HOW TO TRAVEL BALI – 14 Days in Paradise

This is how to travel Bali in 2020. The perfect 2 week Bali Indonesia itinerary is right here for you to make sure you know what to do and where to go in Bali. If you want 5 tips to Bali including some cost savings tips, check this FREE guide:

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing itinerary how much US money did this cost yu appx? Please and thanks! If this virus clears up soon I really wanna go 😩 😍

  2. So im planning to go with my family. This is going to be a lot of party for my 1 and 3 year old kids 😀 thanks for the most complete guide!!!

  3. Videonya keren kk 🙂
    Cba cek channel sya kk ada video travelling ke Jerman , belanda , norway , brazil , antartika , inggris dll
    Subs balik ya thanks 🙂

  4. We don’t want to leave when we were there. We will definitely come back. There are so many places to visit in Bali.

  5. I’ve just uploaded my moving to Bali experience! It was a life changing decision and I cannot wait to share more insights with you. Check it out in my latest video!

  6. WTF even I’m Indonesian never been those places, when I was a kid which is in 1995-97 had multiple times went to bali to go vacation but always stranded on kuta / seminyak / jimbaran & sangeh but these day Bali so much development there, I want to be rich guy so I can afford house there for my retirement / investment :lul

  7. Dirty, stinky, over populated, feral animals, too many cars bikes, too many apartments, thieves, scammers, gastro etc. place is severely over rated.

  8. Loving your videos! Stuck in quarantine made me even more itchy to travel again. Just had a great week in Spain a month before all this started with my fiancee and started saving up for a new trip once we got home. Hopefully we’ll get back out and travel again shortly after Covid-19 has calmed down.. Anyways, i did a google search and came across a website with a great travel blog, maybe you should consider starting one yourself? Would be awesome if you had a travel blog we could read when being super bored apart from watching your videos. Lowkey not sure if im allowed to post links here but here goes nothing just had to share so you could see them!

  9. This is wow. Always getting inspiration from your videos. I am a new learner, starting footstep towards creating videos.
    Please do watch @

  10. Hey buddy I can’t get your traval guide using that link you given in your discription.please fix it.❤️
    Lots of love from India ❤️❤️♥️😍

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