#Hungry #Fasting Day 5 of Starvation

Day 5 of Starvation – I AM SOOO HUNGRY


  1. I’m not so sure about not eating anything lol but all you need to do is change your diet you are what you eat, do you like tuna fish sandwich or salad cut our sugar you need salt that’s fine barbecue chicken, vegetables and fruit is good walking is good and swimming is the best

  2. Something tells me your not really doing a 5 day fast, you have way too much energy for that. You are probably doing a 16/8 fast, where you have a window of 6 hours to eat in, then fast for 16 hours. This is called intermittent fasting and it is more sustainable than a total 5 day fast.

  3. Good work, keep it up, but what’s even harder than starving yourself is not putting it back on again afterwards.
    Sounds like you might have had sleep apnea, it’s a symptom of being overweight.

  4. Good job. Since you live here it’s a good idea to take an anti-parasites pill before you fast so the worms don’t get angry and migrate when you fast. Keep up the good work!

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