Siargao Philippines is quickly becoming one of the top islands in Asia and it reminds me of Bali before the tourism boom. Thanks to Norton for sponsoring a portion of this video! By using my special promo code LOSTLEBLANC, you can receive up to 60% off the first year (annually billed).

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Locations featured: Nay Palad Hideaway, Maasin Bridge, Pacifico Beach, Magpupungko rock pools, Sohoton Islands, Siargao Island hopping, Sugba lagoon, Cloud 9 and some awesome restaurants and spots in General Luna.

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  1. who cares about the internet ??? with those gorgeous beaches ….. being disconnected is the best when you re traveling, people don’t need to know what you are doing or where you are all the time.

  2. I hate it when some one says its the next bali its the next etc.. bali is bali they are the first and only… Siargao is siargao the first and the only one

  3. Siargao is good for people who does’nt know to swim or underwater diving….the sea is like a giant flat Pool,waist height water near the islands …relax and chill in crystal clear water whole day…

  4. Stop advertising Siargo FFS live it alone. You’ll help ruin it. IT does not want to be Bali it’s chilled and beautiful we don’t want it over developed and ruined

  5. Please don’t make Siargao a party paradise at night like what happen to Boracay good things it stop after the rehabilitation. The only existing party island is Panglao Island in Bohol.

  6. Made me Subscribed so when all this covid19 is done… would ne nice to travel to my own countty destination Siargao. Thanks to your Vlog 😍❤️

  7. I am sure you have never been to “Raja Ampat” in Papua, Indonesia. If you like diving, the place is perfect 70% of the world’s marine life is there

  8. I love how you pronounced that bangka, hahahaha or even buco or paalam,so cute to hear…I noticed that you love Philippines and Filipinos hospitality, how about Chile (easter Isaland) ? Felipe missed you because he suffered from ticket syndrome hahahahahaha, am just kidding…enjoy Philippine paradise islands….

  9. I hope Siargao would not be spoiled and destroyed by opportunistic crowds. Promoting its beauty is also good for the advancement of the country’s economy but, praying that the government would impose a certain limit of tourists to come (what happened to Boracay is enough). I don’t want my country to be liked Indonesia and Thailand….when millions of tourists coming, crimes, prostitution will increase and the worst part is the natural beauty itself would be totally wrecked. I pray that Siargao would stay as a provincial not polluted much with internet or tech…just saying.

  10. So I pay the youtube premium, to avoid the annoying advertising. And still I need to listen to your sponsor inside your video? And its not only a 2 second poster, but a long chat on how to protect your private data. Don’t you guys allready make money on us seeing your videos allready? Come on!!!💩

  11. Christian oh you’re Lost now! Why did you come into my life very late? You are such an inspiration and because of you! I am motivated to follow your path! Wish me luck!!!

  12. Ang hindi ko lang talaga maiintindihan sa mga foreign vlogger why they are always compare the philippines to other country???? The way perceive it
    The next bali???
    Maldives of the philippines??
    New york of the philippines???
    Thus Philippines inferior to these foreign countries???
    Nakaka-inis, bali is deffirent from siargao, maldives is deffirent from palawan!! They all beautiful places please stop comparing, can we just enjoy them WITHOUT being compared and referenced with!!

  13. The Philippines is a must-visit country. Seeing your videos about the Philippines makes us wanna go there. 😊

  14. Siargao is one of my dream destination this summer. After COVID, I am planning to visit Siargao and I will make a vlog for it. I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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