How To Take The Airport Limousine Bus in South Korea

Xander explains South Korea’s Airport Limousine Bus and why it’s better than other modes of transportation to or from the airport (depending on where you are going)

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  1. I tried to take the subway / bus to the airport at 9 am, after coming back from the club at 6 am. Ended up taking a cab cause my still-drunk ass couldn’t handle my suitcase, causing it to go rolling through the bus, which made the busdriver yell at me lol

  2. Dang, I could’ve received a discount for using my T-money card?! I definitely paid cash inside the airport for a ticket and when I caught the bus back to the airport at the end of my vaycay. Thanks for the tip 👍🏽.

  3. Don’t want to get lost or ripped off need food options or places to visit even if you are traveling alone!?!
    *Don’t worry WeFancy got you!!!*

  4. Seriously it’s insane how much I’ve learned from you guys. I feel so much more ready to go to Korea than I was before. Both of you are doing such an amazing job, so much time and effort into research, travelling and editing for each video. Seriously, thank you!

  5. You’ve got to be kidding me making this video, haha. My conversation at that bus-ticket stand just outside the doors at the airport was my first ever entirely Korean conversation after i got there all alone. I was so proud of myself, I’ll never forget it. How funny for you to make a video about it. <3

  6. Hey. Do you guys have an email address for we fancy?

    Some friends and I had an idea for a business and we went to talk to someone in Korea to see what they think if it would be a good idea not and it goes along with what you guys were talking about today and you’ve talked about some of your other videos.

  7. These types of videos are honestly so helpful. As someone who’s planning on visiting in the future, this eases my mind and helps me plan better. Love you guys !

  8. So happy that you guys are making these sorts of videos again! I basically used all the tips you shared a month or two before traveling to Seoul 2 years ago and it REALLY HELPED! Will be watching the new ones for my future trip. Thanks you guys.

    1. oh so thats wher eit s from @superstar is souperstar, sorry try again next year, dont worry will be supplied a sack of rice per capita.

  9. This is what me and my friend did when we went to Seoul. The seats were so big! It was a really relaxing ride and the man in one of the kiosks was really friendly. We also used the T money card and our Airbnb was in Gangnam 🙂 Can’t wait to visit again!

  10. Im leaving Korea next Saturday and my friends and i were like “how do we buy bus tickets for the airport?” Last night lol Woke up to this video, yall are life savers 😭❤️😂

  11. Omg I love your travel tip videos! 😱 you guys always give such comprehensive instructions. It’s reassures me I won’t be completely clueless when I get to visit Korea☺️ thank you!👍👍

  12. Tip: for tourist staying in hotels in myeongdong, take the limousine bus. If you take the train, you have to transfer station and myeongdong train station has no elevator/lift in the station so you have to carry your luggage up/down.
    Therefore, just stay in hongdae.

  13. I was once charged 110$ for taxi from incheon to yeongtong and I got in a fight with the driver but I didn’t want the fight to go on forever so I just paid the price full and just got the fuck out

  14. Thank you from Russia! May be you can give some advise which city in Korea qualifies in women leather shoes production more and in what area in Seoul such shoes are displayed and sold except Dongdaemun?

  15. Hi, does anybody happen to know whether is it more convenient to buy sim card outside of the airport? Does it need any identification card or something? Which plan should I take? I am coming as an exchange student and have not yet received my alien registration card.

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