How Vietnamese people shopped before supermarkets.

Ca Mau night market in the evening.



  1. oh boy i thought here comes another rant video. but just market stuff until you said: “no foreigners” which is good or bad or what troy? O_o

  2. I Stayed a week in Hanoi a few months ago, my first time in Vietnam.
    one thing i notice is that in this one week I saw literally 0 supermarkets! it was so surprising

  3. I watch all your videos but it makes my wife (from Vinh Long) gets homesick as she walks by me and my computer.. “I miss VN!” Of course now is not the time to travel for us to go for a visit, erring on the safe side.. at least for now.

  4. Idea for video – Troy is beggar, trash collector, lottery sales person for a day. To see how people treat you when you have no money …. If an obviously poor person helps you out etc ….. Big reward.

  5. Ca Mau night market. Traditionally Ca Mau life was lived facing the water, and while the floating market has disappeared in recent years, the main market still sprawls along the streets to the west of Phung Hiep Canal, south of Ð Phan Ngoc Hien. Address, location, An Dương Vương, Phường 7, Thành phố Cà Mau, Phường 7 Thành phố Cà Mau Cà Mau, Vietnam.

  6. Anything rly, even you shopping at the market on what you buy is a cool vid since you have never done it before. Just show us around or even some Viet culture would be cool.

  7. I always like the markets when I visit Thailand. I would love to visit these markets in Vietnam. Thailand closes the streets during the market. I wish Vietnam did the same. Much more relaxing and enjoyable.

  8. I love all your videos. But I’m having subtitle withdrawal. Can you make a funny video talking to someone in Vietnamese? With those awesome subtitles? I know you get hate when you do it. But a lot of us have a sense of humor AND a big heart.

  9. hello troy, i just stumbled across your clips and very interesting i must say. would like to know more on your charitable works and how to get involved please. im currently in hcmc

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