I Didn’t Expect To See This!!

Vlog#851 Thailand’s economy is ravished! But people still seem to strong. It was an unexpected surprise today all this way in Thailand.
Daily Thailand Briefing. English version towards the end: https://youtu.be/nkgsPd73WJA
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  1. I hate it when that happens. You realise that for 2 months I could have been doing something and only just thought of it.
    Happens way to often to me .

  2. Ah wha de joke here…big man, ah so you take over the people them place with your two flags? :-)) .. I love the open entrance, but is there no concern for rats or mice when it rains?

  3. just want to say that the houses you saw for sale we have the equivalent here in udon thani and they put in the threshing range 1.8 to 2.6 mil thai bat

  4. One of my most favorite of your videos. I would love to see a video about your journey learning the Thai language and your perception of how fluent you are. I will be retiring there in one year and it is one of the biggest hurdles I foresee.

  5. Thats great seeing u , s government sent you a stimulus check , and they included your wife as well. How cool is that. Keep those fingers crossed .because their is talk of another stimulus check coming out of Washington .

  6. Chuck, Thai’s understands the word “OKay” nowadays. When I first went back to Thailand as a kid in the mid 70’s my cousins would scratch their heads, every time I and my brother and sister would say “Okay” GREAT VIDEO, Keep it up!

  7. There are thousands of youtube video’s on HOW to record, make, edit, save, and stream your own video’s. What business is it of theirs on how you edit your video’s?

  8. Hi Chuck and Piage, hope you both well, great video I bet you feeling trapped with this lockdown we know you love travelling around the country so much. Love your little travels around on your motorbike it feels like we are going with you, Cheers Mate hope to see you again

  9. “Stimulus Check”, verrrry cooool. I didn’t get any because my mother died and left me an inheritance, which gave me a one time boost in my AGI. Whatever…..government.

  10. Chuck what did you donate to the food bank? Yes congratulations on receiving your check. My wife and I got $1400. I’m wondering why $2400 for you and Paige. Congratulations! When is the live stream?

  11. Hello Chuck n Paige, I did also receive my stimulate check, it would be very surprise if I get another one for $2k……but who’s complaining The majority of mental attitude of the people’s in the states are on the edges nowday. The uncertainty of the economy, the lock down, the illnesses. We all needs to love one another even more in this world at this moment, that’s all I can said about that.Thank-you for YouTube video clips of Thailand, it does makes me close to home. Take care.

  12. Great vid Chuck and I think you covered all. Learning, grateful for the check, teacher taking you on and possible meeting with the monk. It was a great day!

  13. Big day for Chuck and Paige.
    Congrats on your check.
    You’re right.
    Should have been looking for your teacher a couple months ago when all we did was hear you cry ass.

  14. I did enjoy the video. I like these everyday life ones better than the travel to tourist places (like Koh Lipe, although those are nice too). Was that Kru Meow’s son or husband that was the artist? He’s very talented. Glad you got your check!

  15. So what’s your address?

    So excited for you to have received a stimulus check. A fellow that lives in our home has not received his check yet.
    Oh…enjoyed your video today…..Thank You.

  16. Thanks for another great video. When Paige brought in the stimulus check, I paused your video to go out and check my mail box. Unfortunately, no check. I’m retired, living in Jakarta with my Indonesian wife. However, if I do get a check, I’ll have to find a way to get it back to the US for deposit, as Indonesian banks do not accept foreign checks. Cheers!

  17. Hey Chuck, good video.
    What you said about your teacher only being willing to teach you formal Thai, then move on to shortened/slang/normal talk Thai makes sense to me.
    That is what I do with Pook’s nephews, Pook’s brother and his wife when teaching them English.
    Everything is long form.
    I will, not I’ll.
    You are, not You’re…and so on.
    Better understanding of the language and the ability to speak formally should they need to.

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