them fail. And it usually stems from the managers having the same philosophy of treat your employees as a commodity.

    I’ve also worked at great companies, and they adjust and compromise their workload to their resources.

  45. take heart and the same thing happened to my brother 35 years ago he had a small starter company and was doing well for a few years but technology and big companies started to take over and he lost his house just to pay the 30 employees and they still walked out on him and a few even tried to sue him in court…he went to france to become an artist…it will work out…it always does

  46. I think you might be the problem as to why those employees left. I hope the comment from « What Who » is not from a real ex Asian Boss employee because if it is I would be extremely disappointed.

  47. I’m a subber and also a YouTuber, whose channel looks like a damn beginner channel to your channel and team (LOL there is only 2 of us at present) maybe because I have not committed full time and run another more successful channel, I’m not so worried however also as a filmmaker I def understand the sheer amount of work required to regularly output such great professional content as your channel does and it can not be done by one or two people. As a YouTuber, I def know how important it is for people to “just watch my vids” and I don’t expect anything else; so I know where you are coming from with your request. I certainly won’t be giving your channel “the flick” nor not watching the vids etc. Keep going! Quality standards are more important that quantity. And for “some dude” over 3M subbers is like super amazing!

  48. The news is helpful. Do not change it. It must be very costly to deliver news. Some commentary is fine too, and commentary is not as costly as news. Adding commentary (like this post) will stretch your visibility online without adding much to costs. Your readers will enjoy knowing you are still around, and, in my opinion, will help your business overall.

  49. To be honest, I think you are more of an entertaining/curiosity channel than a news media one. Just look at the views on your most popular videos, a lot of them are viewed by people not from Asia, who are curious about the lifestyle and differences in all theese Asian countries. Stick to making them. Why compete with all the bigger news companies in a field where they are already big in?…When you are best at the types of videos i just mentioned? And 300 years? Dude, come on…its a youtube channel. The british empire lasted about 290 years. Be realistic at least. That said, i love the Asian Boss channel, and I have donated 2 times through the years. I hope you guys can rehire your staff in the near future.

  50. Please, just no more propaganda around COVID or vaccines and more Asian Boss street interviews that we know and love. Other than that, you’ll come through. The world is changing, we all have to hang on while we make sure the change is for the better.

  51. This dude seems super super fishy. Very untrustworthy. I would really question everything about this mea culpa. There have been some ex-employees commenting on this video. Read those comments. That’s all I’ll say.

  52. I think you should stop being so hard on yourself. As fans, we wait with eagerness your content, but we understand if you’re having delays regarding the creation of said content. You only have to put up a video explaining why, and then give us an aproxímate date on when we can expect the extra content. No rush!

  53. Sometimes, taking a step back is equivalent to two steps forward, although you might not see it that way at the time…
    I feel your frustration, the helplessness and stress due to the financial roadblocks that is stopping you from accessing the funds you need so urgently.
    I think because your channel is so relevant and well delivered, you will get your audience back once all the roadblocks are solved.
    Time and perseverance are great solvers… hang in there and stay safe 🇬🇧

  54. I don’t know about others but I absolutely love the structure and production values of Asian Boss’s videos. Content is interesting, authentic and well edited. I really hope you guys can cross all these hurdles and grow stronger and I really really hope you guys don’t close down.

  55. I don’t think you quite get how to lead a startup. If you require your employees to put so much work into your company, you have to have them invested in your company. If so many people quit at this time, they were not invested at all. Either you’re reevaluating your vision for the company and your leadership style or this company is doomed.

    From the narrative of the video it’s clear you still don’t fully understand your mistakes. Im betting 50 bucks asian boss will go bankrupt in the next 5 years

  56. I like Asian Boss, but it’s readily apparent that’s it’s grossly mismanaged. I don’t even know how badly you have to screw up to get to a point where you’re one month away from shutting down and not realize it. After pleading for how important they are, the first video they put up right after getting saved by a gofundme campaign: Diets of real life ninjas. LOL. Now employees leave in mass. That’s all on management and it looks like Steven is trying to spin it before it gets out. Want to regain trust and be transparent and honest? Publish everyone’s salaries and expenses and sources of revenue. Let the public decide if you’re using their money wisely.

  57. Loyal est pure Harmonie. C’est de l’altruisme extrême. Tout le monde le fera. De notre être. Offrir notre courage au créateur.

  58. Unsubscribing. I’ve been an employee in a startup culture for too long to actually believe that half of your team quit without a reason. There has to be significant management level issues for something like that to happen. And from what I’ve read in the comments from former employees, I’ll never support an organisation that slaves its employee only to leave them high and dry on bad days.

  59. অনুগত হৈছে বিশুদ্ধ সমন্বয়। এইটো অত্যাধিক পৰমপৰতা। প্ৰতিটো অন্তিম সঁচা। আমাৰ হোৱাৰ। সৃষ্টিকৰ্তাক আমাৰ দক্ষতা প্ৰদান কৰা।

  60. Lojale is suiwer Harmonie. Dit is uiterste altruïsme. Elke laaste testament. Van ons wese. Bied ons metaal aan die skepper.

  61. 忠誠係純粹嘅和諧。 係極端嘅利他主義。 每一個最後嘅意志。 我哋嘅存在。 向創造者提供我哋嘅勇氣。

  62. 強調する。私は公園から水に落ちた。仕事についてもっと心配する。彼らは私を間違えた。意志を破壊する。しかし、私はまだ生きています。心から。私の信仰は決して私を失敗に終わったことがない。ぜんぜん。

  63. Um es zu betonen. Ich fiel ins Wasser aus einem Park. Für die Sorge mehr über die Arbeit. Sie haben mich falsch gemacht. Um den Willen zu zerstören. Aber ich lebe noch. Aus dem Herzen. Mein Glaube hat mich nie im Stich lassen. Nie.

  64. Para recalcar. Me ha caido hasta agua de un parque. Por preocuparme mas por el trabajo. Me han hecho improperios. Para destruir la voluntad. Pero yo aún sigo vivo. De corazón. Mi fe nunca me ha fallado. Nunca.

  65. スイスと韓国の機関を願っています。良い動きを妨害しないでください。進捗状況を探しています。

  66. Guys, take a breather for a few days, step away, get new perspectives and do listen to your team,…
    And as quite a few mentioned it’s OK not to have so many story’s coming out, it actually can be overload ,because there are so many sad,heartbreaking shocking, disgusting…. One’s out there
    I mean I’m still “digesting” spy- cams,…
    All the best, we will keep on watching and liking, the world needs people like you and your Team,
    Thank you
    Love and Light

  67. 彼らはすべて教育を受けている。彼らは神経細菌とシステムのインファミーについてもっと知っています。悪気はありません。今、私は何ができますか?エージェンシーLEAL自体の場合。彼はボイコットしている。その後、あなたは道徳的なタイプです。あります。彼らは国連を尊重さえしていない。そしてWHO。

  68. That’s why people keep telling you to do patreon or youtube join, gofund me is too local, for international company. Wish you the best and success.

  69. Damn 2 clarification, best thing your company can do probably restart and repair, and more content because people satisfaction is depend on it. probably make documentary video or expose something like Sexy Killer from Watchdog Image, they only need 2 motorcycle and camera they make beautiful documentary film and expose a disaster from coalmine in borneo. anyway keep strong and rethink, make sure you really can do it or stop if you really think its necessary.

  70. Thank you for setting a positive example for people by publicly admitting that you made mistakes and that you are willing to learn from it. Take it easy. We all make mistakes. We understand if you need to produce less videos. Quality matters more than quantity. All the best for you and the team! May you all walk out of this storm stronger than ever.

  71. Could u change the name of channel from Asian boss to something that makes the rest of the world feel included lol….it would result in greater extent of audience…..

  72. You tried to motivate them by working 24/7? You need a reality check… In addition to overworking them, I hope you weren’t the type of boss to yell or be rude to his employees. I saw another comment that mentioned you laying them off. Hope it wasn’t to take a lot of that Gofundme money for yourself…

  73. The title of this video is like some form of guilt-tripping or victim mentality stuff. This is no rocket science. Even in group projects, members would complain when the leader becomes too bossy. If that many employees resign or get laid off, then something’s really wrong with your “business model”. My suggestion is, perhaps you’re not cut for being the “boss”. It’s been 7 years already. The channel has now achieved recognition from the world but it’s kind of ironic that fame brought this kind of problem to the company. It’s kind of irritating to read the title, but yes, you failed as a leader and that’s the reality. Either change your worldview or find someone else to do the job. Sorry if this seems harsh but CEOs handle people’s lives and you need tough love.

  74. I wish the CEO of the company I work for were half as humble as you. That would compensate some of the tiredness all of us employees feel. I do not work for you, but you are truly inspiring. I wish you the best of luck

  75. I love Asian boss but seriously scale back do us videos less videos and treat your employees well don’t make them do the work of three people easy fix hope the best if you fail to learn that this is what you need to do then you probably don’t deserve to be the boss and sadly that may be the end of Asian boss then you have to refund all the donation money that you received once you get it

  76. Per my experience young and motiveted people will never ever resign from their job if they have good team and good leader, money is not a matter at all. not last but not first. Matter is respect, to respect a person as an individual as good as she/he expects. Everybody wants time to relax and personal time, you take it from them and you lost them.

  77. You need to listen to your employees and value them and communicate with them better, because having half of them leave at once shows that the issue is with management, not them. Stop putting ambition over your own team. And lower your expectations. Your employees are people who have lives.

  78. I am very sorry to hear these news, I hope you, the rest of your staff and those who quit still manage to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

    Have any of the staff that quit shared their thoughts and reasons about it publicly so we can get another perspective to this? And if some of them would be willing to work with you again in the future, minding these conditions and the problems surrounding their grievances have improved, would you be all-right with that?

  79. Take a break, get some rest….re vamp and rebuild and reset the brand. We will be here. We got your back, we love you and all that you and your staff do. Take care🙂❤

  80. That’s life. You have ups and downs all the time and some are huge enough to kill you. I hope you can still hang in there. It does not matter how many videos you can produce every week. 1, 2..7 or whatever. It matters that you can survive during this difficult time.

  81. This video just doesn’t sit well with me. It feels as though he has not read any of the comments in the previous video. People were suggesting ways to keep Asian Boss afloat and I am seeing them echoed once again in this video. Now half of the employees left the team and he talks as if they just weren’t the right people for the team. That just sounds off, they were there making the content and were good enough to get Asian Boss where they are now. Were they not good enough because they didn’t want to work under the conditions they were in and decided to leave?

    There is nothing wrong with having to cut down on videos or even take a break. It is common for youtube channels to do this. But instead of looking at this as a time to get back on track, it is just seen as failure. We are in a pandemic, content output has changed on this platform. It has clearly affected this channel too but you can’t forget how it affects the health of your employees.

    Prioritizing your employees instead of content output is more important. From the time of your last video to the time the funds actually reach your account would have been the time to do just that. And viewers expressed this in the comments of the last video as well. They said make sure all is ok with you all first because they would stay with you until things settled back down.

    I also never understood why his team has never been a part of these videos. Asian Boss includes multiple people, run by multiple people. Why can’t we hear from them and their efforts to keep asian boss alive as well?

    Just an FYI business models are not the only reason companies fail. In this video and the last you mentioned business model, but if you don’t have a healthy work place you won’t have the team to stand with you as business models change.

    Hmm, it is just not right…

  82. This really does seem like a case of flying too close to the sun. I originally subscribed to this channel for the casual street interviews by Kei and Stephen. Then it went from Stephen going to Ultra Korea, to serious topics all the time.

    There’s nothing wrong with trying to be a major media outlet, but you need to take baby steps. Take a look at how Veritasium slowly went from street interviews to a highly successful pop science channel as well

  83. Why not just go to your roots the way old Asian Boss used to be with just you and Kei? We used to enjoy those casual videos too. Not everything has to be highly produced and worldwide. Just stick to Japan, Korea and Australia again until you can build yourself back up.

  84. You will never be able to make everyone happy. Just do what’s right for yourself, team and family. You are not “just some dude”. Take a breather, cut back if you have to, and no matter what, stay healthy and happy. You matter more than the audience.

  85. Just post less videos, quality over quantity, don’t overwork your workers!! And what’s the problem with fundraising? They raised a huge amount of money no?

  86. Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Keep positive. I’m just glad Asian Boss didn’t disappear. I’m grateful enough you still want to release new videos every week.

  87. Raised over 780k. Im kind of worried of how youre going to spend that money responsibly. Even your employee put you on blast just now. Which is kind of shaky to me

  88. You’re a human being with his qualities and his defaults.
    We all make mistakes, we just have to learn with them and grow.
    You’re the only media who cares about people who leave with difficulties. You have tell us some beautiful stories.
    Go ahead and tell us another stories.

  89. I’d suggest u manage goals that ur current team can manage. Remember as a leader u can’t go forward without respecting and managing the morale of ur team. U need to stop n listen. U need to stop n think before a decision. If u don’t u will fail.

    U need ur team as a backbone. U can’t try to deliver to ur audience is ur making staff do 3 ppl job. That’s not feasible in the long run. U should have reduced goals with the size of ur team.

    Review ur goals and make it manageable for ur current team. They need sleep. Rest. Time with family. Socialise. High stress continually without financial or other incentives won’t work. U can’t give financial incentives. So what’s the incentive ur using to motivate staff? Don’t expect them to have to same incentive as you.

  90. With Leaders and Managers not appreciating others hard work and giving constructive feedbacks, I understand why the employees left. At the same time with so many people leaving, I want to know what the funding will be for if the management is at such level no one will enjoy working there. We really want to hear from the employees that left.

  91. What would you have done differently? Expecting the same ‘hustle’ from others to bring about what is essentially your vision, might be what many start ups do but that doesn’t make it right for everyone. Bringing people together to work as a team means getting them involved so they feel as you. And that means listening to them and occasionally taking up their ideas. Don’t push so hard. Bend with the forces that apply pressure and when that force eases you will spring back!

  92. How come one vlogger who does street interviews and zoom interviews also could do it alone or with minimal staff work? What’s AsianBoss’ mindset: corporate or d.i.y?

  93. Oh when i read the title of the video I thought you are quitting. How abt u take the responsibility and quit. For the success of Asian Boss i wish an another boss for Asian Boss.

  94. i feel like your content has become very “professional” and the people you’ve been interviewing lately are often well known, successful people. To be honest I also really enjoyed watching the ‘smaller’ interviews of every day people like for example “life as a single father” etc. to me those seemed more sincere and heartfelt if that makes sense.

  95. As you said, baby step at a time. I believe in you! I love this channel so much for teaching me stuff mainstream media doesn’t teach. Keep going and good luck!

  96. ik its difficult, we do love ur videos u all produce and the real truth that comes along with it but we also understand that the truth has its own price to be paid, i think even if u guys do no make videos for 2-3 months the major mass wont forget u, though its true that some will go, but this hard reset can help us reach a broader audience later. take some time, take good breaks and take it slow. we are here for the long run. dont feel overburdened!

  97. Hope you can talk to your ex-employees and make them come back.
    I’ve read some of the ex-employees confessions here in the comments and it seems (assuming these are true) they still care about asianboss but something needs to change inside of asianboss, for sure. Whatever I’m saying, you already know.
    Anyways, thank you for all the work asianboss, i hope everything goes well in the near future!!

  98. Please don’t overwork. I am really sorry to hear that, like for real. I just want this channel go on and please take your time we have got your back 👍

  99. now i kinda want the cancel culture to hit you as hard as any other person. take your time. as long as you dont give up, you’ll move forward.

  100. I don’t get this.. just how much money do you need to run a interviewing channel on youtube (free platform). Interviewing people (also free). Ambition is great but if it is rushed… it will cause harm.

  101. As much as I appreciate an honest apology, this is not it. The language used and the undertone clearly paint a different picture.
    You say you take responsibility, but yet imply that the employees weren’t fit for the environment and insinuate a betrayal by them leaving at once, when you yourself say that they had horrible work hours and did three peoples’ jobs at once. It’s not about compassion here. This is about a job ruining peoples’ mental and physical health. Implying that they weren’t strong enough to keep up is a terrible thing to say and having to work ’24/7′ is not a good example. It’s how to end up with burnout/depression/anxiety 101. Sorry to say, but I am deeply disappointed in these views and as much as I don’t want the company to fail, I fully stand with the people who turned away for their own well-being.

  102. I’m parting ways with you guys. I’m uncertain about the fate of this channel. Youtubers quit because of drama, finances or found new opportunities. Everything changes on YouTube. If this channel closes, I won’t know what happens next. Other than that, good luck with your future.

  103. I’d recommend to take a BIG step back! It seems like there are a few intern problems that you first have to solve WITH YOUR TEAM together. Being a Leader doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help and exchange ideas with your employees. Being a Leader means knowing when to stop and take a step back to get a better look on the outer picture. So please take it easy and don’t stress too much over the quantity of your weekly videos.

  104. please stop overworking yourselves. take a rest. we are not demanding for a lot of contents knowing the situation there. but we are always supporting Asian Boss and looking forward to your videos.

  105. The grandeur is a bit concerning. Imagining a boss with no money talking about the company lasting 300 years old to overworked people…its delusional. If your thinking about your future and your boss does that speech, thats a no no = the quitting party made a grounded decision 😔

  106. It’s very simple. Give your employees a part of the company (Like Tesla). Don’t expect people to work like slaves, while you keep the profit.

  107. Want to try to bring some common sense and stop the division here.

    The guy is acknowledging his failure as a leader publicly, on a video already watched by 231.000 people, that is not an easy thing to do. I am sure he may be leaving some unknowns behind, but the fact that he recognizes his failure tells you that, whatever those additional reasons are, he takes them, there is no need to extra punish someone that is in this kind of situation, he may learn from it and understand better how to manage people, allow people to make mistakes, we all make, some here stop being trolls.

    To the potential employees messaging here, I understand your pain, possibly your anger if some of the things said in this video are not “fully accurate” or are “missing”, remember that everyone has its own perspective and you have made your decision, when you join a company, you are accepting something until you no longer want to be there, employees should understand that, for certain works, you could put a lot of effort and be thrown into the bin, that is harsh, I understand, but you’ve got to be professional as well, regardless of receiving certain treatment, as I said you are free to leave, you have made your decision and you do what is best for you as an individual, things may be heated at the moment but we are all humans and, sometimes, things don’t go the way we want.

    To the fans, let’s hope AB manages to turn things around and start producing content and re-build, if you enjoy watching the content, like it, share it and keep watching, that is how you can support, that is what will bring additional encouragement to the team and the rest will be trial and error. If you like this project and the idea, so be supportive, each one of you has the power to make it happen, each individual action adds to the bulk.

  108. It is a shame that AB has to go through this tuff situation. Leading a team through hard times is very difficult. And acknowledging your mistakes will make you grow as a leader. I have been rooting for AB for a few years and still will continue to.

  109. Look, I get the idea of hustling, but leading by example is a bad move when you’re working 24/7. People don’t want to work themselves to the bone every day of the week, all the time. Why would they when they can get a job that lets them live comfortably? If you want someone to actually “work” for you, give them something they “want” to work on. Give them ownership, responsibility, creative freedom. Give them a chance to do what “they” want, let them chase their own thing to make perfect. Your people aren’t there for just money, they’re there to make something, just like you. It might not be the same thing as yours, but it can definitely be a part of it.

  110. something is not right here. why were he the only one who talk on behalve of ‘Asian Boss’ ?

    why he never let his employee talks ?

    I follow the go-fund-me campaign and news. and not a single employee show themselves in the video, and do the talking.

    is it because all of his employees is a shy person ? or he simply doesn’t let his employees speak ?

    anyway if you’re asking for our money. we need to be able to trust you.

  111. I was surprised when AB kept releasing videos even though we’d learned of their financial troubles. Why did you not decide to reduce your output then? You made the decisions that forced half of your team to quit because you put too much pressure on them and now…you’re going to keep being leader?

    I’m starting to regret donating, not gonna lie. As someone who has dealt with bosses like you my entire working life, I’m real disappointed that you’re only deciding to take measures like reducing output now when you’re physically forced to, instead of when you should have for the good of your employees. I get that the work culture is different in Korea/Japan, I’ve worked in both countries myself. But again. Just not good enough.

  112. Reading many of the comments, I feel that you should concentrate on your employees first and foremost. Without them, you can’t do what Asian Boss does so well. Us fans will still be here. I know you have good intentions to set a good example by working around the clock, but it isn’t sustainable for the team OR you. When I watch you speak, I hear a very proud man trying to do his best by his company. Your visions are grand, but your team needs to be on the same page, and the feeling I’m getting is they are not. They may share the same vision, but all have real life to deal with. My personal suggestion is making the videos available in many languages so that more people can share Asian Boss’s vision, to be a more global person and open-minded.

  113. I’m not going to congratulate you for owning your mistake. That should be a given. You need to place your employees at a higher importance than the supporters. Ask yourself, “what is a healthy work-life balance?” “Where do I need to place boundaries to protect my team?” If this happens again, you’ve lost me as an engager and active member of this community. Fighting!

  114. Dude, sorry but you should hear your team. About everything! We told you before that you should open a patreon and you said no… I mean, if you have the money you can improve and get a better salary to your team, that is a start. Even if is not what you dream about, is a different path for difficult times and not a bad one
    So maybe, you should be more open? It’s not just about you but abkut all the people working for AB

  115. We wish u all the luck n power, I am very sure that ‘dudes’ like u r gonna make this place a better one , fighting ✊ we r all with u 💘💘💫 from India

  116. Duuuude your viewers love you 💖 take a break 💖💖💖 we don’t want you to burn out either 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 please take care of your mental health

  117. Pls remember to balance work and life. Ppl will not stay because it is not their business, they work to support their life. But work isnt their life. But thank you for accepting this fault and pls continue what you do, but do so remembering that having a life after creating amazing work is the goal.

  118. You’ve negatively affected the lives of many people, I hope you feel ashamed. You should of put in the work to keep everyone together. You might be able to pull through from a failure like that, but all of your employees won’t. There is nothing but shame for you.

  119. I love Asian Boss and the work you do, and I donated as well. But now it’s all starting to seem a little bit fishy with this video…
    You need to focus on the now, not 300 years from now. It seems you have some control issues, you cannot always be in control of everything and everyone, even as a boss.

  120. You need to listen to your staff and take a few steps back. The stress is getting over your head and it shows in the way you treat your employees – so many quitting at once is a big red flag. But I am still behind Asian Boss. The way you post this video even with a high chance of rising suspicion or getting hate is already proof of how transparent you actually are. Mistakes do happen as a leader, just make sure to be more open for suggestions next time! They are trying to help you and might know things that you never considered before and they won’t leave when they feel like they are being heard and validated 🙂

  121. Making people work like it’s 1960s even though we’re in 2020s. This is exactly why high suicide rates and “death by overwork” exists in Asia. Should be relieved that nothing of the sort happened. Unsubbed.

  122. It’s okay Stephen.. But there might have been some strong demotivation for your employees to leave like that. When passionate employees get demotivated for watever reason they will choose to leave rather than stay. Given the work culture in Korea , I hope you wer not that Bossy boss type to your employees. I too had hoped and wished best for AB and did my best in GoFund. I still hope you guys do well , but make sure to treat your employees well. A good leader is the one who stays with the employees and motivates them even during the hard times . Hope everything will turn good .

  123. I worked for a start-up and the owner had unrealistic dreams and no solid business plan to achieve it. Most people left. And the owner took it personally and called the former employees traitors who didn’t believe in her ideals. I’m seeing a lot of similar things here, and I hope the employees will rest up and find a better job soon.

  124. There is always gonna be 2 sides of each story hopefully asian boss work on your leadership ships as like you said you have failed at but you can change that and then sit down with ex colleague that used to work for you and see if you can talk to them and build that relationship again as after all you was working so tight together it would be a shame if you both stopped communicating

  125. How are people saying this is suspicious?? Y’all know he wouldn’t put out this video if it’s suspicious so y’all just crazy with y’all conspiracy theories…. 😂

  126. Bosses from Asia?
    Asia boss?
    As long as people doing businesses I’m Asia.
    These bosses are blood suckers and bone eating people.
    These video is just to gain sympathize.
    Now you failed.
    Tell about your start when things are moving smooth.
    1 person doing 3 people work.
    Now all gone, of course you business failed.

  127. In order for the show to go on and get more subscribers as well as donors …. tis show is not just 1 man show it needs teamwork needs people who fully committed n hv to give take attitude so as it will prosper further…. never doubt one another…..trust is most needed…..need to open one unhappiness n work as a team in order for it to carry on.

  128. honestly yeah this is your fault
    many youtube-based companies run fine, obviously your financials were out of whack.
    either that or there are a lot of shady transactions to a certain bitcoin account going on…who knows
    there should be more transparency

  129. Stephen, I’m listening to both sides – yours and the ex-employees. Which one is true or anything, I am unsure. But it’s good that you are acknowledging the fact that you are not a good leader. I know how challenging it is to lead, what more be a good leader.

    Firstly, it seems that you are micromanaging a lot of things, to the point that you push your team too hard that it could have demotivated everyone. Micromanaging can ruin relationships, trusts and independancy.

    Secondly, I can understand rejections. I have been rejected as well as rejected others. But what makes a difference is giving constructive feedback as well as giving someone a chance to be accountable. I don’t know if this is being practised in AB but I understand it is your baby whereby you would want to determine everything. But you won’t be staying in AB forever, so someone else has to learn to be accountable with their proposed ideas or products.

    There are times I am not keen with the ideas my team members proposed but I am not always right and even if I am, I want them to learn through mistakes, so I take risks and let them run their ideas happily as long as I have already ensure the risks are not detrimental.

  130. When you’re a startup your main asset is the manpower. People join a company that doesn’t guarantee job security because they share your vision. There should be more engagement & empowerment so that the team can contribute. Micromanaging will only turn people away

  131. I hope you read the comments on here, and made in person, and strive to be better.

    One thing that stood out is that people were working on a project for a long time, then it gets scrapped right away. There really should be approval of the project first, then communication and feedback throughout the process.

    Also, there should be a go-between, or some kind of project manager that can allocate duties to alleviate the pressure put on each employee. People just want their time to be respected.

    I don’t know the full story, but changes do need to be made. I wish Asian Boss the best.

  132. Wait amounts . Half of the company left at the same time ? This is a huge red flag , they thought about this for a long time , and they wanted to leave a message to you and the audience . Something isn’t right

  133. May the Universe work in your favour! Tough times end in a few days, keep going and stay strong! You have your subscribers full support! 🍀

  134. We get your vision and it’s cool. But we don’t expect an absurd amount of content from you at all especially in times of the plague. And that is a sentiment a lot of the comments have always shared under the recent videos. Maybe you have to reflect on your own expectations on you and the team. Just do fewer videos for now, we understand and we don’t want the team to burn out and the vision burning out with them. Going on a hiatus and taking time to recover is important for a sustainable work environment and legacy. To be honest I don’t want to support a news movement that doesn’t respect healthy work ethics, but I would never mind supporting you on patreon if I knew it would help the team to work in a more stress free environment.

  135. The pandemic also caused a lot of unforseen problems for many companies. He said that in earlier videos. He already said he’s trying to do better. It’s a lot of people in the comments that allegedly know how to run things perfectly even though they’ve never started or ran a business of their own.

  136. Wow, the brutal honesty is the quality trait that lot of people don’t always have. This makes you better and more effective person after starting over. Sometimes, we have to hit the bottom in order to start afresh. Sometimes, we have to do the deep “housecleaning” to find out what we need and to discard what we no longer need. Do stay focused on your passion and let things fall in places naturally and serendipitiously.

  137. I really want to hear the other side of the story from the employee. There’s definitely something other than money involve the reason for the quit

  138. Frankly, it sounds like first you should take your own advice and manage your own expectations. I can feel that you have a vision and that you are excited and want to go 300%-400% for that vision. But if you want to build something your job as a leader is not to go 400% and expect everyone to do the same. Your job is to look at the recources you have now, look at your goal and then devise and explain to your employees steps how you can get there with your rescources at 100% not 400% or 300%. Otherwise you get exactly these results you got now.

    I don’t mean to lecture and I am very excited for what Asian boss can be. But I’m putting my statement this bluntly because I have seen this a hundred times in people who are exciting about a topic, who become leaders and then always make the same mistake. They keep running ahead and shout “Comon people catch up. I’m doing it too!” , think that’s leadership and then lose most people in the process. But sprints are not sustainable. They are a strategic very short term solution. A leaders job is to plan and explain the long journey, manage the tempo, the rations and assign jobs based on how long or fast others can run. Not to be the fastes runner themselves.

  139. So let’s say 50% of the employees quit. Let’s assume at this rate in a few weeks “Asian Boss” totally disbands. He finally gets the gofundme donations. He parties up like no other (my pessimistic view)

  140. So is this video a prelude to the one where you leave once you get the money people donated in good faith to you? Because it sure sounds like your raging ego created a work environment that made your staff quit. Don’t tell your employees they’re building a company that’s gonna last 300 years after you die. This isn’t about you. Your company is dead. Show some respect to the people who kept it afloat.

  141. At a glance: I was concerned because being an Asian myself I got acquainted with other Asians only when I was 17 yrs, so having a channel which can share content in the happenings in different Asian countries is a huge benefit for the teenagers at present!
    But while digging deep I personally feel that the employees are totally burned out! I mean it. It’s not a joke when ½ of the workforce quits the job at the same time
    My advice would be to take a break, give them a break. Start everything afresh and with a little more flexible mindset, something is better than nothing, take it easy.

  142. I admire the resilience, it’s not easy to have to reset and regroup.

    One of the most important lessons I learned is that leaders are not necessarily there to be in charge of others, but rather, they have the responsibility to care for the people they’re overseeing. Their wellness should be first priority.

    I personally left a previous job that also expected me to “put my head down and work”; I felt like there was no room for me to connect with others and grow creatively. I would think that the employees that left wanted balance as well.

    I hope you and your team will get rest, even if you have to scale back and say no to certain things. You can’t be at your best to create the quality content you’re passionate about if you’re running on fumes. Wish you all the best.

  143. Anyone who’s ever been on the other side of that type of situation knows how hard it is to provide “silent” and consistent hard work behind the scenes without recognition. I’ve been an Asian Boss fan for years so I really hope that everything is fixed soon and that everyone finds what they’re looking for in that situation. That’s my wish for both Stephen and for those who had to leave. All the best to the Asian Boss team and THANK YOU to those employees who silently helped build this platform for years, you were all important ♥

  144. Hi Asian Boss, maybe someday you will be also speaking about Central Asia and North Asia? It will be really good, because we just see only SEA, East Asia and South Asia.

  145. Although you’re going through difficult time, please understand that the level your viewers hold you to, you have set up. That is GREAT!
    What you do and produce and present to us, the global viewer, is GREAT! Please try to keep that in mind.
    Once you’ve received your funding and things start to level out, you can rehire those that quit or hire better or give opportunities to new people that want and believe in what you do and stand for.
    Everything great has a rocky road to climb….look at Beyoncé 🙌🏾
    Just keep going💓👍🏾

  146. I speak on possibly behalf of everyone when I say, please dont worry about the amount of videos released weekly, do the BEST that you can and the maximum releases you can in your capacity. We won’t judge you or get upset, we just NEED Asian Boss to survive and keep on keeping on! ❤️

  147. Respect 100%, how many leaders out there dare to admit that it is their fault? Most of the time, they blame everything / everyone else but themselves.

  148. I still support you. I agree with others about taking a vacation. A couple weeks off would probably feel great. You could still work on figuring out how to transfer the money, but put everything else on hold.

  149. I think you guys need to take a break,it’s ok not to post frequently since every video that you guys put out is quality content. I hope Asian Boss can be back on its feet again since this is a very informative channel 🙂

  150. Hm.. the tone of this isn’t quite convincing, Stephen. As a boss, it is your responsibility to make sure that employees are safe and not being overworked – so there’s an obvious failure there. You, as the founder, can of course be hustling 24/7, but you should never expect that from anyone else, especially those who are under your leadership. It becomes an abuse of power, then – and you sound in this video like you are blaming others for not being passionate enough.

    It sounds like you have made mistakes with your remaining members of the team, and I would personally urge you to take a step back. Your community is not going to disappear overnight; cut the video schedule and only release one video a month, maybe, if that’s all you have actual time and finances for. As many others have said in the comments, the quality of your videos, not the quantity, is what is important – but also, making sure you are doing your duty as a leader to your remaining employees.

    Do not expect the impossible from them – or yourself. Accept that you are human, and have needs – need to be financially stable to keep mental health, need to rest to be creative, etc – and work from there.

    We will be waiting – however long it takes.

  151. I’m so sorry to your staff members to have experienced that. I think the most important quality in a leader, especially within a field where people are passionate about their work, is being able to say “no” and “stop” and “prioritutze your health” and “don’t overwork yourself”. You say that this is a marathon now, and that you are desperate, but that kind of mindset will only breed desperate and unhealthy decisions, Maybe the company will survive, but at what cost? Asian Boss is their contrubutors and employees, so that is the #1 value of the channel. Don’t get blinded by your mission. I got severley burned out in 2016 and am still not fully rehabilitated and back to work, I suffer from a lot of cognitive limitations, and it’s halted my life in such a total way. No one should arrive at such a point because they wanted to match the desperate work ethics of their boss.

  152. If people need to pay bills you cant blame them for leaving if the paycheck is not comming for whatever reason. They themself are Leaders of a theire own live or theire family and need to make a risk assesment. Good luck with the legal procedure to get your funds.

  153. You sound like Asians ‘worst’ Boss. Pushing your workers to try and fulfil your personal 300 year legacy. People need a work life balance for them to be productive, over working people only affects your productivity and quality

  154. Hey Stephen – That was an honest video. I didn’t subscribe to the channel just for the content but the persona behind it also and it shows. The idea of doing good and showing that you do care will resonate with the viewers and are important burdens which you will have to carry. The stories do not have to be amazing to touch people. You and your team have been doing a great job and though some may have left, it is probably due to perhaps other peer pressures etc., which we all have/had regardless of who we are. I am sure that when the red tape is cut or worked out, i am sure your team will be stronger for the new challenges ahead.

  155. Half a team leaving AT THE SAME TIME does not happen by accident. It takes a lot of effort and courage to leave a job, especially in times like these. I have seen concerns that your idea of leading by example is working 24/7 and that your team were doing 3 people’s jobs instead of cutting back production. Stop production for a while and regroup b

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  157. *You are Amazing Stephen. Although you might be feeling way worse than what we see on screen* Please try to blame some on the global situation itself. We are also in it together. Idk how YouTube works but, one content a month? or No content? As long as you won’t give up ABs and I certainly knows you would never. Then it’s all cool. Waiting is easy, Please just don’t disappear forever.
    (If things truly end up going opposite, consider my donation as small appreciation for Amazing contents from all past years). I’m just a student myself and truly wish I could help out more.
    – Fighting! ASIAN BOSS!

  158. I LOVE Asian Boss BUT I’ve seen such outcomes far too many times and I believe the reason half the employees left is because not only you overworked them but did painful things which is scrapping in like 5 minutes the content they’ve worked on for weeks. Not listening to their concerns and reflecing on yourself does that. We donate money to you and we are not demanding a video for it – it’s supposed to be a time when you recover and get things figured out even if it takes months so that you don’t end up in the dark place. <3

  159. I’m gonna try and say it again but I believe a podcast would suit Asian Boss very well. It’ll be a great way for you to get content out and get perspectives from all over without too much being spent. I’m rooting for you guys!

  160. Each of your staff should not be working a 3 person job. That already causes a lot of stress on them, not to mention mistakes. I understand times are tough now with the pandemic and your doing all you can to survive but the viewers would understand even if the channel puts one video a week or two. Communication, understanding and working together with your team should be your top priority if you want to reach that goal of yours. I hope this didn’t offended you but was my personal take on what I just watched. Stay safe!

  161. I’ve seen this happened before. I was part of this moms group and there’s this girl that was seeking donation of another mom via GroupMe, after she obtained the money..she did give the donation to the girl for her son’s cancer, but turns out she pocketed the rest of the fund for herself. No one trusted her after that, they started to hate her for scamming them.

    Stephen, I liked your contents before and thought you were honest and forthright, but something about this doesn’t sit right with me. Past circumstances taught me to be weary of where I put my donations for a specific cause, if that person who’s holding donations seeks all the profit and embezzled the funds for themselves..

    Those donations were to keep Asian boss afloat and that your employees get paid, but if you received the money and let go of all your employees and contributors, that’s absolutely wrong and fraudulent!

    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  162. People donated to this channel in very hard times . Please ensure their money goes to good use. It can’t be that hard to use the money as it was intended?

  163. I admire your efforts and sincerity, but you gotta get rid of that stubbornness before your company sinks. You need merch, you need high ticket items, you need sponsors, you need collaborations with other content creators and most importantly YOU NEED TO ACCEPT FAN FEEDBACK. I’ve seen plenty of companies turn around a sinking ship, but never without changing course.

  164. Thank you very much to all in Asian Boss for your relentless contribution in bridging the understanding of the societies and cultures a little more with every content you have made.
    We will always be supportive of your movement and we hope that the team will take care of your well-being and health always.

  165. I’m sorry, but you need a reboot of your mindset. I’ve seen too many “leaders” that won’t, can’t and don’t know how to listen to the employees. Nobody likes working in such an environment.

  166. In the beginning, I was sympathetic, because I valued the interesting content, but it seems that there is a huge problem with perfectionism going on. From what I‘ve read in another comment from an alleged ex-employee, it sounds like you micromanaged too much and wanted the work to be done, the way you (and only you) would have done it.
    Leadership is knowing, when you have to let go some of your duties and delegation is key for that. I truly hope that Asian Boss succeeds, but more importantly, I‘d love to hear the story from the ex-employees perspectives, to hear all of the voices.

  167. Doing work of two or three people is stressful and more hours at work with less pay. You count those of of missed family time and vacations and selfcare thats important to people now. Resurrecting will be best for your company. Hire assistant manager as well to carry some of the weight of work load

  168. Stop for 2 months launching new topics. Invite all the team members, the ones that quited too. Every complaint should be discussed by all of you. It will take time and will be hard for you. Imho someone independant should be chairman. Listen, try to restore old pains and be prepaired to make a restart in a way they support. Sometimes less is more. We will wait for you guys. 🙂

  169. If you guys need any help, like a cleaner or anything. Let me know, as I’ll be more than happy to help out free or charge. I live in Seoul, so just shout out if you need a hand.

  170. You can’t expect unrealistic hours from staff. It’s your dream, not theirs. You will stand to profit the most, they will profit less. They will probably be passionate and proud of the work they do and happy to work for a company that contributes something good to the world, but if they are on a normal/average wage, expect normal and reasonable hours.

  171. Be selective, push your content, use ads, look at subscription model. You’re doing good in a tough environment. Don’t give up! Tough times are there to test us and make us stronger. Media is a super tough expensive industry. Look to other youtubers who already have a big following to collab/report stories instead of hiring new reporters. P.s. you have over 3 million global subscribers. You’re doing something right.

  172. It’s the first time when I see this kind of video and I’m convinced it’s not for manipulation purpose. Asian Boss, you have people trusting you, at your high and low, and that’s what makes you special and unique. Everything is hard when you care about it. And one of the things that your interviews help me understand is the fact that no matter social status, education, nationality and overall background, we are all humans and we have every right to our shortcomings. Stay strong, Asian Boss! Heads up Stephen!

  173. “We are building a company that is going to last 300 years after I die”.

    “300 years after WE die” sounds like a better choice of words to convince a team to stay.

  174. It’s okay if you cannot produce as much content as you like right now… the whole world is in an uncertain stage so…Whatever you are doing is good enough!! 🤗

  175. it’s never easy facing challenges that leads us to question our limitations and capabilities, much less find the courage to vocalise such insecurities to a wide audience. Really kudos to you and your team for that, and I really hope your relentless efforts and determination to give the best to your followers would pay off soon. You are really inspiring Stephen, and i hope you really keep that in mind as you work on. All the very best, will be waiting!

  176. The story will past AsianBoss ! Big thanks for what you guys have done, it touched many of us in many different ways. Hopefully the legal processes acquiring the money will be eased. You have our support !
    Big love.

  177. I just remembered Stephen is a lawyer. I’m kind of doubtful if what he’s saying is true or not upon hearing AB’s former employees comments. I hope AB’s passion is focused on quality content and the view counts will come along with it.

  178. Thank you Stephen for being at the forefront of an amazing movement! You, Kei and the Asian Boss team will forever have my support. Although it’s hard for you now, I hope that you may be rewarded with the fruition of dreams you have inspired thus far.🖤

  179. Good luck!!! You’ll make it Asian Boss, I’m rooting for you. You make the best street interviews in Asia and I think many other peolpe also think the same

  180. Remember that your team may not share your dream. Individuals have their reasons for joining an organization, you cant expect them to sacrifice as much for your dream. In the future find the right person for the job and make sure upfront you are on the same page when it comes to expectations, you will have less disappointment that way.

  181. Please, don’t worry, Stephen. Its okay if videos won’t come often. You guys build stable and loyal fanbase/supporters. Moreover, it’s good that you are honest and you admitted about pushing people too much. Changes for better and improvement can start only, if one admits how thing really is. Tbh I was super surprised how offer u guys relased films. Imo there were so many videos, I couldn’t even catch up to watch them all. Btw I hope you will get the money asap and start the process of ,,company healing”. Love you, Asian Boss, with all my heart. Do not give up!

  182. Working with popular payment providers like PayPal or stripe in korea is a nightmare!

    Please do an episode sharing your difficulties in this regard.

    I’m sure it’ll be easier to do and maybe even cathartic.

  183. Change starts with YOU. I think we all understand and appreciate that your determination has kept AB alive. However, determination that becomes stubbornness will be your downfall. Yes, startups are very, very hard. I want AB to persevere, but you need to reflect. Your vision is ambitious but is it realistic? You need to be more flexible and start listening to our suggestions and your team’s suggestions too (If we tell you increase your presence on social media or start a Patreon, don’t readily dismiss us). Don’t think you know better than everyone else. That and the consequences of that is what’s pushing people away. We don’t need videos everyday. We can wait. We don’t need you overworking yourself or your team/volunteers either. Have some time off. We’ll still be here. Imperfections are okay too. I like your content, so I’m writing this from a place of genuine concern. Making videos like this will only make people suspicious, esp after all the money people donated. Leaders should conduct quality control, but they shouldn’t dismiss, oppress or discourage. Hang in there x

  184. Why is YOUTUBE not looking at this? Stupid channels are growing like crazy and they get money again like crazy. AB is doing a noble job here and why do they have to struggle? Just why? I hope things get better soon for you AB. More power to you and all the staff. Thank you for giving up. Thank you for teaching us that even in dark times we can look at the bright side. I’m so thankful that I’m a part of this channel as a viewer. You are doing an amazing job and you are the best. Just remember that. We will get through this together. We will come out strongest as ever.

  185. take a break for a week or two! we can wait for a bit if it means that you guys can re-cooperate. i’d rather have no asian boss these next 2-3 weeks vs no asian boss in the future.

    talk to your ex-employees if you can, find out what you did wrong, and why they left specifically (if they didn’t tell you already) and fix it during the break. it will help A LOT.

  186. I would also quit if I am hired to do one person’s job but in reality being asked to do 3 people’s job! Even if you will say that it is for the greater good, at the end of the day, physical health and mental health matters more. People can create a change without enslaving the people who work for them.

  187. Half your employees suddenly quitting is a huge red flag. Turns out that Stephen fired them. A pretty crappy move after getting so much money in the fundraiser. There is clearly a negative aura behind the scenes that doesn’t seem to match with the vibe of the videos we see. I’m beginning to feel like the transparency isn’t all that transparent.

  188. I don’t work in a start-up but I have to manage some of my work hours by myself and make sure I’m productive and don’t suffer from a burn out at the same time. For me actually cutting down the hours and making sure I really don’t work one day of the week really helped. Also, I’ve gotten inspired form Hank Green’s (vlogbrothers) video “The secret to my productivity”. I think it’s an especially important message when you love your job and want it to remain that way. Best wishes

  189. Much respect for recognising, and having the bravery to talk about “having failed” and not just hiding it under the carpet. You have my support and my respect ! Hope it all works out and that issues will soon resolve <3

  190. Too much red flag in this video.
    1) There is no money
    2) 1 employees have to do 3 person job
    3) Half of the company employees quit at the same time
    4) Ridiculous expectations on the already burnt out ex employees

  191. Don’t focus on the future, no one knows what’s gonna happen. Focus on today, achieving goals little by little with the help of your employees, who shouldn’t be overworked and stressed to achieve a “possibly unattainable vision”. Listen to them, to their concerns, it’s very unfortunate that half of your team left. I can’t help but think that the management didn’t respond properly to any of their requests or concerns. I want you to meet with your current employees and allow them to open their hearts to you, work better regarding the management department and before all of that, you desperately need a break!
    PS. I’m a huge fan of Asian Boss and totally understand that there won’t be videos posted frequently, which doesn’t matter because we will continue to watch them! For now, what we want isn’t necessarily videos, but to know that things are getting better in your organization.

  192. You are always important and need to stay. Please keep asking for money if you can. Canada may be easier to. We seem to be part of something more. Great job on trying too hard. 👍

  193. I’m not sure if I understand Asian Boss correctly, since I don’t have the insider insight about the business. But observing from the outside, seems like given its niche nature and focusing on publishing news on YouTube makes Asian Boss comparable to Cheddar News. Maybe it’s time for Asian Boss to rethink its business and operational model?

    Such as…
    Does Asian Boss have a good presence in the China market which is the biggest in the continent of Asia?

    Time to think about branching out to other columns beyond social issues in Asia?

    Monetise with subscription model? Many big media are already doing this in order to stay afloat, from Bloomberg to New York Times, etc. You name it.

  194. Asian Boss is all about spreading American cultural rot, through the politics of anti-White hatred and imperialistically pushing Judeo-leftist progressivism on Asia. It’s very disgusting…..

  195. This sounds like damage control. Dealing with it before everyone hears the stories from the people who left. And it’s probably the best thing to do. But you still made half of them resign. And they probably let you know that you were driving them too hard before it got to this level, right? Even though you’re being honest and want to do better, this is still very disappointing. Have you apologized to them? At least privately?

  196. Their next video should be Stephen interviewing the ex-Asian Boss employees. Give them a voice and I believe it’ll be eye opening for all parties, including the viewers.

  197. Your an inspiration, don’t let this loss get too deep in you. I love this channel and everything it stands for. I will fully support you and the team as much as possible! Please stay strong

  198. Its not easy for small businesses during crisis. If you were few people, it would be a bit less stressful, since its youtube content news, but just do your best! Good work.

  199. I can help as a volunteer home-office. I’m quite active against yellow racism so I’ve always sided with Asian Boss so people worldwide could understand us better.
    You can contact me.
    Stay strong but hear your employees first. We, subscribers will have your back

  200. Take as much time as you need it’s okay to take a breather and I’m sure that the employees had their reason but now is your chance to grow and i believe in Asian Boss and all of their people!!

  201. This sounds like my former boss who kept brushing the problems under the rugs because she didn’t want to lose her title as a manager/boss. She would rather fire or not stop people from quitting their job than to deal with the problems.

    Something else is going on. I used to like Asian Boss but it’s becoming more about being the most popular asian only news outlet and what’s trending than about quality content. Stopped watching the videos because I couldn’t sense the authenticity behind it and now I know why.

    I want to hear from the employees who were fired/let go.

  202. Suggestion video, ask black ppl what they think abt the asian american attacks going on in america being mostly black perpetrators and why they think we r seeing mostly their race. Genuinely curious

  203. Steve, I’ve always been thinking you’re jumping ahead of yourself and this video just proves it. You need to slow down dude. Slow down. Stop and think where you are and where do you wanna go. You’re taking on too much too soon. This all started with you and Kay doing street interviews. You should just focus on that. Find the issues, record interviews, get your friends in other parts of south-east Asia to do the same, edit, and then upload. Don’t jump ahead of yourself man. You don’t need to have a business or grow a business. You can just be two guys making YouTube videos. One video a week is entirely doable, if not, then make it two videos a month. No need to grow a business when you barely just started. Media empire is possible, but it won’t happen overnight.

  204. Stephen, you undoubtedly have tremendous skills in understanding your audience and producing quality material.

    However, based on what I have heard now from you, in combination with comments from ex-staff here, you have some key leadership shortcomings – trusting and listening to your people.

    I am a Go Fund me contributor and it concerns me that this has happened.

    It is commendable to acknowledge your shortcomings.

    But this in itself is not enough. Great leadership requires understanding of the issues that impact your team. Stating that you pushed people too hard unreasonably is not an excuse for business failure. It comes across like you did it with the best of intentions. But if you reflect on the fact that everybody you hired is now virtually gone, you need to reflect much harder on understating your leadership weaknesses in order to fix them. Tired and demovivated staff do not produce quality output.

    Also working hard does is not necessarily same as working effectively.

    Good leaders do not get mired in the detail but rather trust and delegate. At the end of it, it is your team that produces the output, not you alone, and they are the ones that made you look good to us.

    Your first step in truly understanding your key weaknesses is to seek your ex-team members honest feedback annonymously and review the responses for systemic issues that you have. It will be confronting.

    The second is to seek some guidance/ mentoring to address then. Introduce periodic anonymous feedback loops into your processes. You will find that it help you improve your business. Great leaders of successful businesses always review and improve on stakeholder feedback. Further there will be no surprises when there are failures because lesders know of their problems and can make the choices to solve them.

    Learn from your mistakes and improve.

    After working many years managing people, I have learned a lot from my people’s feedback. I hope you take the opportunity to do so.

    You clearly have any other managerial strengths and an acute passion for quality, otherwise your viewers would not have responded to your request for support.

    As an avid fan of your site, I sincerely wish you the best with re-establishing the business.

  205. Sorry to hear this about Asian Boss. Do you have a CFO or finance person? What’s his or her approach of steering to robust financial status?

  206. Getting back to “lean and mean” is ok! You will bring it back around to what it suppose to be. Chin up Doll, you got this! But take care of you first to take care of everything and everyone else.

  207. I admire this man so much. It’s really hard to find someone with such clear vision and also such a strong determination.
    Truly you are an inspiration Steven.
    And believe me all the work that you are putting in will pay off!!

  208. It takes courage to be able make videos like this and being so extremely vulnerable in public. I really admire that. I really do hope you guys can come out of this crisis and look back and see how far you guys have gone since this. I wish you guys the best.

  209. It’s ok. Just survive and get through this difficult time. For me personally, I don’t expect normal for some time during this COVID-19 crisis. Take care.

  210. Honestly, no apology was needed, Steve. I think you’re too hard on yourself, and in what you think our, the subscribers’ and fans’, expectations are of you all at Asian Boss.
    Many of us, more than you think, I suspect, understand what it takes to build something important from the ground up, and how outside factors can affect all of that.
    For me, it has always been the QUALITY of information Asian Boss creates that has been my draw, and why I subscribed, and also why I share your videos. In fact, I’ve even introduced the Asian Boss channel to my Korean, Chinese, and Japanese friend here in the U.S. As a teacher/professor who teaches both Literature and the respective culture of each work, I’ve shared your videos not just with students, but also fellow teachers.
    From the beginning, when I discovered your YT channel a few years ago, it has never been about quantity, but about quality. An excellent, informative video from Asian Boss each month is FAR more of a draw than weekly rushed or “fluff” ones.
    그래서, 잘했어!!! 화이팅!!!

  211. Take inspiration from CNA Talking Point by Steven Chia …. he did make youtube video more attractive and simple to understand also somehow bit funny narrative …

  212. To EXCERCISE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP, a leader should put forth a proposition to the crew/parlament/constituentcy. They should have to react or retort and present their own propositions. For sustainable democracy, everybody should have to vote, even with a blank ballot. A democratic leader should listen at least as much as speak. A leader that dictates what and how things are done will lose faith. North Korea, China and Russia have other forms of leadership.

    To relinquish the right to vote is to invite fascism. A constituent who doesn’t vote is like an anarchist who wants meetings and gatherings. Oxymoronic as well as moronic.

    Please establish parlament.

    Secondly: humanism and capitalism usually don’t go well together, being near opposites yet dependent of each other. A capitalist needs human laborers and a humanist in a modern society needs money for food and utilities.

    Make a budget for money, time, mental resources, people and other resources, and use the restraints well with running dialogue with the crew/parlament. Use restraints and diverse value well for sustainability.

    A company must make money. Distribute shares to trusted crewmembers or all. Use the shares as ballots. Expand shares and include the viewers when the company shows stable fiscal policies. Viewers/consumers vote with attention and money. You need both.

    A holder of shares expresses trust. A sale of shares expresses distrust or lack of interest.

    ”I hold these thruths to be selfevident.”

    I have donated to you and I am writing this long comment because you matter to me.

  213. People here in the comments critizing you or jumping too hard on you for saying you want to build a company that exists for 300 years… HE at least recognizes his mistakes. This is often daily business that companies burn their people out for profit. The “burn and turn” philosophy is a frightening development. The others fail to recognize it. Stephen did it in the end; half if the staff will still be gone, but he at least wants to change.

    I have the impression that some accusing him as “a fishy leader” have never stepped in a working environment before.

  214. There is no easy way for start up business going survive. You need to be resilient and faithful for what you’re doing. Just take it slowly but precise, never miss a things that you would regret another day. Believe that tomorrow is gonna be better than today

  215. I hope all of you can survive, if only Asianboss reaches the top again, let us be a witness to your difficulties and struggles at this time 🥰

  216. I thot you guys want to say you all give up all together, turn out you just need time and little bit slow, y’all be okay, just keep going, we are okay waiting

  217. I enjoy some of your channels videos. Hopefully you’ll figure it out. Also, please shorten your announcement videos. Tell me what I need to know in 30 seconds and that way you’ll keep my attention. Again good luck, I’m rooting for you channel.

  218. Limit your videos to weekly once. You guys need this break atleast until you receive the go fund me money. Don’t be stressed yourself and don’t stress or push your employees. You already understood where this went with all of these resignations I’m sure you will change and start fresh. This channel’s honesty is what will make it go far. Not everyone is honest like you. Wishing nothing but best you and your team Steve! We can do this!!

  219. For each video, your views are more than 100k. you also have 3m subs. I thought these are pretty got revenue-generating. Have you guys even monetize with youtube?

  220. Half of your employees resigned and silenced. Sounds very familiar from the other micromanaging companies and money involved political issues. If I were you, I would rather focus on my employees and volunteers voices, suggestions and comments before success of the organization. Let me say this to you, Asian Boss is nothing without your people, your team. Being a startup and laying down your mission/visions with a 300 years etc… to the public have nothing to do with the situation. Manage your expectations please. Your people working in a 3 man job “each”.

    I have once worked with a volunteer work on a language channel here in YouTube and they NEVER appreciated our work despite of blood, sweat and tears (including money) for 10minutes of content. They rather focus on the standard, style, unjustified edits and revisions with micromanaging elephant in the room decisions, so we quit. Almost 75% of the team did. Atleast, APPRECIATE the people behind the camera, be the Asian “Leader”, not a “Boss”.

    Don’t fuc’ed up next time. Now, sashay away!

  221. Your transparency is appreciated and extremely respected! Quality over quantity is just fine. Do what you can and don’t push yourselves past your limit! We’re here supporting you.

  222. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” Edison. The vision of Asian Boss resonates around the world, as far as I can see. You just need to find another way to do it.


    Failure is part of success. It’s alright to fail. If you are passionate about something, do not quit … when you face setbacks. Winners don’t quit. Keep going. Tough times never last. Tough people do. Don’t be dejected at all. Relax your mind. Deal with each problem, one by one, efficiently. Keep doing the right thing. Be strong in mind. Come on, you can do it.
    It’s so wonderful that you shared your difficulties.
    Never quit in the face of adversities. Believe that your dreams are possible. We know that great things are not easy to achieve. Right ?
    Don’t be anxious or frustrated. You are going to succeed. Fate favors the fearless and bold

  224. Please dont pressurise yourself Sir❤️You are doing great job.If the video content will be less,we lovers of Asian Boss,will patiently wait for it❤️Good Luck❤️

  225. It’s ok to scale down ones in a while if quality is maintained and consistency is guaranteed .

    This video for instance may not have the production of other of your videos but for such a small video it can make a much bigger impact than a lot other videos Asian Boss created.

    You are doing a great job of taking care of the community you have created and the community is there for you in return.

  226. Quality over quantity. The internet have lots of folks you can speak up to if you know where to look. Say it, see how folks react.

    Still, don’t go make contents with subpar health.

  227. With corona virus there are so many businesses going under. And with the great reset in 2030 we need smaller journalists and news outlets now more than ever. Do what you need to do to stay afloat.

  228. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Handle your bearings and we will all be right here waiting for the next contents. Don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere.

  229. *What if I fail and I don’t have anything else? You have to fail in order to climb the ladder. We all lose. We all have loses. Don’t be worried about losing because when you afraid of losing then you got frozen, you get stiff and you are not relaxed. Let just go all out and give it everything you got. So don’t be afraid to fail* – Arnold Schwarzenegger

  230. I’m sorry this is happening. Perhaps you can learn from your mistakes and start afresh as a leader. it’s important to have a good bond with your team and listen to their ideas, have an open discussion. keep them motivated so they don’t quit and give you even better ideas and support.

  231. I’ve been working in a big company that is experiencing the effects of this pandemic. As an employee’s pov, we want to help the company we worked at get back to its feet but overworking us and decreasing what we earn through cutting our work days (in our case) won’t make us empthasize with company. We need someone who also looks after us the same as how we try to help the company. Overworking yourself doesn’t mean you have to make your staff do it too. And overworking doesn’t solve everything but only causing burnouts and poor work quality. Making the staff understand the situation and communication helps. Try to hear them out. Them being open to you can be helpful because you know what they think and you can evaluate yourself if you’re still on the right track and still doing the right thing, not just for the company but for your employees. They may also pitch in great ideas that can really help you during this tough times. It’s the time you work together as a team. I still believe that in taking good care for your employees, they will also take good care of you and your company. Remember, it’s the employees who are the foundation of the company, without them the company will not achieve it’s goals and visions.

  232. IDK but when one person is doing a three people’s job the messaging that you’re building a company that’s going to last 300 years starts to fall on deaf ears for employees. I hope Stephen learned from this experience and values his employees better in the future but there’s lots of mixed messaging going on in this video that make me suspicious.

  233. Plenty of 12 year old youtubers doing well running their own channel.. I hope you FAIL because obviously you’re incompetent Mr. Ivy League 🦆

  234. You’re doing your best. Just remember that quality is always better than quantity. You should give yourself and your team a vacation, all of us support you 24/7

  235. It is totally understandable that there will be less videos for a while. It is fine! No burnouts please. I have seen and experienced it myself under others leadership and leader should not fall into that trap. Even after three years leaving that job I feel tramatized and get aggravated whenever I remember it…Only true leaders can learn from their mistakes and it will not go unnoticed by co-workers. Keep your spirits up. We are here after all 🙂

  236. You are just human. Don’t rush. Good outcome needs time. Forgive yourself and take the lesson as learned. You are a great personality, if you can apologise in public. 🙂

  237. I think you’re team have to focus on the root of the problems like the introduction and thumbnail picture. Sometime the stupid videos get so many viewers how because of presentation and if you can’t able to get catchy topic then you can ask in comments section.

  238. I like your content, but I do believe you do need to take care of your employees. Because Employees suddenly quitting all at once, there is definitely going on behind the scenes. I wish you luck.

  239. Haha..Stephen, you getting burned by your 2 ex-employee, they are telling the truth about you and your are not. You need to hear and cooperate with your employees, don’t do it in your own and cut out their hard work video. Teamwork are important, not one man show. ( ex-employee comments are in pinned asian boss)

  240. Ayo y’all should reach out to Berleezy, PG, CoryKenshin, RDC, and tbe gang. They can help garner support for yall since they love some asian culture and can influence others to help do good. Berleezy is big on getting oppresed people’s voices heard. Eezy gang! RDC! Wya! Help me spread this!

  241. Everyone who’s in their home doing nothing and cannot help with money should do it with talent, you’ll be serving a purpose at least. I’m a video editor and willing to do it for free. Who else?

  242. 0:54 “…and lead by example working 24/7”
    I’m not getting this whole thing: lots of staff get laid off prior to the GoFundMe blitz—that in itself damages morale. (The “survivors” feel awful.) Then you’re waiting for the funding to come through and there’s a “ridiculous amount of work” that fell on the team resulting in _half_ of your employees resigning two weeks ago, including some people you didn’t expect.

    That, to me, sounds like a lot more than people simply getting burned out. _Why_ were people doing three people’s jobs in advance of the funding coming through? Why would those who you didn’t expect to quit “ambush” you like that? Why, instead, wouldn’t the organization, as a whole, _slow down_ (with an announcement to your subscribers) until the funding came through?

    I admire that you said forthrightly that you “failed as a leader”—that candor says a lot. But, if I were in your position, I’d really ask myself how I contributed to the situation to get some understanding of exactly _why_ all this happened. You certainly don’t owe your viewers or your subscribers an explanation—it really a matter of getting some insight into what exactly happened and how to handle things differently in the future.

  243. Work culture in this country is deeply toxic. I know because I’ve been in it for five years. It is quite ‘normal’ to work literally until you drop. To work when you’re sick. The stigma of being the first person to leave, and the competition to be the last, are super unhealthy parts of work life in Korea. If you leave last, you’re the most ‘loyal.’ People are beginning to fight back against these kinds of working conditions currently.

    We want the best for Asian Boss, and that unequivocally means we want the best for your staff. Be the guy who breaks out of that toxic work culture. We will still watch your videos if they’re less frequent because the content is good and the messages are important. Establish a culture of wellbeing over profit and the profit will naturally follow.

    Good luck!

  244. The former employees are telling another side of the story (see comments on pinned comment) and some have even made videos. It was unfortunately out of workload, disagreements between the employees and management, and disorganized leadership that this happened, at least according to them.

  245. First .don t blame yourself so much about what happened . As you Say you are human and nobody s perfect.
    But you made so Many important and good things! and always for the others to inform us of what s happening on live in the world.
    You have Helped so many peoples , always with your heart ❤️. God bless you . Fighting !!!!