How Top TV Host Hamish Daud Is Saving Indonesia’s Ocean | Stay Curious #28

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  1. I think more people with the financial means and social influence should do these things more often; and not just doing something like this for a photo shoot or an article.

  2. The guy is Biracial half Indonesian half American he has achance to become American I still don’t understand why he choose to be Indonesian instead

  3. i dont understand you have an Indonesian correspondent , and yet all the famous Indonesian celeb only asian boss from Korea are interview them ???????????????????????????????

  4. Masyarakat Indonesia memang masih kurang dlm hal kebersihan khususnya dlm hal membuang sampah.
    Tapi yg gw heran kenapa negara2 barat yg secara dari segi ekonomi sudah makmur kenapa masih buang sampahnya ke negara Asia. Apa mereka ga bisa mendaur ulang sampah mereka sendiri tanpa mencemari lingkungan yg ada di negara2 Asia.

  5. Most of your videos where about city and there problems ,but we do not know anything about korean ,chinese villages what is there problems .
    So please can you make a video on this

  6. What a great survival story.Everyone should do their parts in protecting our Ocean and not using it as a dumping ground , respect the Ocean stop illegal fishing. He’s doing a great job bringing awareness to marine life and protecting our Oceans 🌍

  7. Hi, I’m Indonesian here, while I still respect Asian Boss covering Indonesia, but recently you have a tendency to only cover TOP CELEBRITY in Indonesia who “save” a certain problem in this country. I understand those TOP CELEBRITY is contributing to certain issues but what I know of Asian Boss this is not being “giving voiceless people a place for them to share their stories”. What I know of Asian Boss is you giving spaces to people that are mostly ignored in society. This has been the second time you cover this immensly long interview with TOP CELEBRITY in Indonesia and i am disappointed. Those 50-110 minutes or so could be given to people whose voice we rarely hear in everyday lives, whose presence is mostly ignored, whose integrity is still triump even though they live a hard life.
    I hope Asian Boss (especially for covering Indonesia) can take this into consideration so no more TOP CELEBRITY long interviews anymore. Right now in Indonesia we have more problematic issues about Omnibus Law, small bussiness who are struggling due to Covid, students in villages struggling to do online class due to Covid and poor internet, and many more.

  8. Try to interview a Japanese pornstar and asked her to share about her daily life and talk about her experience. I would suggest making 10 episodes of that for starter.

  9. Yeah beside well known for saving indonesian ocean, he is also well known for breaking men’s heart when he married Raisya (famous singer in Indonesia)

  10. Kok asia boss Indonesia, yg diangkat seleb mulu sih? Kemaren cinta laura, sekarang hamish. Berikutnya siapa? Awkarin? Udah kayak acara gosip. Please lah, masih banyak isu sosial di Indo, yg bisa diangkat tanpa perlu menyorot seleb… Contoh: isu papua yg meminta referendum, isu taman komodo, dan politik dinasti jokow1. Interview ke rakyat biasa aja, ga perlu lah seleb….
    🇬🇧 Why asian boss Indonesia always bring celebrities? After cinta laura, now they talking to hamish?

  11. Wow you are doing incredible work in such a vulnerable part of our world’s ecosystem. This lights a fire under me to be even more vigilant in my recycling and conservation efforts. Keep up the good fight! 🌏

  12. He is a very handsome man and it’s nice to have somebody clean out the oceans and things like that because it’s been contaminated and polluted and it’s hurting our environment and our animals.

  13. Good thing people in Indonesia always throw garbage out.

    They already knew that cleanliness was part of the faith. But their faith is in question.

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  15. I didnt know much about Hamish daud before. I just knew he is a big celebrity in Indonesia. But after watching this video, I am now more curious about him coz he sounds such an inspiration. 💪💪

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