I Am Just A Guest Living In Thailand. Expectations Are Up To You.

Vlog#859 It seems being a guest with no commitments has it’s rewards for being happy and less attached. This is my thoughts moving forward. Going back to Thai School today.
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  1. Chuck, I agree with everything you said here. When I came to Thailand I adopted a philosophy of “open heart + open mind = open possibilities”. Every day was one of new experiences and new thoughts, I found it easy to lose m American ideals, and I had a great time both times I was there last year! BTW, nice Tye Dye Paige!!!!

  2. Now, you coming to Rayong, sorry I am not still there, but maybe I’ll be back in Ban Phe again soon , like you Chuck I love Thailand especially Ban Phe, being back in N.America SUCKS! Have a Sabai Dee time, Yabba Dabba do !1lol

  3. Looks like your doing fine with the Thai writing, good luck. Same as you not as worried about bars being opened but nice that can get a drink when we go out eating. Eating fermented fish is much like Vegemite, it takes some getting used to. Liked your honest comments at the start. People would be more happy if they just relaxed a wee bit more.

  4. Your opening commentary is so how I feel. After months of thinking I have made decision to retire. It will take 6 to 8 months for paperwork but any luck at all will be done by Christmas. Thanks for all the positive reflection you put out in your videos. Good lord willing I’ll get to thailand soon. Take care.

  5. As a fellow student of Thai language I really appreciate the school part of the video. I too am learning to read/write (which I think is critical) and you are doing great – nice penmanship btw!

  6. HBD Paige! Echo your sentiments Chuck, label myself as a guest as well when at my Thai village outside Udon. Few farangs actually reside in my village, which is fine with me.

  7. I love the food you always have good food. Also you are so brilliant you read and write Thai . How long did it take for you to learn it? It’s not easy

  8. was wondering how far it is from your place to the school (possibly more comments depending on answer)
    since it is tomorrow in Thailand HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re going to spoil her even more today eh?
    have fun …till next time…(or additional comments)

  9. A very philosophical way at looking at life from the outside, I very much enjoyed hearing it.
    Thai’s are very tolerant with Farangs to a point, but some dick heads go beyond that and there is no woodwork that I cannot crawl in do that is that far away.
    We are initially a novelty that kinda grows on them, but when you make a Thai friend, he will stick with you through thick and thin, and it is not about giving to them (as they see you as a fool when you flash the cash) it is about sharing and caring, if he is short of food and you dump 20Kg’s of rice on his porch, without seeing him it speaks volumes

  10. Thanks Chuck and Paige,
    Happy birthday Paige.
    Chuck really enjoyable video great insight into life!
    One of my favourite notime2besad videos.

  11. You feel like a guest because you have the right attitude. You actually do have responsibility though in the sense that you are committed to Paige and she is your wife. The luck that you have is that her parents do not want you to support them. As a matter of fact, you are super lucky because they actually help support you and your wife by giving you your own home. That is SUPER rare in Thailand. Paige seems to be very independent also which alleviates your burden. When you dont have to pay rent or a mortgage, your costs are extremely low and you dont have to worry about your wifes family trying to bleed you dry.

  12. Chuck, can’t you get Thai citizenship? Nice to have that security. Some Asian countries allow it, I got citizenship in another Asian country. Makes a huge difference to life:-)

  13. Chuck, I only know you by your videos but what I see and hear ( Even though your from Texas and I’m from Mass. lol)
    I like. You and Paige are good people. Be safe and keep the fun coming!

  14. Awesome Video Chuck, Everytime we watch your videos they get better and better grade A+ for sure, we are changing our Udon Lady with Farang Channel to be more English Speaking videos, but still keep our food videos going, I always wanted to do videos like a lifestyle vlogs just like yours. I will be closing my Jersey Bean Farang in Thailand due to Google Adsense issues.Take care Guys Cheers🍺🍺🍺🙏🙏🙏🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪

  15. Chuck you need to start doing thai language course for us falang who find it difficult to learn the language. True what u say in your video, really don’t try and be someone your not, be yourself, respect others and go out and talk to the locals.

  16. Great video Chuck. Thanks for sharing the classroom experience and the dinner. You are so fortunate to live like a kid with money. Cheers.

  17. If your going down Rayong try an area called Phla, Phayun, Phala beach area it’s West of Rayong, about 30 minute drive. Try ROMSON restaurant on the beach. Beautiful long beach.

  18. Hi Chuck, happy you liked the vegemite bikkies. The trick with vegemite is use just a little bit, it is a very strong acquired taste

  19. Lovely, honest and very sincere words at the beginning,it’s great seeing the love being shared amongst everyone,stay safe and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, happy birthday for tomorrow young lady 🤗🙏🙏❤️🌹🇨🇷

  20. So good that you’re learning the language… It’s true sometimes you need to actively look for your own happiness… I’m enjoying your open opinions on things and situations. Live long, continue to be healthy and happy m8.

  21. Chuck, that is absolutely how I feel. I am stuck in Amerika for now, but I am definitely out of place here in a Magnolia.
    My life is in a Thailand. I love my family and friends in Thailand. I fit in because no one seems to judge me. We all take care of each other. We are all happy. We are a big family and a big community.
    I needed to hear this tonight. Thank you.

  22. Chuck you really need to develop your rubber band skills to a better level. I get frustrated watching you pick and pull to get the band to unrave;. In your favour of course is the fact that different vendors seal the bags differently, and I’m sure there is an underlying rule between vendors that states when the customer is farung make it more complicated. I would think “All Thai people believe” – this would be really funny. Because it is..

  23. ha ha ha…that’s 90% of us that have to go to work all day and be around “those” people. The best thing to come out of the Coronavirus Quarantine is working 4 days a week, 6 hours a day. I think that should be the standard from now on. People are less stressed, have more time to do what they want, are more relaxed, and thus more productive during their time at work. Now that I think about it, who sets the working hours for humans on the planet? Why are we killing out ourselves working 8 to 12 hours a bloody day, for 5 or 6 days a week? Since everybody is rioting for change, and CEO’s, actors, politicians, athletes, and everybody’s mommy is taking the knee, accepting responsibility, and apologizing like dogs licking up their own vomit, I think now is the time to institute a 4 day, 6 hours work week.

  24. Really good lessons that you said in the beginning 👍very inspiring. Hope people will realize it early in life. I am 44 Atleast now I got to hear this valuable lessons. I am definitely going to make changes in my life. Thanks for sharing 🙏

  25. Morning Chuck n Paige. Happy birthday Paige be cheerful n more prosperous always.
    Chuck, we always go forward until our last breath n be strong always.
    Cheerful n take care

  26. Why not get your Dad to build you a farunganised TukTuk. Chevy big block, open pipes and stick shift? But wait! I think I read smwehere that farung cannot register or drive Tuk Tuik in Thailand. Maybe start a Tuk Tuk driver revolt at foreign invasion of operators….

  27. 0:18 That singer is Pongsit Kamphee, my girlfriend’s favorite musician. Very popular in Isaan. He plays accoustic and electric guitar, plays harmonica, sings about life and politics, and wears flannel. I consider him the Neil Young of Thailand. 555

  28. Have to agree with Thai thinking with businesses. Often gone into a hotel or resort & asked if they can match the Agoda online room price of say 800 baht to be told NO even though I show them the online price. Walk in price is 1000 baht & sometimes been 1200 baht. So while standing at reception open the Agoda app, book the room for 800 baht, open email for reservation number & receipt then show woman at reception who then books us in. Not good business as they are doing themselves out of money as Agoda will take their cut from that 800 baht. Makes no difference to me but when you’re running a business especially now every paying guest is important.
    Disagree with one thing you said Chuck, your goal in life is to be happy together with Paige.
    Take care & stat safe

  29. Man, you and Joe really got to me today. Your opening monologue really hit a nerve. With everything going on in the USA, I’m thinking my retirement in Thailand, may be earlier than I originally planned. Thanks Chuck.

  30. Excellent philosophy Chuck. Great insight. Thank you for sharing that. I feel the same way about fitting in or being out of place here. Happy Birthday Paige 🎂✨ Your penmanship is phenomenal Chuck. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  31. Tut Tut chuck you should wear your helmet when on yr motorbike, one of the highest death rates in the World. Many motorbike accidents.
    Your a good guy Take care.

  32. Chuck, I understand your feelings. It’s a demographic thing in the US that reaches its peak when most people are in there 30’s. I came up with a theory of life occur in buckets of 10’s, I’d be glad to share it with you. And it’s worth what you pay for it. From your thoughts, it shows that you were more aware for your age and not willing to be caught up in the insecurity of measuring who you are based on others. That’s a good thing. How we see our world is how our world is. I’m older than you and all I can say is those competitive pressures fall away with each decade. What I’m saying is those wrapped up in that circle, come back as they mature and age.

  33. The only thing Thais are happy about is your money or to know that they might have a benefit one day cause of your money.Thats it.So simple is that.
    Its up to you how you handle that fact.

  34. I apologize to you and Page’s family. My first comment should have been and it’s meant wholeheartedly now, Happy Birthday Page and congratulations to her parents!

  35. HBD Pookie, I hope you have a great day. My wife is stuck in Thailand and me in Australia. I really never felt at hone until I went there and stayed at my wife’s village near Lopburi, I know I’ll always be a guest and I’m happy with that. I’m hoping my wife doesn’t fall in love too much with Australia as I would ideally like to move to Thailand in my late 50’s, as you said we go to work to buy stuff to keep up with our neighbours and live in debt to go to work and majority of the time you work with people you hate and have no time for. I just love the family orientated society they still have and how you look after the family. Hope I get get there in October.

  36. One thing I learned about Thailand ‘ is that….dont expect MUCH !! This thought was shared by another blogger ‘ living in Thailand, but i didn’t felt by heart at that moment, until I experienced myself.during my stay of khon kaen for just 7 days.

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