I Am An Outsider, Inside. I didn’t cause this….

Vlog#820 Today I get to go venture around the town on bicycle. It seems natural when people are inconvenienced, uncertain, or scared, to start blaming others for the current situation. We all need to be calm, relax, and except the uncertainties. For me day to day life has been really good for me, but the uncertainty of my freedom to move about is weighing on me. We can’t adapt in an ever changing environment. Is another good day and a deep breath…..
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  1. Thanks for comments guys. Tomorrow April 13 2020 We will have a live stream. It will be afternoon and another one the next day earlier. Happy Easter, God Bless you and your family. May our future be brighter, stay safe out there.

    1. I start my day, here in Canada looking forward to seeing what you and Paige are doing. Love your life and videos. I’m a Hugh fan of Thailand and love the food and the culture. Thanks for sharing your life with me.

    2. Thanks Chuck. Common sense is part of your make up and sometimes those that have a deficiency can become part of the problem rather than the solution. Some of the comments coming from the news threads on you tube are hard to fathom. I had to stop reading those for awhile. They really try to blame the POTUS for everything. Ok, nice bike ride. It seems like traffic (here too) is picking up.? Maybe just that we haven’t been getting out much. Try to catch your stream tomorrow .

    3. Happy easter chuck and page !!!! I think people are scared of everything !!! Dont pay attention just carry on !!!! Just be stay positive and cool , as you are always !!!!.

  2. When I was living in Thailand for the first year, it annoyed me that they kept calling me ‘foreigner’ and not my nationality. Over time I got rid of that thought, because they tell it like it is, no harm in that. Now that I’m back in my birth country and I see thais calling us ‘foreigners’ in a country they weren’t even born or have any roots in, I get a good laugh. Thailand is a very special place, for sure.

    1. @Dave Brady I don’t think they’re poor at all; in my eyes they’re very fortunate. Nationalism is an absolute b*tch though, and if left unchecked it can keep a people behind in many ways. In my country I never associated with people that had nationalism like that, and I still don’t. Am I appreciative to be born where I was born? For sure, but do I have pride to be the nationality I am? Nope, I just got fortunate – could’ve been born anywhere.

  3. I like Thailand and also the Thai people, but the level of ignorance in regards to “who brought the Covid into Thailand” is astounding. Originated in Wuhan China….thousands of Chinese tourist coming into Thailand everyday Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb….yet it is the Falangs from the West who brought the Covid into Thailand????

  4. I too am an outsider here in Spain, but I think as long as you know and accept this, being in another country, and trying to integrate as much as you can , by learning the language customs etc, then the more you can be at peace and live the best life you can. Enjoying your lockdown vlogs and getting to know you both better.🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🍺

  5. Hi Chuck. Had Styes occasionally through high school. Found if you put a warm compress over your eye for 10 minutes a few times a day will help bring it to a head. Bothersome and painful.
    Great to see you on your bike.

  6. Yo Yo Yo real men Dry shave.Thanks for your vids They help me brush up on my thai. Sometimes I catch myself speaking thai to the screen.Be happy Be good and Khao hia mee kum suk.

  7. How you think Hispanics and Asians and others feel inside the USA? They feel like outsiders as well because a large portion of society treats them like that. Which is sad, but thats what Trump and his followers do. I subscribe and watch your videos, I enjoy them. Your family and folks you cross paths with on the videos all seem to treat you very kind and welcoming, Hispanics and now Asians arent being treated like that here in the USA. They are being vilified, attacked, and assaulted in the streets. Its sad. I think you are very lucky and fortunate to be in a country that seems like its people are very welcoming to you!!! Keep up the great videos!!!

  8. You Haven’t seen really bad flies till you lived in Djibouti Africa. Thailand isn’t even close! I miss Thailand! Lucky you. My wife is in Rayong and I’m stuck in Nevada right now.

  9. What sort of place is that you live in Chuck .
    Looks like a bicycle shop but with no customers.
    It’s like your front room is empty with a tiled floor and a 12 foot wide door
    leading into the street
    I’ve seen Thai shops that seem to thrive on 2 customers per day.

    1. The front of their residence has spare parts for tuk-tuks for sale, but Chuck’s father-in-law’s main business is manufacturing tuk-tuks in a shop nearby.

  10. Brilliant: Chuck “What’s that?” Paige “C” holding the vitamin C container bottle against her forehead. “Can I put that on my eye?” “Yeah, it might hurt!” 555 Lovvevd that, watched it 5 times.

  11. Happy Easter! You’re vlogs are thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated each day by my wife Moreen and I in Northern Ireland.. THANK YOU Chuck for taking the time to make and share your life experiences in beautiful Thailand!! They are just what we need in these uncertain times.Keep up the good work.Keep being positive and Keep safe!!!

  12. Hi Chuck .. something I have been thinking about and saying to my family here in the U.K. is I can’t understand why there isn’t a bigger problem with covid19 in Thailand only because I know many many Chinese people would of visited Thailand for Chinese New Year celebrations.. any thoughts people ?

    1. Viruses in general don’t like hot weather, although experts say they don’t expect COVID to disappear in summer I expect it at least spreads slower in the heat.

  13. you stay safe too mate I know can’t be easy out there right now as you said thai think we bring the bug but really the whole world has it yes happy easter to you and your adopted Fam

  14. Please don’t think i’m being negative, two things concerned me in this video, one is your eye, please google and read this article called (Coronavirus: How eyes may play a role in its spread). and lastly, you always go on long bike rides but you came back early from a bike ride because you were out of breath. I am retired from the medical field, better safe than sorry.

  15. Great to see you back on the bike, I love the trips through town and by the river, almost feels like I’m there sometimes, hopefully this will pass soon. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  16. we are home bound in Florida except for essentials and exercise. can’t please them all. still many go outside without mask and congregate to flout their right of independence, no matter if it leads to someone getting infected and possibly dying.

  17. Hi it’s me again.I had few beers and let me add about ”outsider”.I would understand such thing if you are living in some kinda an advanced country. Let’ be honest.what is around? rice and entertainment.but have to admit they are smart enough.that’s why they should be happy to have you around.sorry no offense.I just pour some scotch in the beer .much appreciate subtitles.

  18. What great in-laws, they might be getting grief from the ignorant in the town for having a falang living in their home. Seems they are strong.

  19. Alot of people assume the numbers are correct,assume the tests dont give up too 80% false positives,assume deaths they say are from covid19 are from covid 19 eeven though on cdc website it states they can assume death is caused by covid19 when they are in doubt. Ask yourself is it a fact or is it what they tell you and you decide whether you believe it or not.

  20. haha corona on your eye .. noodle soup looks nice .. you say, hopefully only a small dinner this evening, your mother-in-law looks at you weird .. cool, I always like to see you when filming in lotus .. the same about hire now, only food is open .. there is now also much less traffic on the road I see .. I think you already speak Thai well .. 16 km bike ride, that’s good anyway .. I point my finger alone to the ccp of china and virologist Shi Zhengli who designed the virus .. damn, I would like to have heard those 5 minutes Chuck .. normally Thailand should not let anyone in the country now, because they are doing well, few deaths and infected people .. nice from your mother-in-law to cook every day..oo no, ketchup with the fries ,, take Mayo it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  21. Whenever I had a stye in my eye the only thing that ever worked because it was like a tiny pimple was to get a washcloth heated up as hot as you could stand it with water and apply pressure to the area of the style, a little gentle back-and-forth motion within three applications it will essentially bust and then heal.

  22. Some countries approach to this situation is quite hysterical. In Spain and France people are defacto placed in house arrest – huge fines for going outside your home. We can observe social distancing and use common sense , no partying or large gatherings. But we cannot stop being human. Denmark has implemented a lockdown too – but we are still allowed to go and do whatever we want – as long as we dont gather in groups larger than 10… and bars and restaurants are closed as well as hairdressers etc etc. Just got back from a motorcycle ride with 3 good friends – and we did not meet any finger-pointing social policing ***holes. If and when I meet people like that I just smile and wave. Smile and wave 🙂

  23. Chuck, I think you have a very good attitude…. Keep at it. And remember: Coved-19 is like constipation; it to shall pass…………. LOL. I crack myself up.

  24. Here’s one for you it’s an old wife tale . With a sty in the eyes is to take off ring if it’s gold and rub it on it , I have tried and it’s worked for me.

  25. Love Your Videos!
    *** You may be right, the connection between computer use and eye infection. This could be a mechanical process of not blinking your eyes enough by staring intensely for long periods. The eyelids wash debris and bacteria on the eye by the tears secreted by the tear ducts.
    Take more monitor breaks and/or blink more often.
    Just a thought.

  26. I think I’d be wary about running with the whole ‘foreigners are bringing the virus in’ line, tbh. That kind of thing never ends well. Stay safe.

  27. Clothes are not essential if your old ones wear out just go out naked no one will care cause it is lock down. Arrrrrrrrr Chuck don’t you want to be a one eyed biker??

    1. @Retire14 Pattaya yes it seems to me your assessment is pretty insightful and maybe life saving.
      We are only tolerated.
      But often resented.
      Their health minister blames us.
      I got the hell out.
      Already hearing reports that Farangs are being told to leave.
      Add a spike in deaths it will potentially turn heated.
      In a boom of death .
      Thais will butcher the western devils for bringing this on them.
      By June .
      It might be horrendous.

      Listening to Chuck talk about drop in cases , clearly shows he needs serious advice

  28. It is so nice to hear page talking to you. Love to hear her speaking. She should do more talks to you on camera. It is great to here her side of things as well. I live in Fort Lauderdale I’m a massage therapist but now I’m delivering grocery’s with Instacart. I hope to come back to Thailand soon.

  29. Keep the bicycle riding, thanks for doing that. It is most informative to see Thai life around at slow space. Your eye was better at the end of the video, hopefully will be cured soon. Good luck.

  30. Hey Chuck – Sty in Thai is “Kung Ying!” Literally being stung by a shrimp! Kung being shrimp or prawn, and Ying is to shoot or to sting. There’s an old saying in a Thai that the only way you get Kung Ying is from peeping (as in peeping Tom)! LOL! Sorry, no Songkran this year. Thank you for sharing the life during the coronavirus restrictions in Thailand. Glad you are still able to get out and ride your bike.Take care and stay safe!

  31. We share our hate in flies! I have a T-shirt made of 2 flies copulating. With a caption..”F@CKING FLY’S”. Thinking a tattoo of the same. That’s how bad I hate then gd things!

  32. I feel tolerated in Thailand about half the time. People are xenophobic by nature. I did some camping and traveling around Washington State last summer and people in smaller towns are suspicious of “outsiders.” Even if you visit a museum, the people there would judge you based on where you were from (I was from the Seattle area).

    I did live in Korea for about 4 years. I liked living there and felt pretty welcome. That was long ago, if that matters.

    My wife is Thai and we are planning to move back there, at least part-time. USA has it’s advantages. I guess there are two upsides to living in Thailand 1) cost of living (sort of – depends), and the ambiance of relaxing (which is a 10/10 high score.)

  33. where did Paige pick up so many western qualities. She just seems a lot less reserved as most of the Thais I have been around, even family.

  34. How about the Thai guy passing you on the wrong side of the street @17:30. Looks like you have more to worry about than Covid19! 😂 Be careful riding out there! 🙏🏽

  35. You are in general a very tolerant person. No one could have a Vlog like you and not be. I don’t think I could do it. I get angry too Quick and later end up apologizing. Thanks for another great video. Me and my Wife are still stuck in the house in Palm Beach. Tomorrow Masks become Mandatory. I am actually loosing friends because I tell them to be responsible.

  36. O and being an Outsider. I lived in Kenya East Africa for seven years. Being and outsider. Nothing like being a white boy. O but the best part the women loved me.

  37. Looking forward to the live stream, Chuck. Appreciate every video as they keep me entertained and pass the time as we are settled in at the house. What is the name of that elaborate temple near you?

  38. Hi Chuck! Been following your videos since January of this year. It’s a therapy for me (especially now with what’s going on here) because it helps me to relax and put my mind at ease after a hectic day. Your videos helped me to understand that such a beautiful place with kind polite people do exist and knowing that some day I may be able to visit, gives me great joy. I am 53 years old, living in NJ, and have been very much interested in traveling outside of States. Please, keep up the good work and stay safe and well my friend. – Robert

    1. I think its a great idea to come and experience this culture. I’ve been doing that full time for 13+ years. But let me assure you, these kind and polite people also posses a darker side. It rarely shows itself in an obvious way, but its always there. Leave the rose colored glasses at home, as they will only serve to impair your vision. 🙂

  39. Enjoyed the video today Chuck and Paige, the whole country is quiet just now, we live in Rattanawapi and usually we have the children playing water fights – not this year. Stay safe

  40. Chuck, I’am new to your channel. Get you some Erythromycin ointment for your eye if it doesn’t get better. It’s get stuff. Your druggist friend will know what it is. You have an interesting u tube channel. Stay safe, and healthy.

  41. The Thai government knows exactly where the majority of the cases were imported from and when. It’s all been published. At this point it is what it is. The die was cast CNY weekend.

    IMO, the guy that stopped you on the street is probably telling everyone to go home. lol. Stay safe.

  42. Chuck … don’t joke … you’re pretty healthy … I pray you stay that way. And stop apologizing for complaining … it is a human reaction, an honest reaction to dramatic changes we are all experiencing because of this virus. Stay honest. It is actually refreshing. You are saying a lot of what we all are feeling. Thanks for finally kissing Paige … she loves her some big Texas! Stay safe brother … keep it real.

  43. all governments seem to be reading from the same book . Our stores look just the same as yours . I think that a farang will stand out / be “different” in any country – that’s human nature , i guess .

  44. The problem….or more an eye opening realisation….the Thas are blaming farang…their true racial prejudices are coming out…they don’t realise, at all, that the virus and the finger pointing, should be at the Chinese….makes you wonder where it is safe to live…funny, though, they love the farang money

  45. Cold tea for your eye, use a cotton ball and dip it in the cold tea. But you have to wash your eye from your nose across, it is very important that you then dispose of the cotton ball. This does work well,my mother used it. Hope it helps. Pat in Ireland

  46. Hi Chuck, I’ve been living in Thailand for 7 years and now I’m getting some funny looks from Thai people. I just hope someone comes up with a vaccine very soon, keep safe mate.

  47. Chuck, I enjoy your videos, have been a subscriber foe 2 years or so. Suspicion of outsiders is a global problem, for sure. Look at us here in the US, eh? We’re rewriting the book. People don’t get out of their comfort zones enough.

  48. You will never be Thai, that is what my mind set has been eventhough I have been going to Thailand every year since 1980s. Married a Thai girl, it lasted almost five years until she had everything, she didn’t need me when her Visa came in the mail. That’s when we broke up. But even my true Thai friends that I have, I will never be a Thai equal. Lately I was thinking of settling down in Sakon Nakhon, but then again, when I sense the idea I will never be Thai, I x my thought of marriage to this young Thai girl and went home it USA in February just before the quarantine started. Your video that you will always be a outsider reminds me I will never be Thai. Great video, great job. Keep on cranking. I wish I was in your shoes sometimes., great in laws and a great companion. I love Thailand still., but my return after this virus thing is questionable. Cheers Tommy x

  49. Here in Norway business men are using their ergometer bikes to go to work, and they still get paid.
    I joked some years ago about putting generators on such bikes to power football on a flatscreen . . .
    Perhaps the globe will get better if this keeps on for half a year more?

  50. It’s good to hear you’re aware that you are, and always will be, an outsider. So many come here and don’t know, or refuse to believe, this. They think that because Thais are super polite there is no divide, but that seemingly welcoming behavior definitely has its limits.

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