How To: Survive Traffic in the Philippines, 1of2

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  1. The first day i was in a taxi in Davao City i thought i was going to have a heart attack but by the third day i felt the drivers are very good at getting you around!

  2. I was on a jeepney one time, and the driver nearly ran down sone little kids that were trying to cross the street. I’m talking 2 and 3 year old kids. I wanted to club the guy over the head, I kid you not. Another time I was going to the airport in a taxi in Davao. No hurry. I told the A-hole I’d give him a big tip if he just took his time, and drove safely. He couldn’t help himself, though. He HAD to try to pass busses, jeepneys, private cars, and anything else on the road, endangering everybody. He got no tip.

    1. The idea of someone else getting ‘ahead’ in traffic is kinda unacceptable here.  ha!  Everybody wants that empty spot or the spot ahead of the next car and will pass unsafely to do it.  I’ve had some taxi rides from Mactan to Cebu where I just held on and hoped for the best.

  3. Traffic is one thing I really hate in the PI. It is scary to see someone driving in your lane in the opposite direction. My driver did that often and I was literally pooping in my pants. People there call it skills. I call it stupidity and complete disregard about safety. A family member was always overtaking by driving on the opposite lane and I knew his luck will soon run out, sure enough he died overtaking another vehicle on a  head to head collision without a seat belt.

  4. LOL!  Much much more “exciting” here in Manila.  No need to play video games to get your thrills.  Just drive around the metropolis.  Thing is, not only do you need to know how to operate your vehicle, and navigate the streets, you need to know the people and how they use the road.

  5. This is not my type of music, but I thought you may like this video from one of my other channels which I subscribe. It’s a song about Dumaguete that he wrote.
    Philippines Rap Song for Dumaguete City
    And here is another about Filipina Girls.
     My Filipina Girl By Thavawenyoz (Music & Video with Lyrics)
    I think you will enjoy them, well at least one. Again, not my type of music but I like the content 

  6. I’ve ridden a couple times on Mactan Island.  I didn’t care for it much, especially along the 4 lane main road.   Now along the road that goes behind the airport that wasn’t bad except for the big trucks coming head on in your lane.   You just have to move over or be a hood ornament.   Now when we road the back roads in the barangays and such, the pace and vibe was much slower.  That was very enjoyable.  We road almost all the way down to the end of Mactan where all the resorts are and even got a flat tire..  No big deal there.  Asked some kids where the vulcanizer was and rode it over and the kid had it fixed in about 20 mins for 100p no muss no fuss.  His rate was 40p but I didn’t have change.   We just hung out and drank soda..   It was actually kind of fun,.

  7. I’ll never forget my first ride in a cab in the Philippines….I thought I was going to die. I kept asking my then girlfriend, who was sitting next to me, why the cab driver was driving the way he was.  Then I noticed that everyone was driving crazy.  It’s like the final scene from Mad Max out in the Philippines.

    I traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time, and people warned me that the traffic there was crazy….it was child’s play compared to traffic in the Philippines.

  8. What really surprises me is that all the Filipino drivers I know are so calm when they drive. Me well I just want to hit somebody haha.I will only drive in the Provence. Country road take me home.

  9.  i like to sit at the backseat of taxi cabs and observe their driving style in the busy streets of manila and i’ve noticed one thing they have in common. they all drive the same.  i agree with you about how if there’s an empty slot on the road they’ll agressively maneuver to get on it.     traffic and driving in Philippines is a lifestyle we have to understand. can’t change it just understand it. 

  10. you are absolutely right with that rhythm or organic communication. we call it give and take but you have to respond quickly otherwise the receiver will consider it as if you are giving the way to them. In other words, if your front wheel is closer to the middle of an intersection than any other vehicles, drivers will see it and there you have the right of way. One basis is also is your speed. Drivers will see you speeding and even if you are farther than them to the intersection, they know that you’ll catch up with them before they do. Only reason why accidents are rare because everybody is driving with low speed and they are paying attention. And one thing, for your own safety, make sure your brakes are in good working condition.

  11. hey I hear you ,I am from ky just a old country boy. long hual truck driver .been to the Philippines a few times .Miami fl is close to driving in the Philippines, light turn green and 15 more from the red side go,lol

    1. @martycadalac i was raised in a rural area.. i guess that’s why i prefer the province/jungle areas over the ‘big city’ for living here.  i’ll visit cebu for a week or so, downtown.  enjoy it.  but then i’m ready to get back to the frogs, birds, crickets and lizards here in the province.  🙂

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