This is How to Road Trip Norway. From the Southern coastal city of Stavanger to Lofoten island, this 14 day Norway travel itinerary and travel guide will make sure you experience the country’s very best. Get started today with:​

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  1. Hope you enjoyed all the toll booths, the rain and the extremely hot weather. I don’t know how you managed to find snow, that’s actually very impressive. I haven’t seen either the sun nor any snow for the last 27 years.

  2. Thomas is that you😅 #Yestheory. JK. Dude great video. As a Norwegian myself this video made me want to travel more around Norway. Funny that you recognised you were butchering the names.. but great job nontheless promoting our homeland. #Ægåriaæåsjø

  3. “Geiranger is mountains on all sides, and incredible crystal blue lake” … I dont think you know the definition of a fjord.
    (I was there when I was younger and while waiting on the dock for the boat some american tourists asked the guide “how high are we above the ocean now?” and the guide leaned over the edge of the dock, looked down, then back at the tourists and answered “I think 1,5 meters”)

  4. I am from Norway, Stavanger and the map that you have of were Stavanger and Bergen is rong. The map that you are showing when you tak about Bergen is a littele town called Ålesund and is alot more north when Bergen is.

  5. Everyone who sees this and is going to Norway. Don’t BY WATER IN NORWAY. WE LITERALLY HAVE THE CLEANEST, BEST TASTING WATER EVER. Also it’s really expensive and a big waste of money.

  6. 12:00 Geiranger fjord is a lake?!! The whole idea with fjords is that it is the sea that fills the narrow trench with water. How do you think the cruise ships got there 😀

  7. As a Norwegian, I truly appreciate how others look at the little country of Norway. Love the way you pronunciat-ish the location names. cant wait for spring time, not this winter-ish weather. keep it up!

  8. If you are hiking in the right mountains there should be cabins you can sleep in for free my dad always used to do that a lot while he was hiking

  9. I live i norway and iven i cant afford a tripp arund norway but did it enyway we did use not airbnb or hotell we did live in drit cheap cabins in sted 🙃 you can find them via naff maps 😉. But! Why did you not travel on the lift in bærgen? Or visit langedrag nature park? Or the bearpark? (Well i think thr bearpark whas closed arund that time 😅) but it whas good spots to travel but that whas over the top expesive places to sleep 😂

  10. Will just say that, if you’re in the area of Geirangerfjord, which is a branch of Norway’s longest fjord, Sognefjord, you should probably visit Naeroyfjord, for my money one of the most beautiful places in the area, or on the planet for that matter. If you take a boat trip you will be surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and you will probably have to have your lower jaw reattached when you get back.

  11. I think it’s funny that you get people (myself included I have to admit) posting up – oh no, you missed… and point out another beautiful place that you should see when you’re in Norway. The thing is, in all the times I’ve been to Norway, I remember very few trips where I haven’t been floored by the natural beauty. On my latest trip a couple of years back I took the railway from Oslo to Dombas on my way to Andalsnes (I wanted to see Troll Wall). I was expecting the inland trip to be a bit of a commute – pretty no doubt but not up to the standards of the Western fjords. How wrong I was! One long idyllic valley with a beautiful river/lake down the middle the whole way and mountains that get steadily higher as you go north. If Norway could export natural beauty, they’d be even richer than they already are. Then of course there’s the second railway journey down the Rauma valley to Andalsnes, but that’s really less of a railway trip, more of a religious experience…

  12. This trip to Norway is so bad…and expensive . Car’s can be a lot cheaper .Cost for accomodation goes way down if you camp or just sleep in the car . During summer there are plenty of places to bath and last year the temperature was great .Trolltunga is great and greatly crowded, but if you camp it’s amazing; also it’s not far from preikestolen and kjerag . Road tolls are something to consider .
    And yeah,if you’re coming to Norway …Get ready for some hiking. Jotunheim,Senja,Rjukan and loads of other places to be found if you’re willing make some miles.. Anyways,as always, take your time ! Cuz if you think this video is great …you are in for a lot more . Under 25 ,cheaper flights with SAS.

    Ever considered biking?

  13. that face when you take a trip trough Norway but dont visit the place where we got the most Norwegian culture. i am ofcourse talking about the stretch between Trondheim and Oslo. also it doesnt rain as much in there.

  14. This is exactly the video I needed! Thank you very much for making it. My wife and I canceled out of our Norwegian Cruise we planned for June due to coronavirus fears and are now planning a 12 day road trip along the fjords starting stavanger and maybe as far as allesund. It’s our first time driving in Europe so would love to ask you did you feel safe driving in Norway? I saw your Maui video so I know you know all about Maui. I hated the road to Hana which I thought was dangerous. Can U compare driving in Norway with road to Hana? And should we reserve all air bnbs well in advance or is it possible to find places to stay as you go? And lastly, I’ve heard some people say they liked driving in northern Norway more than in fjord region because it was less hassle without all the tunnels. Your thoughts on whether the fjord region is comparable to the north? Once again. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Content like this is what makes YouTube a beautiful thing.

  15. You spent a lot of time getting footage of Norway. So stop putting up so much screen time of you sitting in front of your computer talking. We want to see Norway – not you in front of your computer. You also spend a lot of time complaining. You can afford this trip and an expensive car rental – you have nothing to complain about. Only 5.5 hours of sleep? Boohoo. You get to see beautiful things and have amazing experiences. Check your privilege, buddy.

  16. Saying Joker is like a norwegian 7 eleven… lmao we have 7 eleven in Norway too. Also Bergen is not a town its the 2nd largest city of Norway, and Lofoten is not 1 island its a group of Islands. Just wanted to give the people the correct facts, but good video overall my guy!

  17. Fun fact. On the farms in the Geiranger Fjord, farmers on the mountain sides inwards used to leash/tie up their children with ropes so they wouldn’t fall off back in the days while they were out working.
    Also, if you ever go to Ålesund in the summertime, highly reccomend taking a small detour out to the bird island of Runde and either take a boat trip around the island, or take a hike to see the birds. Watching tens of thousands of birds roost in the mountainside, dozens of eagles soaring around just meters above your head. Glorious.
    If you search for Rund Runde, a video a german tourist filmed a few years ago, you can see some of the sights. And the tourguide on the boat is my grandfather 😀

  18. As a Norwegian I’ll have to apologize for some of those ridiculous names. Also the last three letters of our alphabet, I know they suck. I’ve been living in California for the past three years and it’s legit a struggle everytime I try to explain something involving either of the two. Don’t worry, even I butcher some of these sometimes. Awesome video, I grew up super close to Oslo, so I got some great tips myself!

  19. I live right between bergen and stavanger. And you were suprised about the road you needed to hug the side to let the other cars pass. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! 70% off the roads are like that.

  20. For us it’s pricy and it is a dream to go to the USA or Hawaii but yours is nor any off I live here it’s too but ring here my dream trip is to be in USA or Hawaii I wish😭

  21. Norway is quite a beauty. I did a 4 week road trip in 2018 with my camper van up to the northern Cape. I recognize many places in your video that I visited as well. And with a van the costs are not that bad. But it was one of the most incredible journeys I ever experienced. I made a small video series on my channel. You should have done the hike to the Skagefla farm at Geiranger. Outstanding views as everywhere in Norway. North of the Lofoten lies another stunning Island, Senja with the gorgeous mountain Segla. Just for your next trip to Norway 😁
    Safe travels

  22. Thx a lot Cristian, how many days would you spend in Lofoten? Is there a public transport in Lofoten or we must rent a car…(i saw the island is not to big..)

  23. It’s always cool to see foreigners enjoying the nature I kinda take for granted. When I drive Bergen-Oslo a few times a year it kinda spoils me I guess 😛

  24. spent a week in Iceland in Febuary, i Fell in love with that amazingly beautiful country. Trying on where to visit next, I was thinking either Norway or Finland. I’m leaning towards Norway.

  25. Hey Lost LeBlanc! My fiancé and I are wanting to follow this itinerary for our honeymoon. I just have one question. Very roughly, what would you say was the cost of the entire trip including everything like food, lodging, gas, etc.. thank you!!

  26. We totally agree with you. Norway has the most epic scenery in the world. This country is a must-visit for everyone

  27. Tip for your future videos: It’s a website where native speakers pronounce words in their native language.
    No one expects you to pronounce all of these place names like a native (it would also be weird if you did, in the middle of an English sentence), but this site can at least help you say these names in a more informed way. They have an app, too, btw.

  28. Wish you would visit SALTSTRAUMEN.
    it,s the world,s strongest tidal
    Great video by the way….showing me as a Norwegian a couple of places that i now would like to see.
    Btw…a lot of Norwegian does not like brown cheese….you should put homemade strawberry jam or ice cream on it …yum yum:)

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