I built a million dollar business with a camera – YOU can too

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips and motivation bro !!!! I made my channel and I’m grinding every day super motivated to bring content to the people out there that love to travel like US !!! Keep it up 👍🏼

  2. Really impressed with the way to you capture all places and share all the information. I recently started vlogging and uploaded few traveling videos. Would seek support, feedback from fellow followers of this channel. Hope you all love me the same way. Please subscribe my channel on YouTube
    Chanel Name – “Out of Town with Roving Indian”

  3. I don’t know you Christian, will probably never meet you, but I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and have noticed the vast improvement in the quality of the videos, especially the editing and the drone shots. You took a huge risk to find happiness and it has definitely paid off. If you’ve become a millionaire then it’s fully deserved. Well done Christian.

    PS your girlfriend is gorgeous…where is she from? Brazil?

  4. This is an accurate description of where I’m at in my life. I did the 9-5 grind for 3 years and discovered its a lifestyle I just can’t see myself fitting in with. I have since been traveling full time and have never felt freer, but I realize that I will need to find a better way to make a stable income than just picking up the odd job here and there. I am just beginning my blog, but feel demotivated due to the very low number of followers I have. I will definitely be checking out your course!

  5. Well you had a stable and well earning job as a accountant, had a family to back you up, no obligations and got good looks and health. With those things in mind you might be at the top 5 percent of humanity beeing lucky enough to have all these points checked + the fact that you entered a market that was still unoccupied and rapidly growing. Yes you worked hard, but no, we cant do that too.


  7. He should really be giving credit to Laura Reid’s butt (his ex girlfriend), not his go pro. The shots of her butt in the early days of this channel we’re what made his channel grow

  8. How to teach without Phd, teach garbage nothing useful just marketing….persuade….distract. Teach science not lifestyle….. Society is just narcissistic and materialistic.

  9. Everyone needs to understand that Christian is not JUST a travel vlogger, he is very clearly a natural entrepreneur. Hardworking, smart, and ambitious. It takes a lot more than just a camera to build a million dollar business, and yes, a natural progression from fame is to begin selling courses on how you can be rich and famous too like him. 3 things to keep in mind when buying courses from anybody:
    1: 90% of successful people, such as christian, were able to make good money because it was a great time in the market itself to be doing that. In christians case, he started in 2014/2015, and travel vlogging only became mainstream a couple years later. Christan got lucky and rode the wave/bubble successfully.
    2: just because comment number 1 is true, that does NOT mean christian doesnt have anything valuable to teach, yes he was successful in a market bubble, but he’s also very smart, dedicated, hardworking and tallented. Some of those skills are teachable and that is why his course brings REAL value.
    3: keep in mind christian can only teach you what he knows, it’s still up to you to figure out the details of your business strategy and put in the hard work to make it sucessful.

  10. We have followed you since the early days and it has been awesome to see your growth! I am 48 years old, took the career route and still unhappy as a VP in a six figure “seemingly successful career”. We started a YouTube channel 3 years ago and I’m looking forward to leaving my fancy job to go all in and take a risk building our Family Travel channel. Good for you figuring this out early in your career! We hope to teach our kids to follow their passions by showing them that we followed ours!!

  11. I was doing good making travel videos about China, then the epidemic happened and I started filming about other stuff. I lost subscribers because of this🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. You’ve been such an inspiration to me even if I don’t follow the content creator path you still motivate me to not give up and follow my dreams. Thanks for sharing your journey ❤️

  13. Yeah. You got it man. You just swam against the current. You jeopardized – risked – everything to live the perfect life. You got what many didn’t so far. You got courage. Congrats.

    Hugs from Brazil.

  14. You know I don’t like to watch this kind of video because you are so successful! You know how many of us out there no matter what we do we cannot get subscribers

  15. You still are one of the inspiration I have, hopefully I can still chase the dream. Gotta move while I can, it is hard to leave the 9-5 routine without anything to carry moving forward.

    1. start out by doing mini weekend trips and start recording those. See if people like your sh*t. If they do take a big trip somewhere. If they don’t like your sh*t then stick with your day job and think of something else. Never stop searching.

  16. Christian lost le blanc is one of my first travel vlog inspiration. Time when he still need patreon support for travel. His travel is an inspiration. Always amazed how you pilot the drone. thats why is strated vlogging my travels as well and hopefully fly my drone like Christian. Hope you also support my vlogs guys. See you. Im doing my Cancun Mexico series now.

  17. I love my go pro, but only one part of the arsenal you have to carry with you when you travel the world. Making friends on a local bases is one other key that has to be mastered, as they can direct you to the best spots and times to be there.

  18. This is what life is about. We spend our whole lives being told by society and our parents to study hard and get a corporate job to live in a 3 bed house with 2.4 children, no matter how stressful that 9-5 job may be and how unhappy it makes us. Life should be about following your dreams, travelling and exploring the most beautiful places in the world. Being brave and taking risks is what really leads to happiness.

  19. I was touched 😭 thanks for that inspiration ❤️❤️ i was a frustrated photographer, but after watching this video my veins have come to its eagerness. I will invest for my passion ❤️❤️

  20. You are pretty damm lucky by the looks of your early videos to be successful, but those days are past, and to tell you the truth with your new school you are just a ‘dream merchant’ 90-94% will not make it to your level in this saturated market!

  21. I love,love,LOVE your content. The edit style , footages. Thank you for guiding for the royalty free music in one of your videos. I just started my youtube channel and I subscribed for the music as you suggested. Would like to learn more from you! And hopefully one day collab, Travel and make video!!! Thank you. #truelygrateful

  22. I remember discovering your channel in 2016. You barely had 10,000 subscribers and you were preparing to go on your trip to Thailand. I LOVE those videos. You’ve come a long way man. I also remember at the time you said you only had like $5,000 or something and look what you’ve become!!!

  23. I am 28 and yeah like you were before working in dream job but I dunno my soul feel lost 8-5 doenst exite me all mind just wanna travel the world to the beach, forest etc I have channel in my youtube and since I am Indonesian only get 12 days leave per year. Yes only 12 fukin days 😂 I dunno when I can be having a life like you but I am sure I will. I got depress in this matrix worlds.

  24. So this dude tries to sell our dream life and a method to earn a million bucks doing it? Sounds legit!

    P.S. This is a joke. Don’t fall for online courses. Spend your money on traveling/the business itself and don’t believe anyone that tells you that you are better off giving them your money instead of investing it in yourself. 1000 videos are worthless against a day of experience.

  25. Been working a 9-5 (actually 9-8+) job for 25+ years, the drain doesn’t go away. If any of you watching this get the opportunity to live a better life then grab it. Life is super short, prob a bit late for me to change but not for a lot of you. This video makes me wish I’d grabbed the opportunities that came my way that I missed. Don’t miss those feelings that pull you into what you love doing.

    Super inspiring video and channel 🙂

  26. Hello, genius! I found the inspiration for making travel videos on Youtube after I watched your videos. I’ve just started, so I’m purely a beginner and I’ve published my first 3 videos in the last 4 days. I love travelling and I want to learn always more about travel vlogging. My inspiration is to become a giant like you one day, I’m working on it…If you never, ever time, take a look at my channel (Uplivity), even for 1 minute, and tell me what you think. That would be great for me! I know I have to improve and learn a lot, but I’m doing my best. Thank you master!

  27. Just finished the 10 video boot camp, am excited to do the Academy soon. Just got layed off due to the corona virus so money is tight. But soon I will sign up. 🙂

  28. Hey there, we just started to subscribe to your channel today. We are very inspired by your story and your work. Happy to see that your dream came thru. Your videos are very nice! We just started our travel vlog, a couple of months ago and we have many things to learn 🙂 We have lots of fun doing this, and we hope that we also will be able grow and make better content. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Greetings Rita & Werner

  29. You had just made me cry with this video Chris! I’m a freelance dancer and a few years ago I went out of my country, Venezuela, searching for another opportunity as a dancer and I found myself traveling and doing videos because as a dancer I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I started doing videos and after a few years I moved to Mexico and I found dance jobs that make me feel happy but I miss so much being around in any country making videos and be FREE.
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories, to watch this made me ask me some questions about, like, do I really want the life that I have right now for me?
    PD: I just watch this video 2 months later, I wish I could have watched before 🙁

  30. I appreciate you sharing this with us! I am just starting my YouTube journey and it’s always great to hear these kind of stories. I don’t even know how I discovered you but thank you and keep up the FANTASTIC work 🙂

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