How To Take The Airport Railroad Train In South Korea

Xander explains South Korea’s Airport Railroad Train and why it’s better than other modes of transportation to or from the airport (depending on where you are going)

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    1. You can also get Airport bus no.6002. It will drop you on the same spot but you will walk definitely less. Metro or train makes you walk a lot with heavy luggage.

  1. Can you make a video on how to take the subway in general because I’m from Florida, USA and I have never been inside a subway station in my life and I’m planning on visiting Korea next year.

    1. I wouldn’t relay heavily on google maps in korea. It basically just works for the trains and buses but doesn’t tell you how to get there, for example “walk 15 mins to get to such and such station” but won’t say the route to get there. I ended up using city mapper and then google maps as a reference with my GPS on

    2. There’s nothing too crazy to worry about. The subway system there is very easy/low stress. Definitely buy a Tmoney card. And Google Maps will get you everywhere you need to go. Plus every stop is written in English (announcements are in English as well) . So getting around is pretty easy. Also, there are seats for pregnant women and seniors. Try not to sit in those (they’re clearly marked). One tip. Rent a Wi-Fi hotspot/dongle from the airport. If your carrier does offer free service in Korea, it could be very slow (texting/calls are fine). The Wi-Fi dongle will give you 4G (possibly 5G) service everywhere you go. It was very useful when using Google Maps or having to look up anything. When in doubt, ask someone for help. Everyone my wife and I interacted with were very friendly.

  2. I think that unless you’re staying really close to any of the stops on the all stops line, it’s definitely most likely (is that a sentence lol) easier to take the airport bus. if you have to transfer to another subway line, just know that a lot of stations in my experience, have soooo many stairs and not a lot of escalators and even fewer elevators, so be prepared to struggle if you come with big suitcases. I’ve always taken the airport bus so idk if you’ve filmed the train on a good/lucky time, but I know people who’ve taken the train and it’s been so packed that having to fit a suitcase and maneuver around when people had to get on and off was pure hell. so beware that train situations like that can also occur if that’s your choice. but I would still always suggest the airport bus πŸ˜› especially if it’s your first time to Korea cos it really is super easy (just watch We Fancy’s airport bus video hoho) and convenient.

  3. This transportation option did not work for me when leaving Korea because it stops running after 2200-2300 for express & does not start again until 0530. πŸ™

  4. As a Korean, I find the airport train very inconvenient. It’s somewhat in an awkward position. It’s slower than the airport bus, and you end up walking HELL LOT with heavy luggage… Express train is fast but ridiculously expensive….

    1. @Mariela Ene There are many normal buses connecting city and airport, and they cost around 1 dollar. Price wise, normal airport train and normal bus are the best option. Speed a d convenience wise, airport rimosine bus is the best even with its damn expensive price(more than 10 dollars)

    2. @Minyoung Nongmaithem Singh thank you so much for your answer. To me, 8 dollars is a LOT!!! In Argentina we buy 1 dollar for 63 local peso, so 8 dollars is really expensive to me 😫

    3. @Mariela Ene Airport express train is around 8 Dollars… You might think it’s nothing but normal train which takes only 20 more minutes costs 1 dollar.

  5. I prefer the subway tbh, when i went to Korea a few years ago i found it super easy to navigate, and pretty comfortable to travel with (tho the subway wasn’t packed so that probably helped a lot)
    Great video as always!

  6. Yaaas more travel tip videos!! Seems fairly easy to use the subway, at least if you’ve used one before. So awesome that the machine also gives the option of English. I think my Korean still needs improving πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Knowing it will also be available in English is a relief!

  7. Can you also show us exactly how to buy one of those transport cards for town buses, does it work for subway too? Just show us what to click on vending mashine like we are 5 years old please πŸ™‚

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