I Don’t Respond That Well to the Local Census Questions – Pakikisama Fail

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  1. You are old enough to know better. You been there long enough to know not to be a prat and YES, you will do the exact same thing again guaranteed..- Why? Because that’s the way you are it’s called EGO = A sence of self importance and ABILITY mixed with arrogance and self-entitlement.
    Hopefully some day you will change your ways!

  2. If you are a foreigner you not only embarrass yourself….you actually embarrass your extended family i.e. all other foreigners by association. So thanks for giving me fremdschämen, Ned. 50 push ups. On stream.

  3. When we get older with our spoiled selves and set in our ways, some things are harder to deal with. Old habits are hard to break and sure cause us some trouble and embarrassment.

  4. Hey Ned, Don’t beat your self up I been here about 7 years and , been a real ass hole at time with my USA no patience ,, I just gave up and try to go with the flow!! I am a lot older than you , some day hop can meet up!!

  5. Long story short, you’re guilty of being human. Let it go and move on with your day. You have a new baby, and that’s stressful. Forgive yourself, and choose to control your emotions in the future. One word of friendly advice: DO NOT make the baby the center of your life. Don’t let your wife do it either. The marriage, the partnership, should come first. If you take care of the marriage, the baby is taken care of by default. I’ve seen too many couples loose their way because their entire focus in life shifted to the baby and they ignored each other’s needs (emotional and physical). Don’t let that happen to you. When it comes to putting the marriage first, you and your wife have to be on the same page, so it’s up to you to sit her down and hash it out. The way you opened your video gave me the vibe that you’re feeling neglected. Don’t play the nice guy. If you’re feeling a certain way, be blunt about it. Otherwise, you will suffer in silence and start to build up some resentments. Best wishes, and good luck.

  6. Way too many commercials and even some in Spanish, Bud Brown had the same problem and had the solution, maybe ask him what he had to do. Too many commercials are a real turn off to the viewers.

  7. Good luck on your 13a. I started collecting my documents at the end of October 2018. Turned in docs end of January 2019. Got the 13a stamp but the ACR took til June 2019. Applied for Permanent visa in January this year, still waiting for ACR card. Don’t know if it had to do with converting from Balikbayan which doesn’t need an ACR.

  8. Just took my 1st census ever 3 months ago here in Palm Harbor, FL. The lady came to our door and was very polite and agreed not to demand/require personal data per my request, just the basics; first names, number of family in household, and a couple more general questions. I support the Census too but personal data, I.D numbers, are off limits especially these days. Glad they respected our Right to Privacy Laws here in the USA.

  9. You are absolutely NOT wrong to not be willing to give financial information. They don’t need to know more than how many warm bodies are in the Brgy. Anything more lends to potential fraud in my opinion. Let’s be honest. You are smart to make this video to maintain the peace in household. You are 53. You are not the nicest person. Never will be and that is okay.

  10. Being married to a Filipino teacher ,every year ,they have to fill out a financial report, One section is for the husband, they wanted to know all my financial details.. obviously I lied and gave them the bare minimum. I don’t like lying but if I told the truth he could have massive consequences on my wife’s job at that time last year. Now we have a bouncing baby boy, and she has given up work to look after baby 👶🏻

  11. Why don’t you get inoculated against dengue fever malaria etcetera, here in the Netherlands, when I went on tourist vacations to my house in Sibulan. I would get a shot cocktail that covered the 4 main killer diseases or dangerous tropical fevers,you can get the necessary shots at Silliman medical reception center probable costs 1000 peso?

  12. For those interested in the South East Asia honesty question, the issue is generally about the concept of ‘face’. Generally I have found that people are honest despite the comment made by Ned’s viewer. The issue is that when asked a question you will lose ‘face’ if you don’t know the answer so people give an answer every time and because of this they will be wrong often. Also because of ‘face’ they will not admit to making a mistake and will defend a position that they know is wrong rather than admit it’s wrong. As a result most Asian people will avoid putting people in the position where they will lose face which also often involves not telling the truth. So it’s not that people are dishonest but rather that it’s polite to not make somebody lose face. Foreigners usually do not understand this and see it as dishonesty. Also this is where foreigners can get into trouble because by seeing it as dishonest foreigners often will force the issue and the truth, there by making the local lose face. This is a very bad thing because making people lose face can lead to people getting physical and has even lead to the foreigner being killed as pay back for the embarrassment.

  13. It’s interesting when you wife loses it before you do. I asked (in English) a local guy who parked next to me if he can help jump start my car. Said my battery was dead, but I had cables. He stared at us for at least for at least 30 seconds. My wife then asked in Ilonggo if he understood English. He then kind of got upset, of course he knows English, said we were looking down on him because of how he was dressed (better than me, for sure). My wife said, look at us. Then he told her women don’t talk to me like that. She said, this woman does, and went off a bit. After a bit of ass chewing, he says he would have helped, but not now because my wife was rude. Thin skin I guess.

  14. Hey Ned, understand your situation and frustration with the culture and trying to deal with Filipino way of life, lifestyle and the “Filipino way”. I am still struggling with adapting and understanding. I live (Valenzuela city, NCR) with my fiancee and her whole family (all adult children). I really love the Philippines and hopefully will be able fulfill our dreams of traveling and exploring.
    I will adjust… God bless you and your wonderful family always.

  15. Never give away unnecessary personal information! NEVER also not in the Philippines! Datas get usually sold and you have no control about it! Specially in the Philippines!

  16. I agree Pakikisama (socialising) is important in the Philippines, BUT it is also a method to avoid solving problems and to avoid straight forward tackling of problems! It is in the end part of the nationwied IGNORANCE! It is in general a way to go round of this “loosing face” issue.

  17. Hey Ned, don’t feel bad. Remember to keep in mind that I.D. THEFT is a way of life these days. You can make up for it. Just be extra nice to everyone and practice Tagalog super hard!!! Trust me. You need to speak Tagalog before your Baby does!

  18. I think you’re right about why Filipinos are ready to help each other. Greece (where I lived for 10 years) has a similar history and having to deal with continuing challenges which oblige folk to help each other.

  19. Nope i wont tell them anything you and i are alike Ned im exactly like you we filled out our Census hear in Australia but no questions like that no way bank details only where you were born all that bullshit my wife said just put bullshit on the form any way few years ago in Australia this was and you know they never come to pick that up and also we left to go to Philippines a week later they never came back so i just riped it all upno way ill tell them personal stuff just put N/A Bahal na hahahah I use plug in mozie pack have but i got a good one from Sm mall in Cebu its a good one no mozies or flys but on our new house we have screens on all the windows and doors now but still ill use the zapper its blue light good as a night light to i used to use the liquid one that plugs in the wall but both are good i get the one year visa always on entry HEy dont pick on Australians Ned Rember your Roots !!!!!!!

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