Today I finally got to leave Angeles City after being locked down in the city for almost three months. It felt like some kind of freedom. I managed to get a one day travel pass and went to what I called the land of milk and honey…S&R in Dau.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. I’ve been waiting patiently to re-visit the S&R here in Mandaue City, Cebu. It’s been months since I’ve been there. I will surely overspend! There isn’t much in terms of stores in Talisay City. Only problem for now… card is in wife’s name! 😬
    I need some of their pizza and a hotdog.

  2. Did the foreigner really overstay his visa or was he locked down and could not get it renewed? Everyone who is here on any visa that expired or will expire soon is unable to leave to renew it but the government said it will be forgiven under the circumstances so we are all good and just have to get it renewed when things open up and work again.

  3. hi brian, i’m not as pessimistic as you are, i also live in AC…and i bet for a shift to GCQ on june 1st then MGCQ 2 weeks later, then back to a kind of a “more normal life” by july….this is getting ridiculous, we have the longest and the most comprehensive lockdown ever, no other country in the world has imposed a 3.5 months lockdown, it doesn’t exist…they will have no choice, people are starving, the economy is going to collapse, so many people will lose their job and will fall below the poverty line, how are they going to survive?…they will have to take the risk ifnot they could impose the lockdown untill we get a vaccine in 12 or 18 months, but it doesn’t make any sense!

  4. Whatever makes you happy Brian, i suppose we are lucky over here, no travel restrictions.
    Weather not to bad, but changeable. Need some rain for garden. Looking after ourselves. Working hard in house n garden. Any chance of a pancake video. Pls pls pls.

  5. Sorry Brian, but I think you are asking the wrong question. It should not be “is it worth it for $20” because that logic leads to corruption: never stand on principle, so why need principles? Can’t get drunk at home and tell off a tresspasser? Then where can you get drunk and we are always going to hold people to account, sober, drunk, sane, insane? We will treat them all the same? Really, and as everyone knows, if it were Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or an Ayala, the police would never dare to tresspass and never dare to offend. This is just common sense. But since the guy was not super-rich, jealousy comes into the picture. The question we should ask is not is it worth $20 but is it worth it to the Philippines to throw all his employees out of work just to show who is the boss and humiliate the foreigners again? Because when they kick that guy out of the country, obviously he will close his business and move it to some other third world country.

    The issue of overstaying is obviously separate. But since they aren’t issuing visas and the offices are closed, I imagine 90% of the foreigners in the Philippines are technically overstaying at the moment.

  6. The Spanish guy is an undesirable and should be deported in my opinion. It is the little things sometimes that put a smile on our face, a stick of butter, a baked cheesecake or just getting out the house.

  7. Unfortunately, because I am 66 I have been on lockdown for 71 days not allowed to go anywhere. I miss walking to the Market to buy fresh produce and pork. Since I am the only American in my Barangay Pasong Tamo Quezon City, I don’t want to call attention to myself and possibly get deported even though I have SRRV. Glad you got out.

  8. Glad you had your little trip to S&R. In the Philippines I always found officials to be polite and helpful providing you were the same. I have no time for the expats demanding things and thumping their chests like Tarzan.

  9. Glad you got out . Would hate to be locked up like that . Was i Phillipines Jan. Feb. Just got out in time. Am from Spokane Wa. Enjoy your videos

  10. S&R? No invite lol. Just a minute into it…About the guy trying to defend some basic human rights…the label of passed around punkbitch leads to more people coming up with their hands out and “just a lousy 20 bucks”. My two cents. And, guess I would try to hire an attorney. Yes, I get it, guest in the country…but that doesn’t mean you’re required to be an atm for corrupt people. Done preaching. I’d love to go to S&R and get some sirloin steaks 🙂

  11. Good for you awesome.. I can’t get pass..haha but it is nice to see you having fun .I can tell you are happy to be out. I would to. Great video..

  12. You were talking about the guy from SPAIN getting deported at the beginning and they’re calling him the “UNDESIRABLES”, that’s funny because that was my ex-wifes pet name for me😟

  13. As foreigners they have to respect the law of the country. That’s also what our Kababayans do when they are in a foreign land. Good for him! Bye bye! Haha overstayer!

  14. A warning to all foreigners in the Philippines. To the Philippine authorities, an undesirable is simply someone they don’t like. You don’t have to commit a crime, to be labelled an undesirable. An example I know of, is a man was charged by the police over a complaint made by a Filipino, but the charges were withdrawn. When he was charged though, his name was immediately flagged by Immigration, but the police have no obligation to notify immigration, if the charges are withdrawn. He was arrested at the airport, and spent 2 years in a rat infested cesspool called Bictuan Immigration Detention Facility. Under Philippine immigration law, they can hold you indefinitely, and you are not afforded the same legal rights as under the criminal justice system. At the time of this man’s arrest, there were very few lawyers with knowledge of immigration law in the Philippines, so finding representation was nigh impossible. He was fortunate that a foreign lawyer heard of his situation, and managed to get him out. He has since started an advocacy group, to help other foreigners in this same situation. When you are in the Philippines (or any other country), you are there as a guest, so treat your host with the utmost respect. If you slag off at Filipinos, you do it at your peril. It only takes one to make a complain to the police. As for this Bozo who went of at the authorities over a face mask, he deserves everything that coming to him.

  15. These tyrants and gestapo wannabes would love to have an indefinite CQs. In their previous life they’re nobodies and powerless but now they can dictate to you whatever they want.

  16. DAU don’t count that you escaped Angeles city LMFAO!!!! At Least say you got to San Fernando or Tarlic. If you can walk there reasonably its not a escape.

  17. Since May 12, the Philippines has been getting over 200 new cases of COVID-19 a day, and it is showing no signs of going down. I hope I am wrong, but you could be on the MECQ for a while.

  18. Hey Brian, did you ever try to get a press pass? With such a pass the road opens up like magic body. With medical, work, etc needs, you could also negociate your way from Borangay to Barangay to many different locations, some very far as long as you provide your transportation and also secured a letter to go with that for fuel and food, just in case and get a place to spend the night. As far as medications and other needs take those with.you.
    One other thing, it is important to exercise at home or you will have to deal with extra lbs or kgs…lol 😂
    Another way to get authorities on your side will be by going to hospitals, fire stations, military check points, Barangay halls to see how they go about their Covid-19 duties…easy on the medical bcos you might be on their way and ware a face shield and dress more like a surgical team member.
    Another way, buy stuff to make sandwiches for frontliners and go and make those at a Barangay hall, so the will issue a Covid-19 safety clearance to pass them out to those workers.
    With good intentions you could go a long way anywhere in the world.
    Stay safe guys…in Central Florida we are almost back to normal…I had my first meal at a retaurant yesterday afternoon…people were happy everywhere and follwing the guideliness to protect each other…so far 2 people I knew passed away, the 2 in Illinois, near Chicago.
    Yes, I do have a press pass since I was a film, tv and radio student back in 1970s in Chicago and it is honor everywhere I go.

  19. Ouch. “undesirable” has such an harsh tone 🤪🤪🤪. Next time I want to insult some one I will be like “you, yeah you, are so undesirable”. 😂🤣

  20. Thanks for the updates. Originally from N.Y.. I’ve been here for 10 years for family. Funny I was about to visit Spain at the end of March. I got myself into similar situations where I was threatened to get blacklisted after the fact I got beat up by officials or as one said a human atm machine. Lol. Mahal Kita Philippines. Thae last incident in February authorities made up some trump up’ed charges and threw me in jail for 3 days my asawa bailed me out then court. I was going to plead innocent with the local lawyer but the 3 police officers didn’t even show up. I ended up pleading guilty and since I’m a foreigner I had to pay extra. It is what it is. What’s that Spaniard’s name I might go look him up in the future. Peace Profound to All 🙏🏼🕯🌿💚

  21. @ Brian – I seen you today at S and R during checkout. Did not realize it was you. If I had known I would have introduced myself. Love the channel. I hit S and R almost once a week now from Angeles. Never know when when the quarantine will get tighter here in Angeles/Dau. It is suspected by other BPO owners we are in for a long haul quarantine wise. As one other poster said, make the most out of your S and R visits when coming from Angeles, I do. haha. Keep up the positive vibes on your channel.

  22. I saw all the groceries that U put on the counter when U were checking out, and it seems like U forgot to buy the MILK🥛 or HONEY🍯😆🤣

  23. look like a diet of chips last of the big spenders the food lines probably have better food for you while in lock down stay positive life will get better

  24. I was 2 weeks ago in S&R Dau Brian, I talked me in there with my S&R and SSS cards but it is not easy in Military checkpoints. But next week I’ll try what you did. Thank you.

  25. Talking about the spaniard being deported, I am from the UNITED STATES but I assume citizens have certain rights in the Philippines, he seems like he has money so he will probably get a lawyer and fight his exportation, unless things work differently there where human rights are non-existent, which could be the case there as I hear about all the city closures, pass requirements, elder discrimination, clothing mask mandates, I planned on vacationing there but maybe I should go to VIETNAM instead, even though it’s communist it seems the citizens still have some dignity of rights there…

  26. Hey Brian, you need to get your a/c fixed. Maybe, just add a little freon or so just to get it going for a while. Really hot driving around w/o AC. BTW, do they require you a travel pass or quarantine pass once you enter SnR? I heard only pampanga residence are allowed in SnR Dau and San Fernando

  27. Tell LOT LOT that it seems the workout videos are working because her boobs in the thumbnail are looking awesome👍🤣😄

  28. Getting deported right now probably isn’t such a bad thing. Here in the states we’re doing almost whatever the heck we want. Of course I’m in the Rocky Mountains in a small town in Colorado . Lockdown in the Philippines seems a lot more harsh ! Glad you busted out! Way to go!

  29. You need a new mic. I love that S & R or Sam’s kinda neat to have a nice choices and not crowded🥰 You are right not worth arguing over this Q’s especially when you’re a little tipsy😩 follow the simple rules and no temper temper if you’re living overseas😩

  30. We’re happy for you too! Travel to Jersey or NY require 14 day quarantine too.. I’m looking forward to driving up and down 195 for my Memorial Day vacay 🙁

  31. LOL that is exactly where I thought you were going. and yes that guy was an idiot and now he is gone sucks to be him. Keep up these great videos. I can’t wait to return to the Philippines when I can finally travel again. Maybe on my next trip my girlfriend Sofia and I might head to Angeles and visit your store

  32. However you look at it, the guy was an asshole and a fool… Anyway, it does not matter how many people he was employing if he doesn’t respect them… You really have to wonder if he wasn’t abusing the Police simply because he though he was better than them?

  33. You have to pick your battles but I will say yes it was definitely worth it because it doesn’t sound like he’s hurting for money it’s the principle of the matter so maybe he will continue to fight it with a good attorney or if not just move to Thailand or somewhere else nice where he will be appreciated.

  34. You should stop by your house and scan the pass in your PC as a keepsake, a souvineer of the lockdown of 2020. Or photograph it if you don’t have a scanner on your printer. Just for the scrapbook.
    Memories, all alone in the moon light, da deee da Dee da da . I don’t know nothing 😂

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