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  1. I teach English online. If you speak the local language to your target students you will do fine. It is a great way to get ahead and supplement your income. However, you will just get by if you do this full time and are fully booked. There is also no health insurance, so it is best to have a real job with benefits and then using teaching online to get ahead and make more money. That is the best case scenario. If you get laid off, at least you can teach online and have some income. I enjoy waking up at 4 am to teach for a few hours. The classes add up. And yes, I helped a friend get on my teaching platform. I was completely honest and told him it will be a good side gig and I want 100 dollars. He was curious and wanted to try. You do need a TEFL to teach online now. There are so many teachers online. If you teach kids it is important to be as entertaining as possible. At the end of the day, it is about getting as many students as possible and keeping them. If you are boring kids will want to learn with a different teacher.

  2. I like the Black and White Logo on your wall. Did someone paint it? The view from the office balcony is nice too. Are the streets much emptier now? Did Kyle stay in VN? Lots of questions 🙂 Stay safe.

  3. If you have a degree, a TEFL certificate, many years of teaching experience… you can’t teach online! because of one small reason.. you’re not a native speaker

    that’s the situation I’m in now

  4. Hey Alex, I think from your accent that you aren’t a native English speaker, would you still say nnes can come to Asia and teach English with all legal stuff, papers being in order?

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